Client Testimonials

Here's what hundreds of our happy clients have to say…

You made the process easy to get a drug prescription plan and life insurance.
L.S., Customer
Michael Sams is the perfect agent. Represents the companies perfectly and perfectly represents us. A perfect relationship.
S.F., Customer
Taylor is my go to. She is a very knowledgeable person and very easy to talk to and understand. Anyone I have dealt with at Sams Hockaday has been ready to assist in any way.
E.B., Customer
Patty is the reason we are with the company. If she were to move to a different company, we would move with her.
J.A., Customer
I appreciate the fact that Tom came to my home, and went out of his way to find me cheaper insurance. To some people, price does not matter, to me, a widow on a fixed income, it is very important.
Gennelle B., customer since 2011
We suggested your firm to our neighbor and he went right away to sigh up with Luke. We will always do that since he was so great in helping us. Also our brother is working with you.
J.H., Customer
I text a lot because I do not hear well. She always texts me back. She stays on top of our ins. Trying to keep premiums down.
R.G., Customer
You were very friendly and easy to talk to. I feel you are very knowledgeable about your policies. I like the idea of being able to talk to someone face to face. Also you didn't hound me. You gave me time to make my decision & call you back. Thank you.
J.M., Customer
D R Roberts explained everything thoroughly and accurately. He presented several different options for supplemental insurance and helped me choose the one that was right for me. Very happy with D R.
S.C., Customer
The thing I like most about Michael is that you come out to my home to answer any of my questions. I'm a senior and its difficult for me to get around.
Customer since 2006
Time well spent. No rush. Makes the best recommendations.
N.R., Customer
Always friendly and professional!
D.B., Customer
You were there for us when Wagner's closed and have helped us ever since. Thank you.
M.S., Customer
It gives Kris and I peace of mind knowing that you will keep us informed as to witch insurance is best for us. Thank You
D.B., Customer
You took the time to listen to our concerns without pushing your way to lead us into decisions that were not ours. Some of us older people just enjoy learning that their is still good ole trust in my handshake business people to deal with, and we thank You.
R.B., Customer
We feel that Taylor Thomas works hard to find us the best policies for our needs at the best prices.
R.R., Customer
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Available to answer questions promptly.
C.R., Customer
I feel as though Sams Hockaday always picks up their fair share amount of payment as a supplemental medical insurance toward my medical bills .
S.B., Customer
Very helpful in comparing the various products available on the market.
Customer since 2015
We Have already referred people. I like having local people to call if there's a problem . You fill out the paper work and make it much easier for us.
B.B., Customer
I felt very comfortable talking to you about my insurance options and how helpful you were
M.S., Customer
We get very prompt call back and service. If we have a problem you always help us.
D.B., Customer
My primary reason for asking Michael for help was the personal trust I had in him as an agent and person. He never talked down to me about about insurance matters. I left feeling that Michael had answered and would answer any questions that I had.
G.B., Customer
John thanks for your support after my insurance was dropped by an industrial company after many years of coverage. Your help was deeply appreciated as a friend and one who was knowledgeable.
S. G., Customer
Listens to my questions, and always takes the time to explore my best options.
J. H., Customer
We are so thankful to have Taylor for our Insurance Agent. Taylor guided us through so many decisions and made us feel that we were important to your Insurance Company. Taylor is so pleasant and we say thank you when we have no idea what to choose for a policy.
C.A., Customer
Michael always comes to my home to help me with my insurance problems. This is very helpful to me as I need to use a walker to get around.
I.A., Customer
Your knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated. The low cost for my final expense was great . Thank you.
L.S., Customer
We think Michael Sams is the best and most interested insurance agent we have ever had. He cares about his customers.
Donald B., customer since 2007
You have been a tremendous help. I was worried I wouldn't get everything done re: insurance coverage etc..then you came by. Thank you. We will likely get funeral expense coverage from you as well for my husband.
Customer since 2015
Explained very confusing procedures and requirements in a easily understood manner. Excellent knowledge and professional service. Have already given your contact information to others.
N.P., Customer
You did what you said you would do & within a very reasonable time. What you say & do are most important to me. The price was nice & the service started at the date agreed upon. Thank you, for your help.
R.K., Customer
Always get right back when I call. If I have a problem I can count on your help.
J.B., Customer
Patty, you have helped Cynthia and myself to understand a little better what exactly Medicare is and how it works for us. I appreciate your patience with both of us. The ever changing rules are not easy to understand and you have helped us bridge the gaps of misunderstanding we have. We trust you to give us the correct advice.
L.D., Customer
Came to our home and explained everything to our satisfaction.
D.T., Customer
Very helpful with getting best coverage at the right price.
L.B., Customer
Janet is very knowledgeable & caring. We feel very blessed to have found her & the great staff at office. Thanks
P.D., Customer
it was great the way all my options were so readily available for me to see and compare. Your system is so easy to understand and you are so helpful. Insurance is a very complicated process for most of us under the best of circumstances. At retirement, it is even worse. You made it seem easy. Thank you.
C.C., Customer
<p>My husband was retiring and would soon lose his company health insurance. We were also reaching the age for Medicare benefits. Little did we know about all the different plans, application deadlines, and need for a supplement insurance as well. It was pretty confusing to say the least when you reach that age and have not given much thought to all this. An insurance agent showed up at our door one day at just the right time it turned out. He helped us get through all this. He had all the answers to many questions we had and made sure we got it even though it took awhile for us to absorb it all. We don't do this everyday, but he does and we really appreciated the time he took with us plus the follow up calls and visits.</p> <div>A big thank you to D.R. Roberts for helping us understand all these things. He is very knowledgeable with your individual insurance needs.&nbsp;</div>
Customer since 2014
I always feel confident that you have recommended the best solutions for my needs. Thank you.
J.N., Customer
Personal attention. Staying on top of the ever changing health care industry, which can be time consuming.
D.S., Customer
Patricia was good about explaining the insurance policies. And patience with our questions
J.R., Customer
I have recommended Rachel to friends because of her professional and yet sincere and caring spirit she offers her customers. She explained possibilities for us to consider without any pressure and allowed us to ask questions, take time to make a decision, and has sent all paperwork to us in a short time. She makes herself available to ask questions whenever needed. We will continue to work with her and her company for these reasons. We highly recommend them.
C. L., Customer
Service was excellent, precise and to the point.
Diane H., customer since 2015
Janet is a caring agent, and understands what I need. I have recommended Sams Hockaday to members of a Seniors Group at First Christian Church.
C.C., Customer
We don't know which insurance co. is the best for our situation, and you get our medical information and recomend the best co. at the best price for us. That has been very important to my wife and I, and we have been very happy with your service.
D. B., Customer
Going on Medicare, needing supplemental insurance & a prescription plan can be overwhelming but Michael is sooo knowledgeable, the process was very easy. Michael is such a good & trustworthy man. Thanks to all for making this process easy, answering questions, explaining all options & recommending what was best for me. I also sent my sister to you & she was so impressed also. Thanks again.
C.D., Customer
Sams/Hockaday employees have been very courteous and professional.
L.G., Customer
Rachel did a great job of researching and finding the best medicare supplement insurance for me and my husband.
Jana M., customer since 2016
Rachael came to our home at the right time. We had been researching so many options and getting confused. Rachael made the process so easy for us. Rachael represents Sam Hockaday at the highest level,
L.M., Customer
Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.