Case Studies

How Medigap insurance helped Jerry and his wife after a cancer diagnosis

Jerry Birkey's wife was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2016. They have been using their Medicare coverage. Jerry explains how well they have been covered. He was only responsible for $21.65 out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Helen's premiums went up, so she took action

Helen was 87 years old, and her Medicare Supplement premiums had gone up to $256 per month. She felt this was too high, and wanted a way to pay less. She and her son sat down with Tom Gallion to discuss her options.

Jan wanted lower premiums after breast cancer treatment

Jan had Medicare Supplement insurance through BCBS. She was treated for breast cancer four years ago, and really wanted lower premiums...

This couple saved over $1200 on their Medicare Supplement

D.R. Roberts was having Sunday brunch with friends when the topic of Medicare Supplement insurance came up. Two of his friends (husband & wife) had been insured with Blue Cross/Blue Shield since going on Medicare. The wife was 68 and the husband was 69. The combined premium for the two of them was $1,047 per quarter, and they were hoping to find less expensive coverage.

What are your requirements for switching Medicare Supplement plans?

Rita was referred to Jack Moore by one of his other clients. She had a Medicare Supplement plan already, but was shopping for another company due to an increase in her premiums. And she had demands!


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