Michael Sams Multiplies His Clients' Returns by Over 5x with an Annuity

We sat down with Michael Sams for a Q&A to discuss two recent real-life cases that perfectly demonstrate the benefits of annuities.

Can You Lose Money in a Fixed Annuity? [The Surprising Truth]

If you’re putting a large chunk of your nest egg in a fixed annuity, you may be wondering: is my money safe here? The truth may surprise you.

Primary vs. Contingent Beneficiary for Life Insurance Policies

You can save your loved ones a lot of time, heartache, and expense by naming contingent beneficiaries.

How Much Income Will a $250k Annuity Pay Per Month?

Many clients come to us with a retirement account, like a 401k or IRA, and they need to make that money last. Today, we’re tackling a common example: how much income would a $250,000 annuity pay per month?

Patty Helps Client Transfer 401(k) to a Fixed Index Annuity

June is Annuity Awareness Month, and we are continuing our annuity-focused content with a special case study from agent Patty Gogerty.


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