Life Insurance

Can I Buy Life Insurance If I Have Cancer?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and need to buy life insurance, rest assured that you still have options.

Whole Life vs. Term Life Insurance When You're Retired

Once you understand all the needs for life insurance, like funeral costs or leaving a legacy, many get stuck on which kind of life insurance to purchase. Which is better: whole life insurance or term life insurance?

A Beginner's Guide to Life Insurance Needs In Retirement

But when you’re retired and you’ve lived a good life, you know that the end is inevitable. So, what’s the purpose of life insurance when you don’t need protection against premature death?

How Smokers Can Get a Life Insurance Policy With Non-Smoking Rates

On average, smokers pay double what non-smokers do for the same life insurance coverage. But an awesome new life insurance policy has come onto the market that actually gives smokers a chance – and a huge break on the monthly premium.

What Does the Life Insurance Medical Exam Test For?

If you’re interested in life insurance, you might be wondering: what does the life insurance medical exam test for?


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