Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL: Highlighting Imboden Creek Gardens of Decatur

Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL: Highlighting Imboden Creek Gardens of Decatur

Over the past few months, we’ve interviewed several local adult homes, from assisted living facilities to nursing homes to retirement communities.

For this installment of the “Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in Decatur, IL” series, we’re highlighting Imboden Creek of Decatur.

Located near Lake Decatur in the South Shores area, Imboden Creek Health Services consists of a skilled nursing facility/rehabilitation center, an assisted living, and independent villas. To give you an idea of its relative location, Imboden Creek Gardens is close to Rotary Park, Holy Family Catholic Church, and South Shores Park.

We’ve spoken to Amber Girard, the Director of Imboden Creek Gardens.

What services does Imboden Creek provide?

Amber explains that Imboden Creek serves seniors in many ways.

Imboden Creek Living Center is the skilled nursing and skilled rehab center. Amber explains, “Our rehab program helps someone get back home quickly after a hospitalization.”

Imboden Creek Gardens is the assisted living facility situated on 5 acres of nature-rich land. The Gardens offer assistance with life’s everyday needs if and when you need it, but you have your own, personal apartment to give you a sense of home. There is also an outpatient clinic, meaning they can offer their residents and/or outside customers physical, occupational, or speech therapy when the need arises.

Amber explains that Imboden Creek caters to all the needs of seniors, “We have skilled nursing, skilled rehab, assisted living level of care, outpatient rehab, or independent villas.”

What makes Imboden Creek different?

Imboden Creek is a privately owned, complete care campus.

What’s nice about this option is that you only have to make the decision to go to Imboden Creek. No matter what stage of life you’re in – needing minimal care or needing more hands-on care, there’s an option for you. Amber explains, “We will be able provide care for them at every level, taking the stress out of choosing another place to live.”

Amber also says that staff members truly love their jobs have a passion for people.

Why should seniors trust your facility and staff?

Amber explains Imboden Creek’s mission:

“Imboden Creek Health Services began in 1983 with the mission of developing new and innovative ways to care for those in need of long-term care; to change the perceptions of society about what care for the elderly should mean.

We believe that true caring can be found within the heart of every employee, and the workplace atmosphere should cause that caring to flourish. Each resident then becomes the recipient of true individualized caring and compassion from every employee he or she encounters.

It is our belief that through this continued commitment to the individual human being, we will continue to provide a positive atmosphere in which our residents can find the finest in a quality lifestyle, and our staff will experience a unique opportunity for human growth.”

What is the cost for your facility?

  • The independent living costs start at $2,165/mo,
  • Assisted living starts at $3440/mo with all-inclusive pricing for all levels of care, and
  • Skilled facility costs start at $191/per day.

How many seniors currently use your facility?

The campus currently serves over 130 seniors.

What advice do you have for seniors thinking about entering a senior living facility?

Amber advises seniors to think beyond the bricks, mortar, and pretty aesthetics. She explains, “The assisted living or skilled facility you choose should have a feeling of community, joy of fellowship, and the beauty of support and friendship. That is the benefit of senior living.”

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