Rachel (Hockaday) Petersen

Rachel (Hockaday) Petersen

Sales Associate

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.
122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: 217-423-8000
Mobile: 217-433-4145

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Here's what Rachel's Clients Say

Gave me all the information needed to make critical decisions about health insurance choices. Thank you for taking the time to help both of us!

P.W., Customer

Take the time to come to our home and talk face-to-face about our healthcare insurance options. Rachel is very knowledgeable and can answer our questions. Additionally, if we have any encumbrances with a prescription or a pharmacy, Rachel quick to get involved and help us solve it. It is a good feeling knowing that we have knowledgeable support just a phone call away.

J.L., Customer

The agent is very knowledgeable of the products offered and is always willing help and assist when needed.

S.K., Customer

Rachel is knowledgeable and personable, a rare combination in the business world. The information you send out is helpful.

C.L., Customer

Rachael came to our home at the right time. We had been researching so many options and getting confused. Rachael made the process so easy for us. Rachael represents Sam Hockaday at the highest level,

L.M., Customer

The upfront analysis by Rachel was complete and led to a great product backed by a top-tier company. I bought exactly what I wanted and needed. Rachel did a great job, no pressure tactics. I am happy to recommend Rachel and Sams/Hockaday.

J.B., Customer

Rachel was a good listener. I appreciated that she found a policy that did not cost me much but was all that I needed in an efficient way.

L.D., Customer

Excellent job well versed on ins needs and the most important very caring and honest to my needs care about u as a person

R.T., Customer

Rachael always checks up on us and asks questions. Any and all questions are answered very quickly. She listens to our concerns and reviews our options. She is a caring person and tries to fit the correct product with the customers needs.

M.H., Customer

Rachel is knowledgeable and responsive. She always has the answer to my questions in a timely manner. She is friendly and always helpful.

R.B., Customer

I have worked with Rachel for several years now. She is very professional and personable. I have and will continue to recommend her and her services to my friends and family.

J.J., Customer

Pleasant, professional conversation. Was able to answer questions quickly and accurately. Very pleasant!

R.O., Customer

Rachel did the research for us and went through the material thoroughly with us. Her genuine friendliness made us feel as if we had known her for a long time.

R.O., Customer

Always a pleasure working with you. Thanks for taking care of this old lady. Just love our annual get together for our reviews. Thank you so much Rachel.

P.M., Customer

Just keeping in touch with us and assuring us that you are looking for the best plan for our individual needs is helpful. We trust your expert opinion and feel like you are looking after our best interests.

L.H., Customer

I have recommended you to a friend and they have called but never received a return call from anyone.

J.B., Customer

Rachel was very informative and she offered multiple options that fit our needs. She was also very pleasant, easy to understand, eager to help and was truly a God send for us when signing up for Medicare. We are so glad I opened the door for her. Jean Paul

J.P., Customer

Rachel was very helpful in finding just the right coverage for me. She is also very pleasant to work with.

J.L., Customer

We enjoy working with Rachel. She understands the health insurance business and seeks to find the best coverage for her clients.

J.A., Customer

very personable representative. Felt like family. Do you have anything on our insurance that helps with fitness center membership? Jim and I are trying to get back in motion.

J.D., Customer

Friendly and knowledgeable service in my own home.

S.M., Customer

The original appointment was a divine intervention!! Rachel knocked at my door at a very opputune time. I had been stressing over selecting an insurance plan as I turned 65. She was really doing a cold call, I don't usually take time for them but that day, she answered my prayers. Rachel is very genuine and positive that she will be able to help me. She did and it was an easy decision when a year later she set my husband up with insurance as well. I am so pleased to know she is taking care of us and we don't have to stress over changes or updates. She has our back!!

S.R., Customer

Great customer service!

B.M., Customer

Rachael is terrific. She takes the confusing health care world and makes it easy.

C.C., Customer

Dealing with Medicare and the different options for supplemental insurance is confusing and somewhat difficult to understand the different options. Rachel was able to advise me with the different options available and was able to answer my questions and help with the paperwork that is needed. I feel very comfortable with her ability to help me. Very professional and pleasant to work with during this process.

G.M., Customer

Rachel's personal service and individualized care. Thanks Rachel!

J.F., Customer

Rachel always consults with us and works to find us the best insurance plans for our needs. This is no "cookie cutter" operation. Thanks, Rachel!

