Client Testimonials

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When I call with a question regarding my insurance there is always a cordial reply on your end. If the gals need to have Michael call me he does so in a timely manner. I would most certainly recommend this insurance agency. E Kay Thames
Customer since 2007
We have received great quality service from Luke and staff while checking into insurance as Seniors. We do feel you truly care about our needs and have made us feel very welcome.
C.V., Customer
Love the low copays on our meds
T.S., Customer
Melody and I were just telling my sister and brother-in-law about Sams/Hockaday last week. My sister was pretty frustrated with the whole Medicare process. We explained to her how you took the frustration out of not only understanding the Medicare process, but in making good decisions for supplemental coverage.
R.T., Customer
Always friendly and professional!
D.B., Customer
You have been a tremendous help. I was worried I wouldn't get everything done re: insurance coverage etc..then you came by. Thank you. We will likely get funeral expense coverage from you as well for my husband.
Customer since 2015
Very good service,they know what they are doing.
R.P., Customer
You do EVERYTHING right. Beginning with an agent with a great personality who makes me feel that my business and welfare is of utmost importance. You have always guided me to the coverage that is best for me at the lowest price. Thank you!
K. W., Customer
Luke, your personality, the way you treat people, by the way you find answers to their questions, and you return phone calls.
Gary B., customer since 2012
Joyce and Patty g are very helpful.
Customer since 2003
You are always very courteous and friendly and consider what is best for your customer. In the past, if a new product becomes available that is better than the one that I have; you have always informed me of this.
T. W., Customer
Always there to take care of any concerns.
J.A., Customer
You in particular have always respond to our needs and kept us informed of pending important dates pertaining to our sign times.
B.L., Customer
I like the way you took your time explaining everything to me so I understood exactly what I was getting.
D.W., Customer
We feel confident you gave us the best insurance choices for our needs. You gave us all the information we needed.
B.C., Customer
excellent presentation and follow up. Felt that my questions were answered.
R.W., Customer
Patty found the best coverage based on the scripts we each were taking and ended up saving us money.
J.H., Customer
Service was excellent, precise and to the point.
Diane H., customer since 2015
I have always been greeted at the front desk with a smile, and It is the personal touch that Janet offers to her clients. It's like coming to visit a friend... and oh, also, discussing my insurance needs. Janet is so friendly, I never feel rushed out, how could anyone go anywhere else? My insurance needs are well handled. I never have to worry about my rates, coverage or claim forms. When I have concerns I can call Janet and she will fix it. It's great peace of mind. I have recommended Sams/Hockaday many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great service.
Cora C., customer since 2013
Like kept up with my prescription supplement ins and found a supplement ins where I receive my medication at no cost to me and monthly premiums much lower. He went the extra mile for me and I am so grateful. Thank you, Luke
J.B., Customer
Luke always keeps my needs first and foremost, and I never feel like he's rushed. He takes as much time as needed. He's also friendly and fun.
N.W., Customer
Your office staff is very competent, anytime I call for help with dealing with our "Supplemental Providers", I always get good results!
M.L., Customer
I got some valuable help from you when I did not know very much about what i was doing. You helped make my process so much easier and more understandable.
J.H., Customer
I feel like you take care of me needs in a very personal way
F.C., Customer
Friendly, and caring
K.L., Customer
Very responsive and knowledgable. I feel comfortable that with the coverage and confident that Luke will make sure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.
Rich H., customer since 2015
I feel like Luke is truly concerned about getting us the best rstes.
J.H., Customer
We have absolutely not worries when we have Sams/Hockaday taking care of our insurance needs. We are very busy and they always have our needs in their priority.
S.F., Customer
Patty knows what I was looking for, and found it , and explained to me.
E.P., Customer
I found a drug supplement that has a low copay that will not bankrupt me.
Dane H., customer since 2015
I find Patty Gogerty to be very honest and straight forward. She's explained everything to us in language that I could understand. Very nice experience.
M.R., Customer
You helped us when Intermet closed and have helped ever since. Thank you
M.S., Customer
you always called me back. You looked for ways to save us money on my insurance.
G.B., Customer
Prompt and Great Service
R.W., Customer
Laura Pecina served us very well. She was all of the following - friendly, professional, approachable, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable asking any questions, her answers were thorough, and well explained. I'm so glad she came to us, I was putting off shopping for insurance. She came to our house without an appointment, and I'm very glad she did.
J.D., Customer
Laura designed my wife's and my needs to fit our lifestyle and budget. She takes time to understand the needs you have and what fits us both with great coverage for a balanced financial expectation.
B.L., Customer
The company that I retired from uses a firm to provide health and drug insurance. The plans offered by this firm are limited and more expensive than those carried by Sams/Hockaday. Also Sams/Hockaday helps me to apply for my insurance reimbursement. Joyce is great!
J.F., Customer
Very helpful service. Without the advice from Patty Gogerty, I don't know how we could navigate the complicated "mine field" of Medicare supplement and Part D insurance.
R.M., Customer
We are so pleased with everyone at Sam's Hockaday. We feel like we always get the best customer service and that you are always concerned about what is best for us as well as our investments. Thank you for everything.
M. A., Customer
We are totally pleased with the service we have received from Sams Hockaday. Laura Pecina has reviewed our policies every year to determine if we are getting the best rates.
K.F., Customer
We felt we could trust what you thought the best insurance for us would be. We feel we can contact you for any questions we might have.
Majorie S., customer since 2015
You were kind and considerate and wanted to help me find the right Insurance.
J.J., Customer
Laura is so easy to relate to. She takes time to answer questions and gives her knowledge on your concerns. So glad I have her as my agent.
J.L., Customer
Friendly, very personable, always the information to meet our needs.
M.K., Customer
We appreciate the continued service of our account.
B.F., Customer
Did a wonderful job of explaining how the plans work. Made everything so easy for me.
Customer since 2015
You were very helpful in finding a much better rate on my prescription insurance.
S. P., Customer
Whenever I have a question I contact Patty and she gets back to me promtly with the answer
N.S., Customer
Agent not pushey, easy to talk to, explains insurance coverage well .
Lois G., customer since 2013
Michael Sams provides responsive, knowledgeable guidance and recommendations to helps seniors make informed and appropriate decisions.
M.S., Customer
Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 4 organizations which offer 41 products in your area. Please contact, 1‑800‑MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.