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Dianne seems knowledgeable and interested in providing all the help I need.
Customer since 2015
I was overwhelmed with options and the details to consider -- Diane quickly help me navigate through all the choices to get the best choice -- it was very helpful!
J.J., Customer
Dianne Renner knocked on my and gave me good advice- I took it and it was a good decission she is a good and streaght forward person.
B. A., Customer
Patty is always so helpful helping us get the most for our money. She is so patient and understanding and did so much for my 91 year old relative as well as for me.
S.J., Customer
Michael is very knowledgeable regarding advantages of one policy over another making it easy for me to know where my best buys are for insurance. Saves me time and money not having to try to figure out the differences from one policy to another.
Landell A., customer since 2014
Mr. Sams, You made a confusing time about insurance a not so bad experience, we liked that you gave us the best choice for us.
S.M., Customer
I have always been greeted at the front desk with a smile, and It is the personal touch that Janet offers to her clients. It's like coming to visit a friend... and oh, also, discussing my insurance needs. Janet is so friendly, I never feel rushed out, how could anyone go anywhere else? My insurance needs are well handled. I never have to worry about my rates, coverage or claim forms. When I have concerns I can call Janet and she will fix it. It's great peace of mind. I have recommended Sams/Hockaday many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great service.
Cora C., customer since 2013
Payed attention and looked for the best policy for me.
R.S., Customer
You and your team have helped us wade through all the Medicare/Medicaid paperwork with great ease and satisfaction and worked hard trying to find this best and most cost effective solutions. Always a pleasure working with you all. Thanks.
H.F., Customer
Patty took a complicated Medicare sign-up and made it simple for both my wife and for me.
L.P., Customer
Takes the time needed to make sure we understand. Letting us know that you are just a call away if we need assistance . That means everything to the seniors.
R.W., Customer
You are always available for us and you let us know when it is time to review. We feel confident that what you suggest for us is the best way to go for our circumstances.
L.H., Customer
Michael is always trying to keep our supplement prices as low as he can get them!!
B.O., Customer
Janet is great. She helped us get a great deal on medical insurance for my husband. She has gotten back with me to see if I needed to change my policy and see if we were still happy with our policies.
Lolita C., customer since 2014
You were there for us when Wagner's closed and have helped us ever since. Thank you.
M.S., Customer
It is always nice to know there is someone that can help you understand and not rush the process. We feel relaxed knowing we have receive the best knowledge available.
N.R., Customer
Trusting this company, Patty Gogerty specifically, to provide the appropriate supplement and prescription insurance to fit my needs takes a huge weight off my shoulders.
Customer since 2013
The thing I like most about Michael is that you come out to my home to answer any of my questions. I'm a senior and its difficult for me to get around.
Customer since 2006
The personal attention given to me and my wife. Taking time to make sure we understood what was available and showed us the different options and what were the best options.
R.M., Customer
Dianne, Thank You for finding a wonderful plan that gives me good Medical coverage and also finding a good prescription plan. You took All of the stress off of Me.
D.K., Customer
Agent is very knowledgeable on Part B and prescription plans and always looking for ways to save client money.
Customer since 2013
Joyce and Patty g are very helpful.
Customer since 2003
I found Luke to be very personable and always more than willing to find the information that I requested of him. If he didn't know the answer at the time he would either find it himself or ask someone in the know. From our first meeting with Luke my wife and I felt extremely comfortable with him and the way he conducted himself. We feel like they offered a great product and we couldn't be more pleased at this time.
Michael S., customer since 2014
We love working with you. If we have questions you always get back to us in a timely matter. You are friendly and outgoing.
K.B., Customer
Luke is so helpful and makes sure he gets me the information I need in order to make the best decision.
Customer since 2013
You answered all of my questions when transferring from the State to what you could offer. Thank you so much! I have recommended you to several friends.
Janet M., customer since 2015
Very personal effort to bring about customer satisfaction. Friendly, courteous office staff.
R.B., Customer
Rachel calls every year to follow up with me. She is like a personal friend stopping by to chat. She takes her time to show me the best options yet allows me to make the choice. I look forward to seeing her every year.
J.J., Customer
You always are there for us
R.W., Customer
DR Roberts always goes the extra mile to find just the right coverage for us.
P. T., Customer
I like the ability to see multiple plan options compared side by side.
M.C., Customer
We loved the way that you took the time to explain the different options to us, even though you were sick.
J.B., Customer
Have kept us informed of any changes that may change our polices. Have always answered any we questions we may have. Have respoonded via email on any questions we have emailed to you. Keep up the good work!
J. C., Customer
I can always call my insurance rep Patty when I have questions and she gets backto me immediately with answes and help. It is very reassuring to me.
N.S., Customer
<p>My husband was retiring and would soon lose his company health insurance. We were also reaching the age for Medicare benefits. Little did we know about all the different plans, application deadlines, and need for a supplement insurance as well. It was pretty confusing to say the least when you reach that age and have not given much thought to all this. An insurance agent showed up at our door one day at just the right time it turned out. He helped us get through all this. He had all the answers to many questions we had and made sure we got it even though it took awhile for us to absorb it all. We don't do this everyday, but he does and we really appreciated the time he took with us plus the follow up calls and visits.</p> <div>A big thank you to D.R. Roberts for helping us understand all these things. He is very knowledgeable with your individual insurance needs.&nbsp;</div>
Customer since 2014
Diane is like a member of the family. She shares her family with ours. She has always taken an interest in our financial situation. I have recommended her to many friends.
M.W., Customer
Janet has always been available by phone to answer our questions or find the answers for us! She's working on a case that happened out of state over the Christmas holidays in Texas. We have recommended Janet to a friend,
Customer since 2013
The wide array of products you offered and the personal service
Customer since 2015
Rachel is a Wonderful agent! She keeps up to date on the services that I need! I appreciate her soooooo much! She makes the application process easy. Thank you again!
B.A., Customer
Jack really explained signing up for the medicare supplement and Part D prescription very well. He and his staff were excellent to work with and helped make the process of choosing the right plan for us. Thank you for making this a great place to do business. Willis and Kathy Bolsen
W. B., Customer
I felt very comfortable speaking to you and you answered all of my questions. You found me awesome deals. Thank You
P.R., Customer
It's always so easy to get the answers I need when something comes up,everyone is eager to help
B.B., Customer
We've been treated like we are family. Michael seems to care about our needs and has given us suggestions on older policies that we can change to benefit down the road.
R.B., Customer
DR is very proactive, notifying us of any changes and finding the best premiums
J.K., Customer
everyone was friendly and helpful
B.B., Customer
You and your staff explained details that we could understand. You were friendly and super helpful.
R.M., Customer
You have always been there to answer our questions that we find important to us as the older generation. Someone patient and understanding means a lot. Thank you so much.
T.T., Customer
It was like one stop shopping. I went to Sams/Hockaday & Assoc. and sat down with an agent and by checking several companies I was able to find the best insurance that fit my needs and I didn't have to call any of the companies myself. I saved time and money and I got just what I wanted. Meducare supplement insurance, Medicare part D, and life insurance all in one stop. I feel good when I recommend this service to others.
K.I., Customer
You keep track of my insurance needs and if I have the best coverage for my money recommending changes when advisable.
L.H., Customer
I need to know who my agent is since Dianne is retired.
B.T., Customer