J.R., Customer

Rachel took the time to explain the Medicare plans to me and answered my questions in a manner that I understood the answer! She uncomplicates the complicated! The application process was streamlined and quick.

N.K., Customer

Friendly and knowledgeable about your services - Do what you say you"re going to do in a timely manner.

R.E., Customer

Rachel was extremely helpful for us and we felt she was sincere in trying to help us find the correct plan for us

S.K., Customer

Rachel came to us at exactly the time when we had to make important health care decisions. She and her family of independent brokers are not pushing any one insurance product. She diligently reviews our status at reenrollment time to determine the best and most cost effective options for us. We have already referred and will continue to refer our friends!

D.R., Customer

You know the product you are selling and inform the customer so it is easier to make an informed decision about what choice to make.

H.K., Customer

To me, it seemed that Rachel was 'on top of things' and kept me informed of what I needed to know and also up to date on things that I thought I knew but did not quite understand. It felt good to know that she 'had my back' and that she was well versed in knowing what I was in need of.

L.G., Customer

You did what you said you would do & within a very reasonable time. What you say & do are most important to me. The price was nice & the service started at the date agreed upon. Thank you, for your help.

R.K., Customer

Very knowledgeable and friendly service and advise. The process was easy and we felt we had known Rachel for years after getting things completed. Thanks!

L.W., Customer

Very helpful in choosing the best plan for you. Knowledgeable in the choices of plans and what is best for you.

I.G., Customer

I thought my agent was thorough with her explanations of my concerns. She answered my questions in layman terms.

S.S., Customer

Rachel knocked on our door and after listening to what her company could do for us, we signed up! So far so good, no concerns yet. Thank you for showing up on our doorstep, Rachel. we are happy to have you on our side!

M.K., Customer

Knowledgeable agent, and great service.

S.K., Customer

Very satisfied and appreciate your keeping in contact periodically.

M.B., Customer

Whenever we need to talk or meet face to face you make it a warm and personal time. I feel confident in your abilities in helping me be covered by health insurance. I feel I can contact you any time with any question I might have. I am soooo happy you came to my home to talk to me. Thanks for everything!

J.M., Customer

You helped my husband and I shift into this next season of our lives very easily. You are very professional and personal at the same time. That is a rare quality and much appreciated.

C.L., Customer

Made the transition easy and explained everything well

L.H., Customer

Coming into our home making the process so much easier. Always a smile,friendly and very patience.

L.M., Customer

Rachel Petersen is my agent, she is a great agent. When ever I call and ask her for information she always has an answer for me, or she will get an answer.

M.S., Customer

I really appreciated the help with figuring out which drug plan worked best for me. You took your time and checked on any questions I had. Thank you.

T.E., Customer

Rachel did a nice job of making sure I was taken care of. Most of all she was very versed on her job and very professional and honest with me . That means a lot willing to go out of her way to help me I'm looking at investments too she did a great job and I want to stay local with some one like her. You get so many mailers and try to deceive you that's why I chose Rachel :)

R.T., Customer

I appreciate that Rachel has maintained contact with me and checks periodically to be sure my coverage is adequate and up to date.

R.B., Customer

Enjoy working with Rachael. Very personal and knowledgeable about what she is selling.

E.V., Customer

Rachel is very friendly and professional. I feel like the proper research was conducted in order to get the best rates for my insurance needs.

D.D., Customer

Got our medicare supplement coverage for less money. Rachel did a good job and was a pleasure for my wife and myself to visit with.

S.C., Customer

Pleasant, listens, feel she is trying to find what is right for us. Helped with our "drug plan" and life insurance for my spouse.

R.O., Customer

Rachel was very knowledgeable of health insurance coverage and answered all my questions. She was able to help me obtain the supplemental insurance that would best fit my needs.

J.A., Customer

Came to door for personal contact- Rachael had an instant professional appeal! Trust her completely.

B.A., Customer

Rachael is so prepared for her appointments. Besides being professional, she is genuinely interested in assisting her clients. We feel very confident about our insurance coverage because of her thoroughly researched information. We feel blessed that she knocked on our door!!!

S.R., Customer

You presented me with information that I was researching and feeling somewhat overwhelmed. You left with me feeling that I could trust you and your suggestions.

G.M., Customer

You made the application process go easily and quickly. I appreciated that you could answer my questions and address any concerns I had. Thank you for explaining the Medicare supplement insurance plans so we could feel confident in our decision.

