5 Most Common Client Scenarios for Michael Sams

When thinking about his most recent success stories, Michael Sams realized that in the last several weeks, his client scenarios have been fairly common. So while these case studies may not stand out as unique, we hope they give you a sense of how we help clients day-in and day-out here at Sams/Hockaday & Associates.

Does Social Security Cover the Cost of My Funeral?

The average cost of a funeral these days is around $10,000. So, why does a funeral cost so much, and does Medicare or Social Security cover any of those costs?

Goodbye Stock Market: How to Earn Safe, Guaranteed Interest

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty. From grocery shopping to social distancing, there’s so much we’re still trying to figure out. And our savings are no exception. If you’re looking for growth you can count on, we have guaranteed contracts that offer interest rates a little better than 3%.

2020 Fireworks Guide for Decatur, IL

We confirmed with the city of Decatur that there will be no fireworks put on by the city in 2020. However, there still may be some hope if you want to catch some fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.

Retired Teachers in Illinois: Is TRS Really the Best Option?

The Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Plan (TRIP) in Illinois was a fabulous program until February 1, 2014. Let's go over what changed, why, and what Medicare insurance choices you have as a retired teacher.


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I have had so many questions and all have been answered many times until I understood thank you for always being there
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