Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL: Highlighting Primrose Retirement Community of Decatur

Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL: Highlighting Primrose Retirement Community of Decatur

When your loved ones start needing more involved care, it might be time for you to consider the senior living communities in the area. There are many options here in Decatur, IL, so we’ve taken the initiative to speak with the staff and give you a better feel of what each facility has to offer.

For this installment of Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL, we’ve spoken to Leslie Strohl, the Executive Director at Primrose Retirement Community.

Primrose is located on Arbor Drive, which is located near Forsyth, IL. It’s very close to the Hickory Point Golf Course.

Leslie has answered some tough questions, such as why you should trust Primrose, how much it costs, and what makes Primrose different.

What services does Primrose provide?

Primrose Retirement Community provides maintenance free living for seniors ages 55 and above. They have several different types of options available, such as Villa Townhomes and Independent and Assisted Living Apartments.

What makes Primrose different?

Primrose is unique with 24-7 nursing with LPNs & RNs as well as trained physical therapists in the Wellness Center through DMH Therapy.

The Wellness Center provides one-on-one appointments and free exercise classes, which includes transportation 5 days a week and mobile nursing services (x-rays, blood draws, urine samples) with concierge medicine where physicians come to the resident.

Oh, and you can’t forget our 50s style ice cream parlor or the movie theater!

Why should seniors trust the facility and staff?

Primrose Retirement Community has trained and licensed professionals who love working with seniors, and they embrace the Primrose core values; passion, relentless improvement, respect, accountability, and embracing change.

What is the cost for Primrose’s housing?

The cost of Independent and Assisted Living ranges with the services provided for each resident.

Primrose is a private-pay retirement community, and residents utilize resources such as long-term care insurance and veterans aid & attendance to help pay for senior living.

Many seniors find that when making comparisons, living in a retirement community can be less expensive or comparable to living in their current house.

Get in touch with Leslie at or 217-872-1800 to have a conversation about what resources might be available that you may not have discovered.

How many seniors currently use the Primrose facility?

There are between 90-100 seniors that live at Primrose Retirement Communities of Decatur, IL.

There are 33 Primrose Communities in the United States, and Decatur’s location is the only one in the State of Illinois. For more information, please visit:

What advice do you have for seniors thinking about entering a senior living facility?

The most common expression the staff tends to hear is, “Why didn’t I make the move sooner?”

Take time to shop around, experience different communities, and ask questions. You want to make a good decision about where you will live, and each community is different.

We would encourage all seniors age 55 and above to consider a retirement community before you have to make a decision. Waiting for a crisis is hard on you and your family. Moving to a retirement community is a choice you will not regret.

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