What Decatur, IL Seniors Need to Know About the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads across the United States, we are all adjusting to life without sit-in restaurants, paper goods shortages, and being cooped up at home. Here’s what our Decatur, IL community needs to know about the coronavirus disease.

How to Celebrate Easter at Home In Decatur, IL

While the coronavirus might inhibit us from gathering, it does not stop us from celebrating. Here are some tips for celebrating Easter at home here in central Illinois.

Friends Helping Friends

Navigating through the confusion of Medicare and the many different options is hard to do on your own. We all need a little help! Let’s think of a friend we can be a great friend to, and let them meet your agent. We will reward you with a small gift of appreciation for your thoughtful act.

Why You Want Your Insurance Agent to Be a Broker, Not Captive

Terms like “captive” and “broker” can get pretty confusing, so we came up with a quick metaphor to help.

6 Ways to Stay Physically Active While Sheltering at Home

While searching to make sense of COVID-19, we are trying to find a new normal amidst these changing times. Physical activity should remain important.


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