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What's the Difference Between Hospice and Home Health Care?

While hospice care provides end-of-life comfort and support for patients who have a limited life expectancy, home health care focuses on helping patients recover from a medical condition that prevents them from leaving home. But that's not the only difference.

8 Father's Day Ideas in Decatur, IL (2023)

Here are some ideas for Father’s Day in 2023 if you live in the Decatur, IL area.

Today’s Popular Baby Names Compared With 1958

Then: Mary and Michael. Now: Olivia and Liam. Learn more about baby name trends now vs. 65 years ago.

19 of the Biggest 21st Century Medical Advancements (2023)

From the completion of the human genome draft to cutting-edge cancer treatments, there are some incredible medical breakthroughs that are changing the way conditions and diseases are treated.

6 Best Restaurants in Decatur, IL for Valentine's Day Dinner (2023)

Our team polled locals to find out which restaurants are winning Valentine's Day spots. We're excited to share 6 amazing options we have here in Decatur, IL that are sure to impress your Valentine in 2023.


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