Life insurance isn’t just about preparing for the unexpected – it’s about planning for the reality that we won’t live forever.

When we think of life insurance, we often think about protecting our new spouse or our young children. However, many individuals over the age of 65 don’t realize just how important life insurance still is.

Leave a legacy

Leave money for your children, grandchildren, or a charity through a life insurance plan, which is a much better option than leaving that money in the bank.

Income replacement

If you have a spouse or loved one who is still relying on your income, a life insurance policy is a great way to protect them – even when you’re not here.

Help cover the cost of long-term care

Some life insurance policies allow you to pull money out before you die in the event that you need expensive long-term care. Get protection in a unique, guaranteed way.

30 days to return your policy

You have a full 30 days to change your mind if you need. Have peace of mind that your Medicare Supplement is the right plan for you.

Pay for outstanding debts

If you have a mortgage, car loans, credit card balances, or any other debts, a life insurance policy can be tailored to cover them if you pass before they’re paid off.

Cover your funeral costs

A small life insurance policy can pay for your funeral costs so that your loved ones won’t be burdened with the expenses.

Details our clients love

While each life insurance carrier offers different products, there are some great features that many life insurance plans have.

  • Available up to age 85
  • Level premiums up to age 121
  • Your plan accumulates cash over time
  • The cash value of the plan can be accessed at any time
  • Shorter payment options available, such as 10-year or 20-year payment plans
  • Lifelong protection
  • Optional add-ons like waiver of premium, being able to increase your benefit regardless of your health, or being able to access some of the death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness

Life Insurance Payment Options

Life insurance comes with options. You can pay for your policy all at once, for life, or anything in between. Payment plans also allow you to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Single pay

Pay for your life insurance policy in a lump sum, all up front. You’ll never have a monthly premium, and there’s a chance you’ll pay less than if you had paid for the life of the plan.

Term insurance

Pay for the life of the policy until the term you choose is up. For example, if you choose a 30-year term, you pay premiums for 30 years.

10-pay or 20-pay

These are common options when looking to pay for your life insurance in a shorter period of time. You pay more per month during this time, but you’ll eventually have no monthly premium.

Flexible premium

Some plans offer flexible premium, which allows you to pay as much or as little as you want. Pay for life, pay in 10 years, 12 years, 20 years – whatever fits your needs and budget the best.

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