Client Testimonials

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Janet is great. She helped us get a great deal on medical insurance for my husband. She has gotten back with me to see if I needed to change my policy and see if we were still happy with our policies.
Lolita C., customer since 2014
Personal attention. Staying on top of the ever changing health care industry, which can be time consuming.
D.S., Customer
Michael's knowledge of Medicare is exceptional. There is so much more to know than we expected and he did an awesome job of presenting and explaining our options.
D.B., Customer
Very helpful, Extremely nice people to work with
G. H., Customer
So happy to have someone explains how supplements work and suggest to me a better and less expensive alternative.
G.H., Customer
I retired June 30, 2016 and Jim and I each needed a supplemental medical policy and a prescription plan. Luke walked us through this process. His recommendations were "perfect" for us....he set the supplemental policy and gave us step by step instructions on getting set up with the prescription plan. We ran into some "glitches" with the prescription plan and he returned our calls immediately. He never made us feel he was "too busy." We could not have been more pleased with the ease of this transition and Luke's professionalism.
S.W., Customer
You helped us decide which insurance was the right ones for us. Saved us money. We have told several people how great u oh are to work with.
J.H., Customer
You saved us a substantial amount on our policies. We also know that you'll be there whenever we need you. Thank you Michael
R.G., Customer
It's overwhelming when you have to change health ins when you've had the same company for years. But you had all the answers to switching to Medicare & made Roger & I both feel better about it.
K.R., Customer
Sure appreciate you being there when insurance matters get confusing and hard to understand. When I need direction I call Mike Sams.
W.H., Customer
Janet is very knowledge and was very helpful in explaining and assisting with Medicare options. Thanks Janet!
C.R., Customer
We loved the way that you took the time to explain the different options to us, even though you were sick.
J.B., Customer
I truly appreciate The time and effort you put into trying to fine the best possible insurance plans for my situation. My wife will shortly be turning 65 and I know she will have the same confidence in the way you conduct your business as I do. Thanks again and God Bless
L.P., Customer
I thought my agent was thorough with her explanations of my concerns. She answered my questions in layman terms.
S.S., Customer
Always happy to answer questions. Looking to save us money.
Edwin T., customer since 2013
Anything new is scary to me and most people. Your hands-on personal guidance was and is very much appreciated. I've gained a lot more knowledge and insight into how Medicare and supplements work just listening to Patty.
V.B., Customer
We feel like you have always looked out for us - trying to find us more affordable Medicare Supplement insurance policies through the years as costs have continued to escalate; you have come to our home to make it more convenient for us and we appreciate all you do for us.
Judith F., customer since 2009
I felt very comfortable talking to you about my insurance options and how helpful you were
M.S., Customer
Always nice doing business with you. D.R. always goes the extra mile for us. A glitch in our Medicare caused us a bunch of hassle for us and he was right there with all the information we needed even though this was not his concern. It all worked out smoothly in the end. We highly recommend this insurance company.
L. S., Customer
You do all the research on the plans that fit my needs. It would take me forever to get all the information and go through it.
T.G., Customer
Dianne Renner has been great. She is very good zoomed in where it counts
B.A., Customer
Luke made sure that we understood all of our options. He kept us informed throughout the process. Luke was very friendly and professional. A pleasure to work with.
M.B., Customer
I have recommended Rachel to friends because of her professional and yet sincere and caring spirit she offers her customers. She explained possibilities for us to consider without any pressure and allowed us to ask questions, take time to make a decision, and has sent all paperwork to us in a short time. She makes herself available to ask questions whenever needed. We will continue to work with her and her company for these reasons. We highly recommend them.
C. L., Customer
The service is outstanding!
K.F., Customer
Rachel was professional and persistent ( I am busy and hard to reach). The product pricing was acceptable - and affordable compared to other alternatives. The product's combination of life and long-term care coverage makes sense for me and my family.
J. B., Customer
Worked with me to find the best insurance for my needs. Great customer service.
D.B., Customer
Getting us the lowest prices on quality insurance that we can count on.
Customer since 2010
Always a pleasure working with you. Thanks for taking care of this old lady. Just love our annual get together for our reviews. Thank you so much Rachel.
P.M., Customer
Help set me up with a good supplement. When my wife retires we will get her's also.
R.S., Customer
Jack got me the plan I needed at the right time. BlueCrossBlueShield of Illinois
R. E., Customer
Prompt and Great Service
R.W., Customer
M. R., Customer
I feel that Michael Sams is the best professional and personable insurance agent we have ever had.
B.F., Customer
Directed us to the best premiums for our health coverage, and you made it easy to understand all the details.
C.W., Customer
Friendly, and caring
K.L., Customer
Very professional-super nice lady-very knowledgeable-always on top of everything.
P. K., Customer
We enjoy working with Rachel. She understands the health insurance business and seeks to find the best coverage for her clients.
J.A., Customer
So happy with your knowledge and advice it saved me so much worry and confusion! I deeply appreciate the help. Social Security pretty much leaves you hanging with help or explanation!
K.C., Customer
Availability to meet with me at any time Knowledge about Medicare Friendly
M.D., Customer
Friendly fast service. Answered questions open aboyt pros and cons of various services
R.E., Customer
Medicare supplemental is confusing and leaves you with unanswered questions. Laura Pecina explains everything and answers all of your questions. As everyone in the United States knows now days ,medical insurance is Complicated! Getting answers to all of your questions gives you assurance and peace of mind!
K.C., Customer
I love that someone always answers the phone and is very helpful. Questions are always answered promptly. I couldn't ask for better service !!
P.S., Customer
Prompt service and customer service. Finding what we need.
Gary W., customer since 2014
We don't know which insurance co. is the best for our situation, and you get our medical information and recomend the best co. at the best price for us. That has been very important to my wife and I, and we have been very happy with your service.
D. B., Customer
Rachel was very helpful in finding just the right coverage for me. She is also very pleasant to work with.
J.L., Customer
Like kept up with my prescription supplement ins and found a supplement ins where I receive my medication at no cost to me and monthly premiums much lower. He went the extra mile for me and I am so grateful. Thank you, Luke
J.B., Customer
I felt that you took care of our insurance and did it personally.
S.M., Customer
I appreciate the fact that Tom came to my home, and went out of his way to find me cheaper insurance. To some people, price does not matter, to me, a widow on a fixed income, it is very important.
Gennelle B., customer since 2011
Patty has been very helpful in securing good insurance for us. We have already recommended her to friends.
W.J., Customer
Don, You have always given us great information and also great advice. As our friends start their retirement journeys...we give them your name in order to keep their retirement savings secure. We will always be grateful.
S.A., Customer