Annuity Do’s and Don’ts for Retirement Planning

If you’re considering a 401(k) rollover or transitioning from a bank CD, here are some important annuity dos and don’ts for baby boomers.

Medicare’s General Enrollment Period vs. Open Enrollment Period

Here's what you need to know about the GEP and OEP of Medicare to avoid penalties.

Senior Scams: What to Watch Out for in 2022

If you have parents or grandparents who over age 65, ensure they are aware of all the traps scammers will try to create in 2022.

How Income Affects Your Medicare Costs In 2022

Many new-to-Medicare individuals are shocked when they find out Medicare isn’t free after all. Plus, the more money you make, the more you pay for Medicare. If you have a high income, here’s a look at what Medicare will cost you and how you can plan accordingly.

Estimate Your Total Premiums with the 2022 Medicare Cost Worksheet

We’ve updated our Medicare Cost Worksheet to help you calculate your total costs for insurance in retirement. Compare costs for Medicare Supplement plans, determine if your income will trigger a premium adjustment, and create a complete Medicare action plan.


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