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Medicare Cost Worksheet

The Medicare Cost Worksheet is an interactive tool to help you estimate your costs under Original Medicare.

  • Calculate your total monthly premiums for healthcare and related expenses after age 65
  • Create a Medicare action plan
  • Compare costs for Original Medicare, Medigap, added coverages, and Part D drug plan costs
  • Find out if your income is high enough to trigger a premium adjustment (higher monthly premiums)
  • You can choose to work with one of our licensed, local agents to help you fill out the worksheet and ensure you have accurate quotes for each category
  • Figure out if you can afford to retire early or if you need to wait a bit longer
  • Discover exactly how much healthcare will cost you in retirement
  • Adds up all of your premiums automatically
  • The worksheet is digitally interactive– type in the premium costs right from your computer

This interactive PDF worksheet lets you plug in numbers as you research your Medicare options, and calculates your total to give you an idea of your premiums. You can also print it out and complete it.

If you need help verifying premiums, you can reach out to our team of licensed, local agents. They will guide you through the worksheet and help you fill in accurate quotes.

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