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The coverage and options process was explained thoroughly and simply. Too many insurance agents speak "insurance hoo-hah", and that's why they don't get my business! In business, as in life, it's always best to keep it simple.
Skip H., customer since 2015
I appreciate the fact that you are willing to come to my home and talk business, so I do not have to drive to an office.
David K., customer since 2013
Dianne has always been caring and concerned for our needs, and stayed in touch.
Customer since 2006
Your quick and efficient response to a client is what Sams Hockday is know for in this area and the fact that you always keep on top of client needs. I always appreciate that you call me at renewal if you see changes that I need to be aware of, and do what ever it takes to keep my premium at the lowest point. Your employees are always great to deal with . You are always at the top of my referral list ! Keep up the great work.
Marilyn L., customer since 2014
It's very comforting to me knowing that Michael will search out the best Medicare supplement for me, and I don't have to worry about it.
N.B., Customer
You make it easy to find the best Medicare Part B supplements and Part D coverage based on individual needs. This is especially important since the various plans change from year to year, and it is important to review options each year.
L. B., Customer
Diane was referred to me by a friend. I contacted Diane and we set up an appointment to go over my choices for health insurance. She was very professional and helped me through the process of signing up for health insurance and dental. She followed through to ensure paperwork was processed.
S.M., Customer
Good personal service with health insurance needs. We like knowing you stay on top of current insurance coverage and pricing.
S.W., Customer
Friendly fast service. Answered questions open aboyt pros and cons of various services
R.E., Customer
The fact is, Patty gave my husband and I both personal care and factual information based on our individual needs. She is one in a million and we are Blessed to have her on our team during these most difficult days of insurance findings..
L.B., Customer
I love Sams/Hockaday but I'm not one to offer investment advice to many people, even my family, Sorry . I didn't get question # 2 Dixie
Customer since 2013
Just personal attention to the smallest details.
R.B., Customer
Thanks for all your help with my accounts!
S.F., Customer
Made my choices so effortless for me and Patty's kindness thru the whole process. Made John and I Very comfortable.
L.D., Customer
Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.
T.P., Customer
We find insurance agent Luke Hockaday very professional and knowledgeable . He has been in our house and is very respectful.
Lois G., customer since 2013
Dianne knows her stuff!
M. H., Customer
feel comfortable with D.R. and the knowledge he has shared. you can tell he knows what he is doing. We trust him
S.S., Customer
Tom came to my house when the lane was snow packed and icy...did not keep you from coming. Also, you found me a much cheaper Med Sup....I sure appreciate that.
G. B., Customer
Found us the lowest price with the best options on supplemental insurance.
David A., customer since 2013
I appreciate that you try hard to get us a good price for our Medicare supplement. I also like the way you explain things to us in a way we can understand.
J.F., Customer
Our agent at Sams/Hockaday is Jack Moore and he has always kept his eye open to find a more affordable medicare supplemental policy we can change to . He knows our health history and he has even come to our home for us to sign papers since I cannot get around so well. The office staff has always been very nice and helpful to us and we appreciate Sams/Hockaday!
J. F., Customer
Agent's knowledge, enthusiasm & determination to deliver the product I was wanting in a speedy manner.
R.Y., Customer
you answered all of my questions and help point me in the right direction on insurance policies
E.M., Customer
Rachel is very professional and very helpful. My wife, Marty, and I really like her---she is very sweet, easy to talk to, and has a great sense of humor. Also, she's not afraid to call the home office if she's not sure of something.
K. V., Customer
Your advice regarding which supplemental insurance would be best for me was reluctantly, at first , accepted. My wife and I had decided on a different provider but were persuaded by you to buy the Oxford Plan. "You won't see a bill", I believe is what you said. Since going with the Oxford Plan I have sustained a pinched spinal cord that required an MRI, two broken ribs, and two broken bones in my ankle that required surgery. And so far, I haven't seen a bill, only EOB. Recovering nicely now after the surgery a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to not filing any claims for a while.
Greg A., customer since 2014
You are very concerned with each one of us and helping get the best Insurence plan.
