D.R. Roberts

D.R. Roberts

Sales Associate

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.
122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: 217-423-8000
Mobile: 217-454-1252

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Here's what D.R.'s Clients Say

Did a very thorough job of education and service

S.S., Customer

DR is very proactive, notifying us of any changes and finding the best premiums

J.K., Customer

Love, love my agent!!

A.R., Customer

D R has been very knowledgeable and helped me to make good decisions about my secondary health and drug insurance choices. Very patient!! Thanks.

K.C., Customer

You took the time to show me and explain my insurance options..

M.P., Customer

feel comfortable with D.R. and the knowledge he has shared. you can tell he knows what he is doing. We trust him

S.S., Customer

I feel you had my beast interest in mind

D.V., Customer

D R Roberts explained everything thoroughly and accurately. He presented several different options for supplemental insurance and helped me choose the one that was right for me. Very happy with D R.

S.C., Customer

Made very good recommendations to control health care costs.

S.A., Customer

Thank You so much for your help with our insurance questions! It is a blessing to know you are there to help us! It is easy to see you value your clients!!

K.O., Customer

Good people to work with in situations that can be intimidating.

M.E., Customer

As always, Don Roberts keeps in touch with us to update our insurance needs and goes above and beyond to answer our questions, offer all insurance options, and explains it in detail. He makes sure we know what our coverage is and follows up with any insurance plan changes to make sure we get the best deal.

L.S., Customer

DR did an excellent job of explaining things to me. He made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

P.B., Customer

Always nice doing business with you. D.R. always goes the extra mile for us. A glitch in our Medicare caused us a bunch of hassle for us and he was right there with all the information we needed even though this was not his concern. It all worked out smoothly in the end. We highly recommend this insurance company.

L. S., Customer

The agent recommended an insurance plan that we've been very happy with.

J. K., Customer

DR Roberts always goes the extra mile to find just the right coverage for us.

P. T., Customer

DR did an excellent job of going thru my options for supplemental health insurance and I've been very satisfied with his recommendation and the choice we made.

P. B., Customer

I like that you keep me informed and up-to-date on pending transactions.

Customer since 2014

Agents are very good at presenting many options for each situation.

Customer since 2014

very informative. good follow up.

Customer since 2015

Agent DR Roberts was knowledgeable, caring and efficient

Lee E., customer since 2015

Your professionalism and friendliness are greatly appreciated! Thank You for your help!

Customer since 2015

My husband was retiring and would soon lose his company health insurance. We were also reaching the age for Medicare benefits. Little did we know about all the different plans, application deadlines, and need for a supplement insurance as well. It was pretty confusing to say the least when you reach that age and have not given much thought to all this. An insurance agent showed up at our door one day at just the right time it turned out. He helped us get through all this. He had all the answers to many questions we had and made sure we got it even though it took awhile for us to absorb it all. We don't do this everyday, but he does and we really appreciated the time he took with us plus the follow up calls and visits.

A big thank you to D.R. Roberts for helping us understand all these things. He is very knowledgeable with your individual insurance needs. 

Customer since 2014

Just keep up the good job! Thank you.


You did a great job explaining every thing to us. And answering any questions we had.

Larry B., customer since 2015

You answered our questions in words we could understand. Explanations that made sense of what Social Security sent us. I consider myself to be able to comprehend anything that was supposedly a do-it-yourself task. Signing up for Social Security Medicare Part B was a nightmare. I have to doubt anyone who tells me it was a snap! Thank you for your help in getting this done!

Customer since 2015

Timely attention to all questions and concerns.


DR Roberts showed my wife and me how we could save money by changing our medicare supplements to different insurance companies. Between the two of us we saved around $1500 a year, with the same benefits.

Customer since 2014

all of DR's help and suggestions for our long term benefit

James L., customer since 2014

Very likely, have already referred someone to you, Randy Richardson


Your advice regarding which supplemental insurance would be best for me was reluctantly, at first , accepted. My wife and I had decided on a different provider but were persuaded by you to buy the Oxford Plan. "You won't see a bill", I believe is what you said. Since going with the Oxford Plan I have sustained a pinched spinal cord that required an MRI, two broken ribs, and two broken bones in my ankle that required surgery. And so far, I haven't seen a bill, only EOB. Recovering nicely now after the surgery a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to not filing any claims for a while.

Greg A., customer since 2014

Guided us to a great supplemental insurance plan that has never been rejected by medical providers. So far it has paid for everything and very importantly, paid in a timely manner! EOB paperwork arrives quickly too! Premiums are reasonable

Jacqueline K., customer since 2014

DR was great at covering all the details with our insurance problems.

Customer since 2014

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