Have you had a loved one who needed care in a nursing home, assisted living, or at home? If you do have this first-hand experience, you know just how paralyzing the expense of long-term care can be.

  • Once you turn 65, you have a 70% chance of requiring care
  • The average length of stay in a facility is about 3 years
  • The average cost for a 1-year stay is about $85,000
  • Over the last 20 years, the cost of long-term care has doubled
  • You’re most likely to go on claim at age 85

If we use the past 20 years as a guideline and assume that the cost of care will double over the next 20 years, we can estimate over $500,000 for a typical long-term care stay.

Insurance Solutions for Long-Term Care Costs

There are three long-term care insurance solutions to choose from. None of these are one-size-fits-all – we can make a recommendation for you based on your budget and risk profile.

May not use it

Short-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Life Insurance with
Long-Term Care Rider

Best coverage

50% approval rate

Rate increases

Inflation protection available

Lowest cost

Highest cost

Inflation protection available

May not use it

Least coverage

90+% approval rate

Little to no rate increases

Short application process

Will use it no matter what

Medium coverage

Approval rate N/A

No rate increases

Long application process

Long application process

Medium cost

No inflation protection

What if I don’t get insurance?

Losing your home to the nursing home isn’t unheard of. In fact, it’s pretty common. If you don’t have any way to pay for a stay at a nursing home, you will have to sell your house, your car, and any other assets you own. Then, you will end up on state aid, called Medicaid.

Once you’re on Medicaid, you lose any input on where you will recieve care. The quality of nursing homes and other facilities varies greatly, and Medicaid will place you at the least expensive one.

What our clients have to say:

Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.
T.P., Customer
Rachel was professional and persistent ( I am busy and hard to reach). The product pricing was acceptable - and affordable compared to other alternatives. The product's combination of life and long-term care coverage makes sense for me and my family.
J. B., Customer
I was just glad to hear about the John Hancock long term care/life Insurance policy they offer. My husband had complained for years trying to get me to invest in stocks, but I refused. Boy was he shocked when I immediately decided to sock some away in this policy. Now he has nothing more to complain about!
Customer since 2011
Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.
T.P., Customer
Your knowledge of all insurance was mind easing after trying to go through all the searching on our own. Would much rather visit with you and get all the answers needed.
G.C., Customer

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