The 10 Best Places to Retire and Age Happily

Living out a happy, successful life can have a lot to do with your location in the world. So, how do you choose where you want to be? If you’re like a lot of other retirees, you have plans to move South, or most notably, somewhere in Florida. But, what if moving later in life isn’t as simple as the weather? A recent report from Milk..

Debunked: 9 Myths About Annuities

By John Hockaday Tax season is finally over, and it’s safe to say that we’ve all got money on the brain. How can we protect it? How can we make a return on our investments? Are annuities all they’re chocked up to be? As with any kind of money-saving or investing tool, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. Our..

Investment and Annuity Statistic Round-Up (Infographic)

As we cross over retirement and live into our later years, investments start to become pretty important. Do we have enough money for retirement? Is our money in a safe place? Will we be financially stable through our golden years? Check out these investment statistics and fun facts to see how your finances stack up. Share this Image ..

How to Keep Yourself Safe in Light of the Google Docs Phishing Scam

By Jason Ferguson In light of the recent Google Docs phishing scam (, we wanted to talk about something slightly yawn-inducing but extremely important. Internet security. We hate to talk about it, but we all know it’s a serious threat...

Medicaid, Medicare, and Medigap — A 5-Minute Crash Course

Are you overwhelmed? If you’re nearing that lovely age of 65, you’re probably getting hounded with information. It can all be confusing, especially when some of the information you’re getting may not even be accurate. Grab your favorite drink, a snack, and a cozy blanket, because we’re about to get comfortable. In the next 5 mi..

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