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Patty Gogerty

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523





Patty Gogerty has been with Sams/Hockaday & Associates for over 30 years. She has been helping people navigate through the Medicare process in addition to helping with other areas, such as financial products and life insurance needs.

Born into a family of 10 kids, she has lived in Decatur, IL most of her life. Patty is a big supporter of the United Way of Decatur and Hudson's Halfway Home for which she helps to foster special needs puppies.

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Here's what Patty's clients say!

Patti, If we have a question you either answer it or get back to us with the answer. We have not had any negative issues with Cynthia or myself. We can ask for no more. Thank you.
L.D., Customer
Made my choices so effortless for me and Patty's kindness thru the whole process. Made John and I Very comfortable.
L.D., Customer
Patty is always so helpful helping us get the most for our money. She is so patient and understanding and did so much for my 91 year old relative as well as for me.
S.J., Customer
Sams/Hockaday & Associates are always ready to care for their customers. If there are any questions or concerns that one might have then Sams/Hockaday and their agents are there with the answers to your questions and concerns and more than willing and able to serve their customers in a timely and effective manner.
K.H., Customer
Patty is so knowledgeable and helpful on Medicare supplemental and helps us navigate through this with ease. We have and will continue to recommend friends and family to her.
L.W., Customer
You are caring and alert to my needs.
S. S., Customer
Patty has always been responsive to my needs and gone out of her way to find the right fit.
I.H., Customer
You are there to help with any questions or concerns we have.
B.C., Customer
At Sams/Hockaday Insurance you get the best from the best. It's nice to know that there are agents out there that take pride in their work and care for the wellbeing of their clients. Everything is explained in detail and you are fitted with the best group for your needs. Plus if the rates are raising the agents will find a new company with a lower premium but carries the same great coverage. What more can a client ask for!
Marilynn W., customer since 2015
Patty was very patient and understood my needs for medical insurance. She was kind and took time to understand my situation, my budget, and gave me assorted policies to make a good decision for me. I appreciate her professionalism and kindness.
C. A., Customer
You have been honest and saved me some money.
S.B., Customer
Patty, you have helped Cynthia and myself to understand a little better what exactly Medicare is and how it works for us. I appreciate your patience with both of us. The ever changing rules are not easy to understand and you have helped us bridge the gaps of misunderstanding we have. We trust you to give us the correct advice.
L.D., Customer
OUR agent was very informed. easy to talk to, also answered any questions.
J.R., Customer
Was very friendly and helpful . Pat went the extra mile to help me and I appreciate it very much.
P.D., Customer
Your company is right here in town and easy to access. Patty has been very knowledgeable and helpful anytime I have questions. I recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you for your service!
K.D., Customer
The thing I like best is that you do the research and know the companies and the coverage they provide. You are able to recommend the best plan for my needs.
T.G., Customer
Patty found the best coverage based on the scripts we each were taking and ended up saving us money.
J.H., Customer
I liked the personal attention I received and all the research on different carriers that Patty did and then her recommendations / suggestions.
D.G., Customer
Very helpful, polite & knowledgeable.
J.H., Customer
I like the personal one on one relationship Sams/Hockaday and all the agents have with all their clients.
S. B., Customer
Patty has helped me save money from medicare supplement insurance to life insurance.I have referred several friends and family who are also happy with their service.
S.J., Customer
You're always available when we need your help. You're the expert on insurance. It's So much better having a person to help than checking on the computer for information. Thanks
B.B., Customer
Made it so easy to understand, spent all the time we needed answering our many questions and guided us to choose good reputable insurance groups to fit our needs
Customer since 2015
I've always been able to get very helpful information from my agent Patty Gogerty, and she got me all set up with all my Medicare plans three years ago and continues to steer me through my renewals (or changes) each year! Also, when I moved from Decatur, IL, to Lexington, SC, I was able to stay with my agent without any problems. I've had excellent service from this agency.
Deborah F., customer since 2012
I have already recommended Patty to others and even brought one friend in for a consultation and he ended up purchasing insurance.
C. G., Customer
It is obvious you know your stuff. Glad you do because I do not have the energy to do the research.
M.M., Customer
I can always call my insurance rep Patty when I have questions and she gets backto me immediately with answes and help. It is very reassuring to me.
