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Quick access to info and great service!!!
R.M., Customer
I am very satisfied with the service and help navigating all of the health insurance options available. Patricia Gogerty has went above and beyond my expectations in getting the right options for my wife and I. We are very pleased with our treatment there, and have recommended them to several friends.
J.L., Customer
I have worked with Rachel for several years now. She is very professional and personable. I have and will continue to recommend her and her services to my friends and family.
J.J., Customer
You were very helpful and very nice. Explained everything well.
S. F., Customer
I was made to feel that I was important to your company. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of the employees. I was also told to call anytime that there was any questions concerning my policies. Everyone in the office is pleasant and willing to take time for you.
T.W., Customer
When I got Aetna insurance during that stressful 'state' commitment, you helped me decide on a plan that works.
D.J., Customer
Well prepared. Friendly. Saved us money in insurance. Easy location to get to. overall impressed. Looking forward to working with him in the future. Prompt in returning calls.
Norman R., customer since 2015
Include information on other healthcare issues important to seniors like options with dental and eye care insurance.
J.L., Customer
You're always available when we need your help. You're the expert on insurance. It's So much better having a person to help than checking on the computer for information. Thanks
B.B., Customer
I found a drug supplement that has a low copay that will not bankrupt me.
Dane H., customer since 2015
At Sams/Hockaday Insurance you get the best from the best. It's nice to know that there are agents out there that take pride in their work and care for the wellbeing of their clients. Everything is explained in detail and you are fitted with the best group for your needs. Plus if the rates are raising the agents will find a new company with a lower premium but carries the same great coverage. What more can a client ask for!
Marilynn W., customer since 2015
You made my wife comfortable, and she's not a #'s person.
M.S., Customer
You do EVERYTHING right. Beginning with an agent with a great personality who makes me feel that my business and welfare is of utmost importance. You have always guided me to the coverage that is best for me at the lowest price. Thank you!
K. W., Customer
Friendly and very knowledgeable. Extremely helpful in explaining options available.. Good follow through.
M.P., Customer
When my insurance from the company I worked for was no longer available John Hockaday was very helpful in finding insurance for me. He is always available if I have questions. We have been privileged to have John help us with other insurance needs for many years and consider him a friend.
Samuel G., customer since 2002
Patty Gogerty took plenty of time to go through are policies and answered all our questions. We saved a considerable amount on our medicare supplement and prescription plan.
J.H., Customer
You were kind and considerate and wanted to help me find the right Insurance.
J.J., Customer
You are always available for us and you let us know when it is time to review. We feel confident that what you suggest for us is the best way to go for our circumstances.
L.H., Customer
I know that anytime I have a question or concern, you are only a phone call or email away! You don't know what piece of mind this gives me. I appreciate you and your staff for taking such good care your customers!
N.H., Customer
I greatly appreciate the effort you put forth in finding me a new company with Plan G.
J.S., Customer
Professional, courteous,and efficient
S.L., Customer
I really appreciated the help with figuring out which drug plan worked best for me. You took your time and checked on any questions I had. Thank you.
T.E., Customer
OUR agent was very informed. easy to talk to, also answered any questions.
J.R., Customer
As you know, I have always worked with Larry, he always had time for my questions and most IMPORTANT I always felt he had my best interest at heart ... not his. I consider that a very valuable fact with anyone I have dealings with. I recommend you highly.
D.B., Customer
No came to me
Willard G., customer since 2015
You are very good at keeping us informed as to which plan is best for us and why. As far as I'm concerned, you are the go to guy when it comes to insurance. If I had cash to invest I would go to you with that also because of your honesty and not pressuring us. I definitely rate you a 10.
L.A., Customer
Your advice regarding which supplemental insurance would be best for me was reluctantly, at first , accepted. My wife and I had decided on a different provider but were persuaded by you to buy the Oxford Plan. "You won't see a bill", I believe is what you said. Since going with the Oxford Plan I have sustained a pinched spinal cord that required an MRI, two broken ribs, and two broken bones in my ankle that required surgery. And so far, I haven't seen a bill, only EOB. Recovering nicely now after the surgery a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to not filing any claims for a while.
Greg A., customer since 2014
Rachel provides timely responses to our questions and schedules appointments when it is convenient for us. She always answers our questions and researches information that helps us make decisions that are best for us. We are confident she directs us to coverage that is best suited for our needs.
L.C., Customer
I had ALL my questions answered in a way that I understood. Since going through this new phase of my life, trying to understand Medicare and how it works!
K.S., Customer
Coming into our home making the process so much easier. Always a smile,friendly and very patience.
L.M., Customer
Gave me all the information needed to make critical decisions about health insurance choices. Thank you for taking the time to help both of us!
P.W., Customer
I think you have my best interest to help us
W.R., Customer
Rachel, You always get back when I have a question, and always give me an answer. Also, I always enjoy working with you.
K.V., Customer
Ease of communication and results. Both great.
M.C., Customer
Michael Sams went the "extra mile" to help with our decision. He went over all our options and made sure we understood everything. He made it easy to follow up with a call or text and we never once felt like we were bothering him with all the questions we had. It was hard decision that he made so easy. Would highly recommend Sams/Hockaday to anyone!
R.S., Customer
Thanks for all your help with my accounts!
S.F., Customer
Great customer service!
B.M., Customer
I have had so many questions and all have been answered many times until I understood thank you for always being there
W.S., Customer
You are perfect for me that is true
L.D., Customer
We appreciate Patty because she always takes into consideration each of our needs individually. I feel that it is important because each of our needs is different. Consequently, we each are assigned to a different carrier. Thank you Patty.
D.S., Customer
I appreciate your continuous monitoring of insurance companies to obtain the best coverage at the best price.
W.C., Customer
Patricia Gogerty has been excellent in guiding my wife and I through our insurance needs. She knows the business and is always ready with helpful advice. Thanks to Sams/Hockaday!
M.K., Customer
I haven't really had much interaction with anyone since I got signed up with CSI so it's hard to answer this question.
J.M., Customer
Sams/Hockaday employees have been very courteous and professional.
L.G., Customer
DR did an excellent job of going thru my options for supplemental health insurance and I've been very satisfied with his recommendation and the choice we made.
P. B., Customer
You have always taken a personal interest in US and our needs and used your expertise to find the best Healthcare Solutions for us. Thank you.
J.R., Customer
Like kept up with my prescription supplement ins and found a supplement ins where I receive my medication at no cost to me and monthly premiums much lower. He went the extra mile for me and I am so grateful. Thank you, Luke
J.B., Customer
Michael, I like that you are always on top of the changes that will come my way. I like that you give me plenty of time to make changes. I like that you are approachable and concerned with my smallest questions. Thanks!
C.M., Customer
Great customer service
D.H., Customer
You make it easy to understand what fits us best. When either of us call you give us your time and very friendly. A smile goes a long way.
K.P., Customer