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Diane let me know she could get me better rates!!!
Mary D., customer since 2015
excellent presentation and follow up. Felt that my questions were answered.
R.W., Customer
Janet was very helpful in researching and finding a reliable supplement to my Medicare. I have been very pleased with the coverage and promptness in payment of bills. Also Janet helped find a reliable Prescription Part D plan.
Customer since 2014
You and your staff explained details that we could understand. You were friendly and super helpful.
R.M., Customer
Honesty. It is important to me that people give good solid information so I can make the best choice for myself, and that is what I get at Sams/Hockaday. I never fell like I'm just trying to be sold something just to get a sale, I really do feel like I matter. I get honest answers to any question I may ask.
K.I., Customer
You let us know when we can get same or better coverage at a lower cost. Very pleasant to work with and talk to.
A.A., Customer
Patty was very patient and understood my needs for medical insurance. She was kind and took time to understand my situation, my budget, and gave me assorted policies to make a good decision for me. I appreciate her professionalism and kindness.
C. A., Customer
Rachel has been very helpful in in assisting me in finding the right insurance plan for my needs.
L.B., Customer
Jack Moore has always been very patient, in helping Helen and I with any questions we have had and has served us well with our insurance needs.
Customer since 2014
Guided us to a great supplemental insurance plan that has never been rejected by medical providers. So far it has paid for everything and very importantly, paid in a timely manner! EOB paperwork arrives quickly too! Premiums are reasonable
Jacqueline K., customer since 2014
Working with Michael Sams is so wonderful! He explains insurance well enough that it makes it simple to understand! Insurance has always been so overwhelming to me and it's such a comfort to have someone explain everything to me I terms that make sense! I can't say enough about his expertise on all senior age insurance options!!
B.S., Customer
Patty has helped me save money from medicare supplement insurance to life insurance.I have referred several friends and family who are also happy with their service.
S.J., Customer
Everything. You are knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt.
M.T., Customer
It was nice to be able to find that someone, we actually know and trust, could be of help to us when we found ourselves in a position of needing to find health insurance. Janet has taken the lead and also taken all of the worry out of setting us up with what we need and what is in our best interest.
K.S., Customer
The guaranteed annuity rates more than double bank CD rates. At this point in my life, I want secure returns which I feel I am getting here. I am pleased with the help in getting supplemental insurance as well.
D.K., Customer
Seemed to care, didn't push something I didn't want, and gave me what I wanted. Plus a great assistant who knew what she was doing.
D.W., Customer
I felt after meeting Jack, that I could trust him to guide me in the right direction for my insurance needs. He has my complete confidence! It is hard to beat experience.
James S., customer since 2010
I can count on Patty to look out for my best interests. I have referred her to several people
K.R., Customer
When in neeed you always come thru
Shirley E., customer since 2013
Luke is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
D.R., Customer
You are perfect for me that is true
L.D., Customer
You respond in a timely fashion. You also keep me nformed.r
Gloria J., customer since 2011
We were very impressed with Mr. Gruening's knowledge of Medicare and how it fit our situation, the Medicare Supplement Insurance policy and company I need at this time. Thanks for answering all our questions and your friendly demeanor.
W.M., Customer
Turning 65 is great...Medicare and supplements are very confusing for me. Patty made the decisions so easy and I feel confident she will continue to direct me. What a great asset to your team. Thanks Paaty!
D.D., Customer
Can always call and get an answer or a call back the same day
G.T., Customer
Rachel was a good listener. I appreciated that she found a policy that did not cost me much but was all that I needed in an efficient way.
L.D., Customer
You always are right there when we have problem or if we need to know something about our coverage. Best agent we have ever had, always right there for us, always trying to get the best deal for us. Thank you Dianne, you and Sams/Hockaday are the best.
Linda S., customer since 2004
Explanes everything in detail & language I can understand & explaines it as many times as I need to understand
C.S., Customer
I like the fact that you are local and I feel I can contact you with any questions or problems and I will get a quick response.
Cynthia S., customer since 2015
Michael helped me a lot when I was getting ready to sign up for Social Security. He found the best plan for me.
B.C., Customer
Medicare supplemental is confusing and leaves you with unanswered questions. Laura Pecina explains everything and answers all of your questions. As everyone in the United States knows now days ,medical insurance is Complicated! Getting answers to all of your questions gives you assurance and peace of mind!
K.C., Customer
I appreciate the fact that you continue to try to find more economical costs for my insurance needs. Thank you Michael for your continued interest.
Rebecca R., customer since 2006
We always tell everyone we come in contact with that is discussing insurance needs or displeasure that you are the ONLY agent to contact, we have always been pleased with our service and you have always been honest with use in all our dealings, also with every one we have sent to you.
C.S., Customer
You listened and were patient and thorough with your explanations. I've already recommended you to several people.
R.S., Customer
We felt that we could trust your company and you to make the right recommendations to us. And we were well pleased with your recommendations. When it comes to insurance it's very important to us to be able to trust and feel comfortable with our agent.
P.D., Customer
I appreciate the fact that you are willing to come to my home and talk business, so I do not have to drive to an office.
David K., customer since 2013
Medicare options can be very confusing. You were able to make it very clear and always available for any follow-up decisions.
Maryel N., customer since 2015
I feel the information I received was thorough and what I needed. Michael worked with me to find out what I wanted and did his best to accommodate me. I am very satisfied with the plans I have.
G.B., Customer
good frienly service,on the ball,just good people,,
Blaine A., customer since 2011
Taylor was extremely helpful in finding insurance that fit my needs. She not only helped me save money my Medicare supplement, but helped me protect my money and get a great rate of return as well. She's always friendly and eager to help whenever I call. I would recommend her to anyone.
K.T., Customer
Rachael is the best! We were seeking assistance when Rachael introduced herself. She answered every concern that we had and was prompt and gave us options. Trust,integrity and honesty describes Rachael.
L.M., Customer
Quick, convenient help. Good listening to my concerns/needs. Specific instructions to help me make changes. I made a call & you gave me direct information that made my next call very easy.
L.D., Customer
I am very satisfied with the service and help navigating all of the health insurance options available. Patricia Gogerty has went above and beyond my expectations in getting the right options for my wife and I. We are very pleased with our treatment there, and have recommended them to several friends.
J.L., Customer
Made the transition easy and explained everything well
L.H., Customer
Great communication with complete explanation! Excellent follow on any questions/concerns!
Diane F., customer since 2015
when I have question it always answered in a way I can understand and if there are any problems you all go the extra mile and make the call for me and get back with me instead of me trying to answer the questions I don't have answers for so thanks a lot
A. M., Customer
Dianne always has time for my husband and myself. We feel comfortable that she is always looking out for our best interest.
L.A., Customer
We have always received excellent service--well presented and explained. gents care about their clients.
B.R., Customer
Maximum involvement by Patty Gogerty in finding the best products that suit my needs, and a minimal involvement required on my part!
Michael H., customer since 2012
DR is very proactive, notifying us of any changes and finding the best premiums
J.K., Customer