Meet Our Team

Patty Gogerty

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523





Patty Gogerty has been with Sams/Hockaday & Associates for over 30 years. She has been helping people navigate through the Medicare process in addition to helping with other areas, such as financial products and life insurance needs.

Born into a family of 10 kids, she has lived in Decatur, IL most of her life. Patty is a big supporter of the United Way of Decatur and Hudson's Halfway Home for which she helps to foster special needs puppies.

Here's what Patty's clients say!

Patty has been very helpful in securing good insurance for us. We have already recommended her to friends.
W.J., Customer
Thanks Miss Gogerty, I feel you have supplied me with a policy that fits my needs at a competitive price. I appreciate your knowledge and various resourses you have to accomplish that goal. Thank you for your concern and hard work.
S.G., Customer
OUR agent was very informed. easy to talk to, also answered any questions.
J.R., Customer
You explained my options and helped me make decisions based on what I needed. I really appreciate that and your knowledge. Thank you!
L.B., Customer
I don't think you could do anything different to make it any better you're the best
P.T., Customer
It has been a long time since I had to look for insurance coverage as I was covered by my employer. Now that I am going on Medicare and will no longer have insurance coverage by my employer, I needed someone with knowledge in the field to help me. Pat was not only very knowledgeable, she took the time to research the different companies and found me the best coverage for the cost.
William C., customer since 2015
Sam Hockaday has been a blessing! With all the insurance confusion out there since Obamacare it was hard to find the right insurance for my specific needs but Patty G made it easy for us. She did all the work and continues to work for us. I am so pleased with Sam Hockaday ins that I send everyone that's needing help to them. Thank you Sam and Patty G for taking the stress out of our retirement changes for our insurance needs!! Richard and Frances
F.B., Customer
You always are there for us
R.W., Customer
Patricia,my agent was very helpful in customizing a health plan to fit my needs.Comparing different choices,and explaining the pros and cons while not pushing me into any decisions. Her follow-up since signing has also been great!
A.S., Customer
Friendly service, and helped us choose the best insurance policies that fit our needs, both with life ins. And health ins. Policies. Thank you!
K.S., Customer
Returned Phone calls - Follow through.
Customer since 2015
I was able to talk with Patty on a Saturday so I don't miss work.
C.S., Customer
You guide me to what is best for me in Healthcare related plans so I will make the best decision.
M. H., Customer
Turning 65 is great...Medicare and supplements are very confusing for me. Patty made the decisions so easy and I feel confident she will continue to direct me. What a great asset to your team. Thanks Paaty!
D.D., Customer
I can`t keep track of all the changes to my coverage. Patty takes care of that. She keeps me informed, then lets me make the decision. I like that.
G.N., Customer
I felt very comfortable talking to you about my insurance options and how helpful you were
M.S., Customer
friendly, knowagable and personal service
M.M., Customer
Sams/Hockaday & Associates are always ready to care for their customers. If there are any questions or concerns that one might have then Sams/Hockaday and their agents are there with the answers to your questions and concerns and more than willing and able to serve their customers in a timely and effective manner.
K.H., Customer
At Sams/Hockaday Insurance you get the best from the best. It's nice to know that there are agents out there that take pride in their work and care for the wellbeing of their clients. Everything is explained in detail and you are fitted with the best group for your needs. Plus if the rates are raising the agents will find a new company with a lower premium but carries the same great coverage. What more can a client ask for!
Marilynn W., customer since 2015
Personalized service. Makes you feel like they have all the time in the world for you.
F.S., Customer
We like how you answer our questions. You always pick excellent Ins company's that fill our needs.
N.L., Customer
I felt comfortable talking to Patty about my insurance options for life and supplemental insurance and getting her input
M.S., Customer
Thank you for your continued help. No matter what my problem is you always make time to answer my questions and get me insurance choices for my needs. You also help those I bring in or send youe way. I tell everyone to call your office if they have questions or need help choosing insurance for their needs too. Thanks again Patty G.!!!!
F.B., Customer
Always ready to answer questions and help wherever needed.
K.D., Customer
Extremely helpful. Sorted the information for me and helped me to get what I wanted and needed.
L.B., Customer
You are caring and alert to my needs.
S. S., Customer
Patricia was good about explaining the insurance policies. And patience with our questions
J.R., Customer
The Sams Hockaday Co always takes care of their clients. From being courteous and frienfly to finding the best deals available right down to sending holiday greeting cards. We are always treated like part of a big family. Who could ask for more?!
M.W., Customer
Patricia is very helpful with details of what we need for coverage of services
M.M., Customer
Patty is friendly and knowledgeable. She answers all our questions and concerns. We have referred friends and family to Sam's Hockaday and will continue to do so.
L.W., Customer
The coverage and options process was explained thoroughly and simply. Too many insurance agents speak "insurance hoo-hah", and that's why they don't get my business! In business, as in life, it's always best to keep it simple.
Skip H., customer since 2015
Your friendly staff guided us through the Medicare mare answering questions and getting us great prices for our medicare needs.
M.H., Customer
<p>Very prompt in getting back to me. Explained everything explicitly. Very happy with Patty!</p>
Karen B., customer since 2015
We appreciate Patty because she always takes into consideration each of our needs individually. I feel that it is important because each of our needs is different. Consequently, we each are assigned to a different carrier. Thank you Patty.
D.S., Customer
You guided me in the right direction and made the whole operation so much easier. Thank you.
L.B., Customer
Your help has been very beneficial and given me confidence to know that any help I need with Medicare is just a phone call away. I can't thank you enough for that.
D.M., Customer
Patty explained the system in simple terms so I could understand, gave me lots of options to choose from, and didn't pressure me. She was friendly and kind.
R.H., Customer
You are always helpful and take time to answer any concerns or questions we have.
A.K., Customer
the personal touch that I receive is great. also, if I have a problem, I can call you and you handle it for me.
S.B., Customer
Very knowledgeable in helping us with my 401K ,Social Security.Help me to understand what I needed to do to get ready to retire.Very enjoyable working with Patty.
R.P., Customer
I like the personalized service I receive!
W.G., Customer
Straight forward and down to earth is what I like and you answer all questions or get answers. Thanks for being a friend.
J.T., Customer
I can count on Patty to look out for my best interests. I have referred her to several people
K.R., Customer
I have and continue to refer my friends and family to Patty for help with their medicare supplement plans. She helped me get a lower rate on my supplement just last week. I appreciate all the help she has given me and I know my friends do too.
Suzanne J., customer since 2013
direct and to the point. no checking this or that, knew and explained why recommendation was made
C.S., Customer
Patty, you were recommended by a co-worker of mine and I've never been disappointed. I appreciate you always getting back to me and in knowing you are trying to stay on top of things in order to get us the best and most economical insurance coverage possible for our budget. We appreciate all you do, much more than you realize.
J.B., Customer
You are always friendly and kind and always look out for me, trying to get me good coverage at a good rate.
D.G., Customer
Friendly personal service, agent had lots of information
R.H., Customer
I like having a agent that I can talk to face to face if I need to.
K.I., Customer
You are there to help with any questions or concerns we have.
B.C., Customer