Client Testimonials

Here's what hundreds of our happy clients have to say…

You helped our parents with their insurance needs and we feel confident Jack Moore will serve us as family also. Jack, thank you for your help and answers to us thus far. Happy New Year 2016! Blessings to you and your family.
B. P., Customer
When my wife Nancy was in a nursing home for three weeks at the end of 2017 our Long-term Care Insurance through Sams/Hockaday handled everything without a hitch. Really appreciated the service.
R.W., Customer
Sams/Hockaday and staff are always very informative , friendly and professional.
L.G., Customer
you got me the best insurance for the money. I already have told people about you.
R.M., Customer
Knowledgeable and variety of plans to choose from.
D.T., Customer
Janet is a caring agent, and understands what I need. I have recommended Sams Hockaday to members of a Seniors Group at First Christian Church.
C.C., Customer
Good to know that YOU have my back and will help me find the best insurance for my needs
G.B., Customer
I like the fact that you are local and I feel I can contact you with any questions or problems and I will get a quick response.
Cynthia S., customer since 2015
You found the right carrier for a reasonable price and did follow ups. Thanks.
R.K., Customer
I want to thank you for your time your patience and your knowledge and everything else that you did for us.
J.T., Customer
You have a good variety of products to choose from, by having access to many companies. Your people seem to know their product or they call in someone who can answer questions.
M.F., Customer
Patty is always so helpful helping us get the most for our money. She is so patient and understanding and did so much for my 91 year old relative as well as for me.
S.J., Customer
Always happy to answer questions. Looking to save us money.
Edwin T., customer since 2013
Laura calls me before I need to call her. She takes care of my account as if she's family! I wouldn't go anywhere else. If I have a question, she gets the answer quickly and makes certain this answered my question. The best part is I feel she's always looking out for me.
J.M., Customer
Diane Renner has always been very helpful with our insurance needs, and we enjoy visiting with her at Sams/Hockaday or in our home in Shelbyville.
M.M., Customer
Everyone is very friendly and willing to help, but I do hope that the agents get a little more aggressive about getting Letters of Coverage for clients and I could have used a little more help with dealing with One Exchange, although Taylor and Joyce were helpful. Thank you, Pamela Cox
P.C., Customer
First I did not have to contact Sam's Hockaday first. Your representative was out walking my street looking for clients. Second the support, advise, and service I have received has been better than I had expected. Very satisfied
C.M., Customer
The personal as well as the added value service Rachel has given us has been outstanding. We feel that she is more than willing to go the extra mile to effect changes and/or help clarify specific details on our behalf. We are soooooooooo happy that she knocked on our door and that we were home!
J.R., Customer
You made things simple for us to understand, and helped us choose the best options and providers.
B.N., Customer
We get very prompt call back and service. If we have a problem you always help us.
D.B., Customer
The information and quote were direct and right to the point.
C.S., Customer
Explanes everything in detail & language I can understand & explaines it as many times as I need to understand
C.S., Customer
Dianne has always been honest and ready to help us and everyone we have referred to her. She goes out of her way to be certain we have policies that will best suit our needs and match our budget every time. She is always prompt with the answers to our questions and knowledgeable with her products.
Carolyn S., customer since 2010
Availability to meet with me at any time Knowledge about Medicare Friendly
M.D., Customer
Michael, I would say you were very professional in explaining to me all my options, and did so in a very relaxed atmosphere without any undue pressure. Basically, I believe you were genuinely concerned with my personal needs.
J.D., Customer
When I turned 65, Taylor at Sams/Hockaday, found the right medicare part B supplement coverage and part D coverage for me. Quick and efficient and always available for any questions we may have.
R.R., Customer
Great personal service
G.H., Customer
Your company is right here in town and easy to access. Patty has been very knowledgeable and helpful anytime I have questions. I recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you for your service!
K.D., Customer
Michael Sams is always proactive in getting the best plans for me for Medicare supplements and Medicare part D drug Thank you
J.B., Customer
Very knowledgeable in Medicate information to help someone make decisions.
J.H., Customer
Always in touch. No pressure, just advice!
M.K., Customer
You're recommendations for insurance company's has proven good and it's nice to know that you are monitoring these companies and recommend changes when they are appropriate.
D.G., Customer
Great to work with. They really do look for the best product for you and not what will make them the most money. Honest, sincere people. Luke took really good care of my elderly parents and I use him as well.
D.O., Customer
We find insurance agent Luke Hockaday very professional and knowledgeable . He has been in our house and is very respectful.
Lois G., customer since 2013
NO MUSS, NO FUSS!! That's exactly the way I was treated, professionally/accurately! Laura answered all my questions regarding medical coverage that I was looking for and suggested and provided me with medical plans that satisfied my needs, taking care of all the paperwork required, leaving me with a smile on my face and saving money!! Thanks so very much for your professional, expert, courteous advice and service!!
D. G., Customer
Your staff makes one feel that you have there best interest at hand, yes I would recommend your services to all.
J.H., Customer
Michael Sams went the "extra mile" to help with our decision. He went over all our options and made sure we understood everything. He made it easy to follow up with a call or text and we never once felt like we were bothering him with all the questions we had. It was hard decision that he made so easy. Would highly recommend Sams/Hockaday to anyone!
R.S., Customer
My agent is very caring about his customers/clients and is always ready to help with any problems that might arise. Also the honesty and integrity of the staff is very important to me. And, if a better plan comes along that may serve you better, he is on the phone giving you the options and opportunity to make a decision whether to change providers or not. I have always been completely satisfied with their service.
Teresa W., customer since 2013
Michael, I have recommended your company to many of my friends! I tell them what good care you take of me! (Someone has to!!!).
R.R., Customer
When my husband's job ended, Rachel went out of her way to guide us in enrolling in the correct Medicare medigap plan for us on very short notice. She was very pleasant, supportive, and eager to help us and did an excellent job of explaining everything to us on the phone as she was unable to meet with us as she was out of town at the time of our need. She followed up with a house call upon her return.
A.F., Customer
Patricia is very helpful with details of what we need for coverage of services
M.M., Customer
Luke is so helpful and makes sure he gets me the information I need in order to make the best decision.
Customer since 2013
Dianne I was very happy the way you help me with my insurance and medicare I will tell everybody I know. Thank you again.
P.T., Customer
When I have had questions, Dianne has always responded and helped me work through them. When I asked about different options, she has always made my different choices available. She's always been very friendly while being professional.
R.H., Customer
Great communication with complete explanation! Excellent follow on any questions/concerns!
Diane F., customer since 2015
Very responsive and knowledgable. I feel comfortable that with the coverage and confident that Luke will make sure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.
Rich H., customer since 2015
Mike and I set a appt. and he was on time and had everything ready to show me, the differences in supplemental insurance. He explained it well, and that is why I am with Sams/Hockaday.
J.M., Customer
we always know you're there to help us. Your friendship and expertise give us confidence that we are well taken care of with our insurance needs.
J.D., Customer
Agent Chase Gruening is very knowledgeable concerning insurance plans for seniors and is very willing to seek advise from his home office if something comes up that he's not sure of. He is also very prompt and reliable concerning appointment times, phone calls, etc.
L. G., Customer
Michael Sams provides responsive, knowledgeable guidance and recommendations to helps seniors make informed and appropriate decisions.
M.S., Customer