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Centrally located in downtown Decatur, Sams/Hockaday & Associates has been serving Illinois seniors since 1981. In a business that's based on trust, we've built a strong reputation in providing value to our customers.

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Whole Life vs. Term Life Insurance When You're Retired

When you’re retired or are over the age of 65(ish), your life insurance needs are very different from a young family. Read more: A Beginner's Guide to Life Insurance Needs In Retirement ( But once you understand all the needs for life insura..

How to Use a Digital Calendar to Organize and Manage Your Family Time

Does your family have a lot going on? You can get the whole family on the same page with a shared family calendar. Plus, it can all be done from the comfort of your smartphone. There are a few different apps to choose from, but all of these digital calendars sync up with your family members so that when one person adds an event, everyon..

Signing Up for a Medicare Part D Drug Plan Is Easy

By Michael Sams ( Hey there! I’m Michael Sams here at Sams/Hockaday, and I’m very excited to share one of the most challenging parts about going onto Medicare – how to run your own Medicare Part D comparison. We’ll also go over why it is so important to do so. In my humble opinion, there ..

A Beginner's Guide to Life Insurance Needs In Retirement

Even after the kids are up and out, life insurance is still an important part of life planning. Priorities do shift, which means the need for life insurance changes as well. There are a few important reasons you may want or need life insurance in retirement. We’ll cover those in detail and share a few different life insurance types that may..

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