Medicare Advantage

Silver Sneakers vs Renew Active: Which Is Better?

Renew Active stands out with its focus on brain health but Silver Sneakers has the advantage of being offered by many insurance companies. Here's what you need to know about these two fitness programs.

6 Simple Ways to Tell If Medicare Advantage Is Right For You

As the popularity of Medicare Advantage grows, you might wonder: could it be right for me? Here are 6 simple ways to tell if a Medicare Advantage plan is going to fit your needs and budget.

Who Qualifies for the Medicare Flex Card?

You may have heard of certain Medicare plans offering prepaid cards, or flex cards. Here's how to get one.

2024 Medicare Advantage Plans In Decatur, IL

Medicare Advantage is expanding rapidly across the country, and we’re also seeing it here in Decatur. Three years ago, there were only four Medicare Advantage plans available. For 2024, there are 32 plan options. Here's what you need to know.

Medicare Grocery Allowance: What Is It and Which Plans Offer It?

If you're curious about what the Medicare grocery allowance is or which plans offer it, we're here to help.


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