M. G., Customer
We are totally pleased with the service we have received from Sams Hockaday. Laura Pecina has reviewed our policies every year to determine if we are getting the best rates.
K.F., Customer
I feel that Michael Sams is the best professional and personable insurance agent we have ever had.
B.F., Customer
Your knowledge of all insurance was mind easing after. Trying to go through all the searching on our own. Would much rather visit with you and get all the answers needed.
G.C., Customer
found a drug supplement that has a low copay that will not bankrupt me.
Dane H., customer since 2015
Luke is very personable and helpful.
W. P., Customer
Patty Gogerty is just THE BEST!!!! We were so confused when we began going to her for advice on supplemental insurances for both my husband and myself. She guided us through the hoops and saved us hours and hours of stressful time... She did not push any one insurance at us, rather gave us our options with clear cut data and then waited for us to make our choices... I can't imagine navigating through this nightmare of benefits without a the person she is. She is able to navigate quickly through many computer screens and enter our information with immediate results.. Please, please do not eliminate this service.... Many, many folks would be lost and paying much more than they needed to. Plus, you have to understand there are millions of retired folks that don't even own a computer or iPhone... Thanks, Patty, for the GREAT service you provide and your love and compassion!
L.B., Customer
I have been nothing but very satisfied with the service i have been given. First, special shoutout to Patty, who has treated me like family - answered all my questions as soon as possible and just been a good friend looking out for a "senior". Also, when I call the office whoever answers the phone have always been very polite and helpful. Actually have recommended you more than once.
M.D., Customer
Dianne Renner knocked on my and gave me good advice- I took it and it was a good decission she is a good and streaght forward person.
B. A., Customer
I feel we got a good deal and you are easy and friendly to work with. i
Robert R., customer since 2015
Concern and care taken to get me the best and most affordable insurance for my needs.
C. B., Customer
We always send people to you, ones looking for the first time, ones needing to switch and always ones who do not know they are in trouble. We have never been sorry you always have helped them even when you told them stay with what they had. Thank you for honest and fair service and prices.
C.S., Customer
No pressure sales approach. Didn't push the most expensive plan, in fact, just the opposite
T. T., Customer
Very friendly, good communication with the products, and getting the transaction done in a timely manner.
M.M., Customer
You made it easy by coming to my home to discuss options for a Medicare Supplement, explained the choices and providers clearly so I could make the best choice for my needs, went above and beyond to help me select the best drug plan for my needs, provided phone numbers and web sites so I could finalize my choices, and followed up afterwards to make sure there were no problems. And when I thanked Laura Pecina for her efforts, she said she was just doing her job. I greatly appreciate both Laura Pecina and Sams/Hockaday, and will be proud to recommend them to others.
B.N., Customer
W. S., Customer
Because Dianne is always helpful. She recommends new coverage when applicable to save me money.
P. C., Customer
Rachel knocked on our door and after listening to what her company could do for us, we signed up! So far so good, no concerns yet. Thank you for showing up on our doorstep, Rachel. we are happy to have you on our side!
M.K., Customer
First off, my wife and I feel that Patti Gogerty has a very good understanding of the Medicare supplement insurance field. Patti also impressed us with her focus on keeping the insurance costs low for her clients. Lastly, our office appointments went like clockwork. Patti had everything all laid out.
Customer since 2015
The personal touch working with Diane is very helpful. Each year she advises as to the best offerings for the next year. Really appreciate her expertise.
B. B., Customer
Good comparison of different insurance available saving us as much as possible and still providing good coverage.
J.M., Customer
Our insurance advice has always been prompt, helpful and complete. We have appreciated Dianne's good counsel through the years.
G.R., Customer
Patti, If we have a question you either answer it or get back to us with the answer. We have not had any negative issues with Cynthia or myself. We can ask for no more. Thank you.
L.D., Customer
I have a genuine feeling that you are sincere in wanting to help others to get their needs met, not just wanting to sell insurance. I have had that experience, but feel like your agency is not one of them.
Loretta B., customer since 2015