Meet Our Team

Patty Gogerty

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523





Patty Gogerty has been with Sams/Hockaday & Associates for over 30 years. She has been helping people navigate through the Medicare process in addition to helping with other areas, such as financial products and life insurance needs.

Born into a family of 10 kids, she has lived in Decatur, IL most of her life. Patty is a big supporter of the United Way of Decatur and Hudson's Halfway Home for which she helps to foster special needs puppies.

Here's what Patty's clients say!

I find Patty Gogerty to be very honest and straight forward. She's explained everything to us in language that I could understand. Very nice experience.
M.R., Customer
We feel confident you gave us the best insurance choices for our needs. You gave us all the information we needed.
B.C., Customer
Patty explained the differences between the policies and the companies offering them so I would have as much information as possible to make a decision about my insurance. I really appreciate that.
B.A., Customer
Patty is friendly and knowledgeable. She answers all our questions and concerns. We have referred friends and family to Sam's Hockaday and will continue to do so.
L.W., Customer
We feel Patty takes the time and effort to assess our needs.
M.L., Customer
Very knowledgeable in Medicate information to help someone make decisions.
J.H., Customer
I appreciate it that you keep looking for more economical insurance for me that does what it it supposed to do.
J.G., Customer
It was like one stop shopping. I went to Sams/Hockaday & Assoc. and sat down with an agent and by checking several companies I was able to find the best insurance that fit my needs and I didn't have to call any of the companies myself. I saved time and money and I got just what I wanted. Meducare supplement insurance, Medicare part D, and life insurance all in one stop. I feel good when I recommend this service to others.
K.I., Customer
Friendly, very personable, always the information to meet our needs.
M.K., Customer
Patty Gogerty took plenty of time to go through are policies and answered all our questions. We saved a considerable amount on our medicare supplement and prescription plan.
J.H., Customer
Pat gave us what we wanted in insurance and what we needed at a reasonanble price.
P.D., Customer
Patty got back to me right away and is working to help me find a plan. I would recommend Sam's Hockaday because I know that some knowledgeable people work there.
D.K., Customer
I feel like you take care of me needs in a very personal way
F.C., Customer
I really appreciate the in-person communication with Patty Gogerty...makes me feel much more satisfied with the choices I make, using her knowledge and experience.
D. F., Customer
We loved the way that you took the time to explain the different options to us, even though you were sick.
J.B., Customer
You explained my options and helped me make decisions based on what I needed. I really appreciate that and your knowledge. Thank you!
L.B., Customer
Speaking with Patty Gogarty helped us make some financial decisions which really helped us out
Patricia G., customer since 2013
Patty has always been responsive to my needs and gone out of her way to find the right fit.
I.H., Customer
Friendly service, and helped us choose the best insurance policies that fit our needs, both with life ins. And health ins. Policies. Thank you!
K.S., Customer
You are caring and alert to my needs.
S. S., Customer
You are always friendly and kind and always look out for me, trying to get me good coverage at a good rate.
D.G., Customer
Thanks Miss Gogerty, I feel you have supplied me with a policy that fits my needs at a competitive price. I appreciate your knowledge and various resourses you have to accomplish that goal. Thank you for your concern and hard work.
S.G., Customer
Made my choices so effortless for me and Patty's kindness thru the whole process. Made John and I Very comfortable.
L.D., Customer
Everything was ready when we got there and she always takes time to answer any questions.
P.T., Customer
I appreciate your staying in touch with me and making sure I have the best policies to handle what I need from them.
W.C., Customer
Patty was very patient and understood my needs for medical insurance. She was kind and took time to understand my situation, my budget, and gave me assorted policies to make a good decision for me. I appreciate her professionalism and kindness.
C. A., Customer
You're there when you're needed and always upbeat and helpful. You're comfortable to talk to and you left your customers you are indeed working on their best behalf....and we love ya.
J.B., Customer
You're recommendations for insurance company's has proven good and it's nice to know that you are monitoring these companies and recommend changes when they are appropriate.
D.G., Customer
Patty has helped me save money from medicare supplement insurance to life insurance.I have referred several friends and family who are also happy with their service.
S.J., Customer
<p>Patty, you and anyone that I have ever talked to in your company, have always been very pleasant and very helpful! My experience with you is that you work
Millicent S., customer since 2012
You listened and were patient and thorough with your explanations. I've already recommended you to several people.
R.S., Customer
I liked the personal attention I received and all the research on different carriers that Patty did and then her recommendations / suggestions.
D.G., Customer
Your help has been very beneficial and given me confidence to know that any help I need with Medicare is just a phone call away. I can't thank you enough for that.
D.M., Customer
I like the personal one on one relationship Sams/Hockaday and all the agents have with all their clients.
S. B., Customer
We felt that we could trust your company and you to make the right recommendations to us. And we were well pleased with your recommendations. When it comes to insurance it's very important to us to be able to trust and feel comfortable with our agent.
P.D., Customer
My calls and concerns are always answered in a very timely fashion and with proper handling. My agent is always available and responsive to my needs. Sams/Hockaday and Associates, Inc. have been a great value to my needs of insurance for seniors.
K. H., Customer
I have always been greeted at the front desk with a smile, and It is the personal touch that Janet offers to her clients. It's like coming to visit a friend...and oh, also, discussing my insurance needs. lol Janet is so friendly, I never feel rushed out, how could anyone go anywhere else? My insurance needs are well handled. I never have to worry about my rates, coverage or claim forms. When I have concerns I can call Janet and she will fix it. It's great peace of mind. As for the first question, I have recommended Sams-Hockaday many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great service.
Customer since 2013
I was able to talk with Patty on a Saturday so I don't miss work.
C.S., Customer
Patty, You always are so knowledgeable and give me exceptional service way beyond and I am so blessed and thankful for you! I would highly recommend you. Thank you so very much
K.S., Customer
Was very friendly and helpful . Pat went the extra mile to help me and I appreciate it very much.
P.D., Customer
Did a wonderful job of explaining how the plans work. Made everything so easy for me.
Customer since 2015
Made it so easy to understand, spent all the time we needed answering our many questions and guided us to choose good reputable insurance groups to fit our needs
Customer since 2015
I appreciate the help we get from you.
D.W., Customer
I liked the way Patricia helped me with my Medicare and supplemental insurance needs. She made it very easy and less confusing.
Customer since 2015
I have had so many questions and all have been answered many times until I understood thank you for always being there
W.S., Customer
You have been honest and saved me some money.
S.B., Customer
I treasure your reliability. I know when I contact you you will respond and try to find the best coverage for us at am amount we can afford. You're always a pleasure to deal with and I'm so glad a friend referred me to you. I've shared with a lot of friends how happy we are with your service, professionalism and reliability.
J.B., Customer
Honesty. It is important to me that people give good solid information so I can make the best choice for myself, and that is what I get at Sams/Hockaday. I never fell like I'm just trying to be sold something just to get a sale, I really do feel like I matter. I get honest answers to any question I may ask.
K.I., Customer
Took time with prospective customers, explained each plan and made your recommendation as to which plan suited them best. Each person that we told them about Patty has become a satisfied customer.
D.S., Customer
OUR agent was very informed. easy to talk to, also answered any questions.
J.R., Customer