Retired Teachers in Illinois: Is TRS Really the Best Option?

The Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Plan (TRIP) in Illinois was a fabulous program until February 1, 2014. Let's go over what changed, why, and what Medicare insurance choices you have as a retired teacher.

8 Mistakes People Make When Signing Up For Medicare

Signing up for Medicare can be a pretty exciting time! You finally have access to the healthcare benefits you’ve paid into for decades. However, there are some mistakes you can make when signing up for Medicare, and some of them can even cost you money down the road.

What You Need to Know When Preparing For Retirement

If you’re currently planning and budgeting for retirement – even if you’re years away from it – we'd would love to share some information that will help you in the planning process.

15 Ways to Stay Active During Retirement

An active body and an active mind are the best gifts you can give yourself during your retirement years. Here are some suggestions to keep you actively moving.

ADM Retirement Options: Pension and Health Insurance Options Explained

If you’re retiring from ADM, there are a few things we want you to know, including the ADM buyout options and your retiree health insurance options. We’ve been approached by several individuals and couples faced with these decisions, and we were able to provide some counsel and peace of mind.


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