Jack Moore

Jack Moore

Sales Associate

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.
122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: 217-423-8000

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Here's what Jack's Clients Say

I have had supplemental insurance over one year, and have had no problems with the coverage or Sams/Hockaday personnel. I highly recommend this organization.

J.K., Customer

You have been there to answer all my questions or if answers were not known ,you have found out the answers and got back to me ASAP. I appreciated that.

R.W., Customer

The personal service you provide to us.

C.K., Customer

I keep enjoying your continued watch for the best price and great care. Keep up the good work.

P.W., Customer

Always great service! Someone always answers the phone! Knowledgeable people.

P.S., Customer

Always there and if not timely call backs. Always answered any and all questions.

D.B., Customer

Cut the cost of my supplemental policy & set up Jan's

E.S., Customer

Your service is great. I would refer you to anyone. In fact I did mention you the other day

M.M., Customer

So happy to have someone explains how supplements work and suggest to me a better and less expensive alternative.

G.H., Customer

I knew I could trust you!

S.R., Customer

We've dealt with Jack Moore for several years and he has always taken time with us and helped us each time we need him.

D.F., Customer

Jack does a great job of finding cheapest suplement for my medicare. Keep up the good work!

J.S., Customer

Took the time and effort to personally contact us and compare policies that were available and best suited to our particular needs

M.R., Customer

You explained things and made sure I understood them and everybody was friendly and helpful.

S.Y., Customer

You've always taken time to talk & listen to us - you've taken time to come to our home when we needed you to. Thanks for always being there and for looking out for us.

J.F., Customer

I love that someone always answers the phone and is very helpful. Questions are always answered promptly. I couldn't ask for better service !!

P.S., Customer

Jack really explained signing up for the medicare supplement and Part D prescription very well. He and his staff were excellent to work with and helped make the process of choosing the right plan for us. Thank you for making this a great place to do business. Willis and Kathy Bolsen

W. B., Customer

Appreciate that I can trust Jack Moore to be honest in investing my money.

S. R., Customer

I was especially impressed by the way I have always been treated by the company's agents and how willing they are to go into detail concerning the policies they have written for me. Furthermore, everyone we have met have been very courteous and kind showing true concern for their customers welfare.

D. D., Customer

Our agent Jack Moore has always been very courteous, helpful and efficient while helping us with our needs.

D. P., Customer

I appreciate that you always do everything you can to get me the best policy for me.

G. W., Customer

Jack was a tremendous help and friend to us over the years. I could call with questions and/or concerns and he would handle promptly for me. We will miss working with Jack, but with the changes in the health insurance world, we had to make a change as well. We have switched to a provider that was not one Sams/Hockaday works with. We wish you all continued success in this ever-changing insurance climate. Blessings!

M. L., Customer

I have not had many occasions when I have needed questions answered, but when I have had questions you have always got right on it and got answers back to me. With the type of insurance I have , there have been no need for any claims which is good.

R. W., Customer

You helped our parents with their insurance needs and we feel confident Jack Moore will serve us as family also. Jack, thank you for your help and answers to us thus far. Happy New Year 2016! Blessings to you and your family.

B. P., Customer

Very knowledgeable and informative. Explains things so I could understand them. Very friendly

K. L., Customer

Your one on one communications are so helpful, anyone who asks about my plan I send them straight to Jack Moore! Also the entire office including the receptionist are awesome!

B. R., Customer

Our agent at Sams/Hockaday is Jack Moore and he has always kept his eye open to find a more affordable medicare supplemental policy we can change to . He knows our health history and he has even come to our home for us to sign papers since I cannot get around so well. The office staff has always been very nice and helpful to us and we appreciate Sams/Hockaday!

J. F., Customer

You are very concerned with each one of us and helping get the best Insurence plan.

M. G., Customer

The service is both very good by both Jack the agent and the office personal. The price seems fair under these current conditions and I feel I get the best bang for my dollar with your company.

M. W., Customer


M. R., Customer

Jack got me the plan I needed at the right time. BlueCrossBlueShield of Illinois

R. E., Customer

Jack lined me up with a good supplemental ins. company that seems to be very reputable.

A. D., Customer

Great customer service. Someone politely answers the phone always!!!

P. S., Customer

Prompt service and customer service. Finding what we need.

Gary W., customer since 2014

Jack Moore has always been very patient, in helping Helen and I with any questions we have had and has served us well with our insurance needs.

Customer since 2014

You saved us money!


Made the process easy to understand. Easy to talk to. Personal attention. Found reasonable prices on Medicare supplement and Medicare D prescription companies. Took the stress off of me by doing the "leg" work online for me. THANK. YOU!

Customer since 2015



Send reminders or call when renewal dates are approaching.


When I have questions they are quickly answered...

Betty R., customer since 2014

Called back in a timely manner

Customer since 2011

Always there when we need you.

Judith F., customer since 2006

Your personal service is outstanding in the insurance environment. You can't put a price on that. Jack, Joyce and Patty go above and beyond when I need advice.


You have always taken good care of our medicare supplement insurance policies and we really do appreciate what a fine job you do.

Donald F., customer since 2007

I felt after meeting Jack, that I could trust him to guide me in the right direction for my insurance needs. He has my complete confidence! It is hard to beat experience.

James S., customer since 2010

We feel like you have always looked out for us - trying to find us more affordable Medicare Supplement insurance policies through the years as costs have continued to escalate; you have come to our home to make it more convenient for us and we appreciate all you do for us.

Judith F., customer since 2009

Someone always answers my call and is very polite and helpful. If my call requires a call back it is very prompt. Knowledgable and helpful all the time.

Customer since 2011

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