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Learn the Lingo: What Is a Pre-Existing Condition and How Does It Affect My Insurance?

Do pre-existing conditions raise your rates? Can you be denied insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions? Are pre-existing conditions not covered by insurance? All of your questions are answered inside.

Learn the Lingo: What Is the Medigap Household Discount, and How Do I Get It?

When you start getting quotes for Medigap plans, you might hear the term “household discount” come up. So, what exactly is a household discount for Medigap plans? And more importantly, how can you get the discount?!

Learn the Lingo: What Does Guaranteed Renewable Mean?

For many seniors and baby boomers, being dropped from your insurance coverage is a huge concern. In the past, perhaps you had an insurance policy and were kicked off because of claims or health changes.

Learn the Lingo: What Are "Activities of Daily Living?"

When it comes to insurance claims, activities of daily living are actually really important. But what are they? And why are they so important?

Learn the Lingo: What does “Attained Age” mean?

Insurance prices can feel like a mystery. Why does one company charge more than another for the same thing? Why does my neighbor have the same insurance as me, but they don’t pay as much?


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