ManhattanLife Assurance Company of America (MAC) Medicare Supplement Review

The most competitive Medigap premiums in Macon County come from MAC, a new addition to the ManhattanLife family of companies. Here's our full review of this new insurance company.

Does Medicare Cover the Shingles Vaccine in Decatur, IL?

The CDC recommends everyone over age 50 get the two-part shingles vaccine, but how does it work? And does Medicare cover Shingrix?

Central Illinois Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

If you live in central Illinois – namely Decatur, IL and surrounding areas – this comparison guide is for you.

Best Restaurants in Decatur, IL for Valentine's Day Dinner

What better way to celebrate this step towards normalcy than a date night on Valentine’s Day? Here are 8 dinner ideas for you and your Valentine.

Senior Scams: What to Watch Out for in 2021

In 2021, there are several senior scams to watch out for, including COVID-19 vaccine fraud and fake contact tracers.


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