What 806 of Our Clients Say

it was great the way all my options were so readily available for me to see and compare. Your system is so easy to understand and you are so helpful. Insurance is a very complicated process for most of us under the best of circumstances. At retirement, it is even worse. You made it seem easy. Thank you.

C.C., Customer

You have a good variety of products to choose from, by having access to many companies. Your people seem to know their product or they call in someone who can answer questions.

M.F., Customer

I like the fact that you took time for a visit and going over what we had and researched what we could be getting that would be more suited for us rather than us doing it by trial and error. We appreciate that.

D.H., Customer

Diane Renner was the winning issue for why I'm with Sams Hockaday Assoc.

D.P., Customer

What we like is you can always talk with real person! If you leave a message they always get back with you! There are lots of folks selling ins. but customer service is what keeps customers coming back ! Michael does an outstanding job on service!

D.W., Customer

Extremely helpful. Sorted the information for me and helped me to get what I wanted and needed.

L.B., Customer

Patty Gogerty was very personable, informative, and thorough. I have already recommended her to a new client.

R.H., Customer

The fact is, Patty gave my husband and I both personal care and factual information based on our individual needs. She is one in a million and we are Blessed to have her on our team during these most difficult days of insurance findings..

L.B., Customer

They found me the best value for money in Medigap insurance. A good job.

G.O., Customer

Thank You so much for your help with our insurance questions! It is a blessing to know you are there to help us! It is easy to see you value your clients!!

K.O., Customer

Of course, it's the local based feel of community and personal customer service that is always a winner.

K.H., Customer

you got me the best insurance for the money. I already have told people about you.

R.M., Customer

The original appointment was a divine intervention!! Rachel knocked at my door at a very opputune time. I had been stressing over selecting an insurance plan as I turned 65. She was really doing a cold call, I don't usually take time for them but that day, she answered my prayers. Rachel is very genuine and positive that she will be able to help me. She did and it was an easy decision when a year later she set my husband up with insurance as well. I am so pleased to know she is taking care of us and we don't have to stress over changes or updates. She has our back!!

S.R., Customer

Clearly explained the basics of Medicare supplement coverage in laymans terms so that we could easily understand the coverage and our options. Assistance with signing us up for coverage was invaluable. We also appreciate the staff's support in answering any questions we had regarding claims.

D.B., Customer

took time to walk me thru everything and make sure I understood it before moving on.

S.A., Customer

Patricia, I am very pleased to say that your extra efforts getting my health insurance issues resolved was a blessing to me during my recent migraine attacks. Thank you for your service during this time.

B.M., Customer

I met about a Medicare supplement policy. I enjoyed meeting with Patricia Gogerty and she was so helpful. I would definitely recommend my friends who are retiring to meet with her. I will admit I was not "ready" to go on Medicare, but we all reach retirement age whether we like it or not!! But, I was very glad someone referred me to meet with Patricia Gogerty. She put me at ease and walked me through exactly what I needed. She was great!!

J.H., Customer

Patty was very knowledgeable about medicare supplement insurance and medicare part D insurance. She was friendly and efficient. I have recommended some of my friends to call Patty when they are ready to purchase medicare supplement insurance.

R.M., Customer

Michael does a thorough and efficient job explaining.

L.M., Customer

Great agent, very professional, very knowledgeable of everything you wanted to know. Current and up to date on all the latest in the insurance market.

D.H., Customer

Medicare plans, supplemental insurance, & prescription plans can be overwhelming but Michael explained it all to us and made sure we understood our options. Michael is always available for any questions we may have and answers calls promptly. Also once a year he contacts us so we can review our prescription plan. It's a blessing to know you're in the best of hands with Michael (Sams/Hockaday Insurance). Thank You Michael!

C.D., Customer

Great customer service!

B.M., Customer

Cut the cost of my supplemental policy & set up Jan's

E.S., Customer

Michael helped me a lot when I was getting ready to sign up for Social Security. He found the best plan for me.

B.C., Customer

Luke has been very good at taking care of my insurance needs. He is such a personable young man.

C.W., Customer

Customer service and follow through - not just lip service.

C.L., Customer

Personal attention. Staying on top of the ever changing health care industry, which can be time consuming.

D.S., Customer

I was overwhelmed with options and the details to consider -- Diane quickly help me navigate through all the choices to get the best choice -- it was very helpful!

J.J., Customer

You are always there if I have questions. I have seen the stats and figures through visits with you and feel I have a leg up on offers coming thru the mail. I appreciate the yearly check in with me to make sure I'm at the best place.

L.L., Customer

I was very happy with Dianne. she was looking out for me and my needs..

P.T., Customer

Just personal attention to the smallest details.

R.B., Customer

Good personal service with health insurance needs. We like knowing you stay on top of current insurance coverage and pricing.

S.W., Customer

Rachael is terrific. She takes the confusing health care world and makes it easy.

C.C., Customer

Michael, I like that you are always on top of the changes that will come my way. I like that you give me plenty of time to make changes. I like that you are approachable and concerned with my smallest questions. Thanks!

C.M., Customer

Very knowledgeable , friendly and efficient also very trustworthy.

E.V., Customer

Dealing with Medicare and the different options for supplemental insurance is confusing and somewhat difficult to understand the different options. Rachel was able to advise me with the different options available and was able to answer my questions and help with the paperwork that is needed. I feel very comfortable with her ability to help me. Very professional and pleasant to work with during this process.

G.M., Customer

Rachel's personal service and individualized care. Thanks Rachel!

J.F., Customer

Always in touch. No pressure, just advice!

M.K., Customer

Diane always listens to us. She recommends things to improve our savings and insurance.

M.W., Customer

Appreciate your expertise and attention.

M.L., Customer

Meeting with Luke was a little like talking with a family member, no push in the direction he thought best, but here is the problem what do You think and can I help you get there.

R.B., Customer

It is nice to receive notices/reminders that changes have occurred/will happen with the services you are receiving from you.

R.W., Customer

I appreciate the research you do for us each year on prescription plans available for our particular needs. This is an outstanding service. Thank you.

W.I., Customer

You explained my options and helped me make decisions based on what I needed. I really appreciate that and your knowledge. Thank you!

L.B., Customer

Great to work with. They really do look for the best product for you and not what will make them the most money. Honest, sincere people. Luke took really good care of my elderly parents and I use him as well.

D.O., Customer

I like the personalized service I receive!

W.G., Customer

Love the personal contact with Dianne or an associate, whether on the phone or at my home. A friend recommended this agency to me when I was getting ready for Medicare, trusted him and now trust Sams/Hockaday agency to handle my needs. I live in Pekin, IL and they still are able to help!

C.W., Customer

I just gave out your details tonight to two relatives and promised them that you would help them with their Medicare concerns. Thanks for your help.

M.W., Customer

Very friendly, good communication with the products, and getting the transaction done in a timely manner.

M.M., Customer

We were presented with multiple options from which to choose and had ample discussion to help us choose the option which was best suited to our needs. Chase was always professional and extremely helpful. We appreciated that he came to our home instead of using a phone our having us come into an office.

C.L., Customer
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