N.S., Customer
I never have to worry about insurance changes, cost,or understanding my policy because Patty Gogerty always looks out for my best interest. Everyone in the office is caring and professional.
S.E., Customer
You explained my options and helped me make decisions based on what I needed. I really appreciate that and your knowledge. Thank you!
L.B., Customer
Patty Gogerty is just THE BEST!!!! We were so confused when we began going to her for advice on supplemental insurances for both my husband and myself. She guided us through the hoops and saved us hours and hours of stressful time... She did not push any one insurance at us, rather gave us our options with clear cut data and then waited for us to make our choices... I can't imagine navigating through this nightmare of benefits without a the person she is. She is able to navigate quickly through many computer screens and enter our information with immediate results.. Please, please do not eliminate this service.... Many, many folks would be lost and paying much more than they needed to. Plus, you have to understand there are millions of retired folks that don't even own a computer or iPhone... Thanks, Patty, for the GREAT service you provide and your love and compassion!
L.B., Customer
I appreciate the help we get from you.
D.W., Customer
<p>Patty, you and anyone that I have ever talked to in your company, have always been very pleasant and very helpful! My experience with you is that you work
Millicent S., customer since 2012
Patty Gogerty is always there when I need her. Very knowledgeable on the product and company she has selected for me, and makes me feel like I am the only client she has to deal with. Keep up the great job Patty !
M. L., Customer
I have and continue to refer my friends and family to Patty for help with their medicare supplement plans. She helped me get a lower rate on my supplement just last week. I appreciate all the help she has given me and I know my friends do too.
Suzanne J., customer since 2013
Patty has been very helpful in securing good insurance for us. We have already recommended her to friends.
W.J., Customer
I know a little about a lot of things but unfortunately insurance isn't one of them. I appreciate your office, and especially Patty, making our choices for insurance simpler to understand. She is able to take the guesswork out of this very important decision.
V.B., Customer
Medicare decisions seemed very overwhelming but with the help of Patty everything fell into place!! Thank you Patty!!
D.M., Customer
I really appreciate the in-person communication with Patty Gogerty...makes me feel much more satisfied with the choices I make, using her knowledge and experience.
D. F., Customer
Explained very confusing procedures and requirements in a easily understood manner. Excellent knowledge and professional service. Have already given your contact information to others.
N.P., Customer
We Have already referred people. I like having local people to call if there's a problem . You fill out the paper work and make it much easier for us.
B.B., Customer
You showed up at my door before I was ready to get supplemental insurance. But I remembered you because of it. Then, before I signed with you I had tried to see if I qualified for any help with costs thru Human Services. I didn't, but I was told by a caseworker to check online for what was offered. When I mentioned your company, she said you were very competitive and up to date. She had a good report about you. You have been very attentive, friendly and helpful at all times.
Customer since 2015
You keep track of my insurance needs and if I have the best coverage for my money recommending changes when advisable.
L.H., Customer
the personal touch that I receive is great. also, if I have a problem, I can call you and you handle it for me.
S.B., Customer
Agent is very knowledgeable on Part B and prescription plans and always looking for ways to save client money.
Customer since 2013
Thank you for your continued help. No matter what my problem is you always make time to answer my questions and get me insurance choices for my needs. You also help those I bring in or send youe way. I tell everyone to call your office if they have questions or need help choosing insurance for their needs too. Thanks again Patty G.!!!!
F.B., Customer
You always get back to me when I need help. You check on my status yearly to make sure I don't need any kind of upgrade. I feel your agency has a lot to offer in the scope and view it has of the insurance industry. That is why I recommend people to call you before they go to other supplement companies.
L.L., Customer
Always ready to answer questions and help wherever needed.
K.D., Customer
You always take care of us with getting the right health insurance. Thanks for all the help
R.W., Customer
Friendly service, and helped us choose the best insurance policies that fit our needs, both with life ins. And health ins. Policies. Thank you!
K.S., Customer
You always keep on top of my everything for me - letting me know when it is time to review and letting me know any changes. I appreciate that!
K.R., Customer
Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 4 organizations which offer 41 products in your area. Please contact, 1‑800‑MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.