N.K., Customer

The personal as well as the added value service Rachel has given us has been outstanding. We feel that she is more than willing to go the extra mile to effect changes and/or help clarify specific details on our behalf. We are soooooooooo happy that she knocked on our door and that we were home!

J.R., Customer

Rachel follows through and meets the timeline she sets out. She shares a lot of information that is helpful in making decisions. Her personal touch is appreciated. I feel that she will put effort into trouble shooting, if needed.

L.C., Customer

Making the transition to the Medicare world is quite confusing as well as scary. You and your family have been in the business for some time and your understanding of the process was very helpful.

R.E., Customer

Rachel sought us out in our time of need. She helped us with important health care decisions and brought us to a very good outcome. I have nothing but positive impressions of her work and professionalsim

D. R., Customer

Rachel was a friendly smiling face eager to share her knowledge of the Medicare system and how supplemental coverages would help in different situations. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in her manner and appearance. I also got the feeling from her that she genuinely cares about her clients as well as potential clients. I will enjoy having her as my contact with CSI. Thanx Rachel!!

L. G., Customer

The agent was very professional and well informed. She provided the promised information in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with the insurance products I purchased, based upon her recommendations.

S. D., Customer

knowledgeable about all aspects of insurance and could answer any and all questions.

H. K., Customer

Rachel is very professional and very helpful. My wife, Marty, and I really like her---she is very sweet, easy to talk to, and has a great sense of humor. Also, she's not afraid to call the home office if she's not sure of something.

K. V., Customer

Proactive approach. Made choosing plan easy

I. G., Customer

The act of coming to our home and sitting down at the kitchen table to work through the important points, costs, and coverages made a BIG difference. It beats trying to work through all the if/then scenarios on-line or by telephone. Rachel was patient and understanding which was critically important to us.

J. L., Customer

Rachel, of Sams/Hockaday, came up with Medicare Supplement Insurance and drug plans for my wife and I that literally is saving thousands of dollars in premium costs each year when compared to the one offered by my former employer. Rachel was very helpful with the transition to the new plans, by making several phone calls and other contacts to my old insurance company and HR of my former employer. I can't imagine having to had done all of that myself. Thank you Rachel.

S. K., Customer

I was very impressed with Rachel, when she arrived we sat down to discuss insurance. With her wonderful personality, and her knowledge of insurance one knows she is there to make it easy for you, and it was easy. If Rachel doesn't know the answer she immediately finds out the answer, no waiting. Rachel follows up to make sure everything is complete. I'm very impressed with the company, and Rachel.

M. S., Customer

You shared some valuable information with us about Don's previous supplemental insurance. The new policy he has will save us a lot of money.

S. N., Customer

I felt that you were trying to find the most convenient and economical plans for my situation. It is my feeling that you were always looking out for me, and I trust that you were doing your job to the best of your ability. That is my expectation. If, in the future, anyone should ask my opinion and recommendations, I would gladly share your name/company with them.

L. D., Customer

I have recommended Rachel to friends because of her professional and yet sincere and caring spirit she offers her customers. She explained possibilities for us to consider without any pressure and allowed us to ask questions, take time to make a decision, and has sent all paperwork to us in a short time. She makes herself available to ask questions whenever needed. We will continue to work with her and her company for these reasons. We highly recommend them.

C. L., Customer

Rachel was professional and persistent ( I am busy and hard to reach). The product pricing was acceptable - and affordable compared to other alternatives. The product's combination of life and long-term care coverage makes sense for me and my family.

J. B., Customer

Came to our home door and presented yourself and represented your company. On time for next appointment . Followed up promptly.

L. M., Customer

Enjoyed working with Rachel plus still working on other life ins policy's. Also thanks to the info we received from the main office. Thanks to all NB


Agent was very helpful in a complicated matter!


Very low key. Provided good information.

Customer since 2015

Rachel did a great job of researching and finding the best medicare supplement insurance for me and my husband.

Jana M., customer since 2016

Rachael most certainly came at the perfect time to help me select the most appropriate Medicare plan. She made it easy and did all the work!! I appreciate her diligence to get the answers to questions she did not know. It is such a relief to be ready for my transition date for Medicare. Her personality is very friendly and I look forward to her continued service.

Sue R., customer since 2015

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