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Medicare and Urgent Care Facilities: Is Urgent Care Covered by Medicare?

We’ve all been there – you have a minor health concern and would much rather go to an urgent care facility than the alternatives. After all, it’s not serious enough for the emergency room, and it’s often difficult to see your doctor without scheduling an appointment in advance. Common conditions that are perfect for an urgent care facility ..

15 Little-Known Facts You May Not Know About Medicare (But Should!)

When it comes to Medicare, there’s so much information to take in. From the parts of Medicare to when you’re supposed to sign up, it can quickly become overwhelming. However, there are certain little-known facts about Medicare that don’t get talked about that often. Let’s get right into it. 1. Most Medicare-related terms have multiple names..

6 Reasons You Should Work With a Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent

Medicare can be tough to figure out on your own, which is why many individuals reach out to Medicare Supplement insurance agents. If you’re getting ready for Medicare, you may want to know why working with an agent is so great. You’re in luck – we have 6 reasons you should work with a Medicare Supplement insurance agent. 1. You’re unique –..

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