If You Don’t Understand Medicare At All, Start Here

We’ve all been new to Medicare at some point, and even folks who have had Medicare coverage for years don’t fully understand it. But alas, you have to start somewhere. Start here.

What to Expect at a Medicare and Retirement Planning Seminar

The fastest way to make sense of Medicare is to get some education from an expert in the field. If you’ve been considering signing up for an upcoming event, here’s a look at what to expect in a Medicare 101 and retirement planning seminar.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Local Decatur Businesses

Shopping for local Mother’s Day gifts? We have put together a great list of gift ideas for you, and the best part is they’re all local to Decatur, IL

How Janet Saved a Couple $1,262 on Medigap Plan F

Janet was able to save a couple $1,262 on their annual Medigap bill! Here’s how she did it.

Medicare & Telehealth in Decatur, Illinois

Telehealth, or telemedicine, is not only convenient, but it’s been a great way to get care during the pandemic. But how does Medicare coverage work?


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