Client Testimonials

Here's what hundreds of our happy clients have to say…

It is obvious you know your stuff. Glad you do because I do not have the energy to do the research.
M.M., Customer
Very customer focused and easy to talk to.
M.P., Customer
We both trust you Michael because you are a Christian. This means so very much to us as we tend to try to always give our business to the family of God as it helps both parties.
D.T., Customer
I like the personalized service I receive!
W.G., Customer
Patty explained the system in simple terms so I could understand, gave me lots of options to choose from, and didn't pressure me. She was friendly and kind.
R.H., Customer
DR, you made it very easy for me to understand what different plans offered and what best fits my needs. Also when I forgot to respond for my prescription renewal last year you jumped in and took care of it for me. Many thanks
P.B., Customer
Very responsive and knowledgable. I feel comfortable that with the coverage and confident that Luke will make sure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.
Rich H., customer since 2015
good explanations of ins. when I have questions I always get a prompt reply.
R.W., Customer
Our forms were ready, they were expecting us and when we gave our name they seemed as if they had known us for a very long time. The transaction was quick and well explained. The staff was very professional yet very friendly. Thank you so much!
J. M., Customer
Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.
T.P., Customer
I liked the way Patricia helped me with my Medicare and supplemental insurance needs. She made it very easy and less confusing.
Customer since 2015
You did a great job of explaining the various Medicare plans which helped us decide which plan fit our needs the best.
N.K., Customer
We could not have ask for a more pleasant young lady than Taylor. Kim and I were so impressed with her knowledge to help us determine what policies met our personal needs. We appreciated Taylor being patient with us and the options given when selecting our coverage. Taylor was so helpful and personable.
K.A., Customer
Rachel is a Wonderful agent! She keeps up to date on the services that I need! I appreciate her soooooo much! She makes the application process easy. Thank you again!
B.A., Customer
You're recommendations for insurance company's has proven good and it's nice to know that you are monitoring these companies and recommend changes when they are appropriate.
D.G., Customer
Felt very comfortable with you and your team. You made us welcome, explored all the avenues and strived to make a complicated system (Medicare, supplemental, etc.) easy for us to navigate and understand while also finding the best and most cost effective solutions.
Helene F., customer since 2015
Rachel was extremely helpful for us and we felt she was sincere in trying to help us find the correct plan for us
S.K., Customer
Always very helpful and friendly Has the customer's best interest.
Customer since 2014
Rachel was very informative and she offered multiple options that fit our needs. She was also very pleasant, easy to understand, eager to help and was truly a God send for us when signing up for Medicare. We are so glad I opened the door for her. Jean Paul
J.P., Customer
Michael took great care of me when signing up for supplemental insurance. He walked me through it step by step so I understood what I was getting. The whole staff was very polite. I recommend Sams/Hockaday.
T.F., Customer
Next time we can change insurance for prescriptions I want to check on another. $5000 deductible is a little much. I'll come in someday and talk about it.
M.M., Customer
Luke is a super young man and makes a trusting agent. Wonderful to watch his little family grow (via pics on line). Keep up the good work Luke.
J.J., Customer
Patty Gogerty took plenty of time to go through are policies and answered all our questions. We saved a considerable amount on our medicare supplement and prescription plan.
J.H., Customer
I got some valuable help from you when I did not know very much about what i was doing. You helped make my process so much easier and more understandable.
J.H., Customer
I appreciate your staying in touch with me and making sure I have the best policies to handle what I need from them.
W.C., Customer
When I call with a question regarding my insurance there is always a cordial reply on your end. If the gals need to have Michael call me he does so in a timely manner. I would most certainly recommend this insurance agency. E Kay Thames
Customer since 2007
The service is outstanding!
K.F., Customer
Always nice doing business with you. D.R. always goes the extra mile for us. A glitch in our Medicare caused us a bunch of hassle for us and he was right there with all the information we needed even though this was not his concern. It all worked out smoothly in the end. We highly recommend this insurance company.
L. S., Customer
What we like is you can always talk with real person! If you leave a message they always get back with you! There are lots of folks selling ins. but customer service is what keeps customers coming back ! Michael does an outstanding job on service!
D.W., Customer
Thanks for all your help with my accounts!
S.F., Customer
Friendly service, and helped us choose the best insurance policies that fit our needs, both with life ins. And health ins. Policies. Thank you!
K.S., Customer
They are so caring to your individual needs and find the best policies to provide the best prices.
S.F., Customer
You have the ability to compare rates, etc. with a number of companies. It would take us days to do similar comparisons.
R.C., Customer
Patricia Gogerty has been excellent in guiding my wife and I through our insurance needs. She knows the business and is always ready with helpful advice. Thanks to Sams/Hockaday!
M.K., Customer
You always get back to me when I need help. You check on my status yearly to make sure I don't need any kind of upgrade. I feel your agency has a lot to offer in the scope and view it has of the insurance industry. That is why I recommend people to call you before they go to other supplement companies.
L.L., Customer
You found cheaper insurance for me without me even asking!
Robert C., customer since 2011
Very knowledgeable and friendly service and advise. The process was easy and we felt we had known Rachel for years after getting things completed. Thanks!
L.W., Customer
Thank you Laura for all your help and continued support I think we made the right choice thank you Hockaday insurance
C.H., Customer
Michael has been extremely helpful in our efforts to wade through the numerous Medicare Supplement options. He is very knowledgeable about what is right for us!!
M.T., Customer
Mike and I set a appt. and he was on time and had everything ready to show me, the differences in supplemental insurance. He explained it well, and that is why I am with Sams/Hockaday.
J.M., Customer
Availability to meet with me at any time Knowledge about Medicare Friendly
M.D., Customer
We appreciate the continued service of our account.
B.F., Customer
I like the personal one on one relationship Sams/Hockaday and all the agents have with all their clients.
S. B., Customer
Every thing has been excellent!
L.C., Customer
We loved the way that you took the time to explain the different options to us, even though you were sick.
J.B., Customer
I believe that Michael Sams has our best interest in his goal along with the best service. He is amazing and I will always recommend him and his office to our friends.
S. F., Customer
You helped me find the best policy to fit my needs at a very affordable price!
J.U., Customer
Janet is very knowledgeable & caring. We feel very blessed to have found her & the great staff at office. Thanks
P.D., Customer
It's always so easy to get the answers I need when something comes up,everyone is eager to help
B.B., Customer
They navigate Medicare and supplemental insurance options to find you a custom fit. They made the entire process for us so simple and painless. We feel like we found friends at Sams/Hockaday.
Joan B., customer since 2015