Aetna Medicare Supplement Review

At Sams/Hockaday, we’ve been offering the best Medicare Supplement options in Illinois for decades. Aetna is a strong option, not only for its financial stability and experience, but for its very competitive Medicare Supplement rates.

15 Ways to Stay Active During Retirement

An active body and an active mind are the best gifts you can give yourself during your retirement years. Here are some suggestions to keep you actively moving.

How Much Can You Make While Receiving Social Security?

How much can you make while receiving Social Security? How do Social Security benefits work if you’re still working? What if you start withdrawals before full retirement age? All of that is answered right here.

Lasso Healthcare Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Review

Just last year, a brand new healthcare option released for seniors in central Illinois. This new option is called a Medicare Medical Savings Account, or MSA for short. Until now, no company has ever offered this option in Decatur, IL.

10 Great Organizations to Volunteer at in Decatur, Illinois

If it weren’t for volunteers over the age of 55, many nonprofits and charitable organizations wouldn’t survive. That's why we've put together a list of 10 great organizations here in Decatur, IL that need volunteers.


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