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Michael Sams

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523





Michael Sams was born and raised in Decatur, IL. He grew up playing baseball and basketball, and went to Mt. Zion high school, where he rode a horse as the mascot for the Braves football team for 8 yrs. Michael earned a Division 1 scholarship to play basketball in college. He graduated from Millikin University in 2007.

Michael married his wife Jill in Sept of 2007. They have 3 children with number 4 on the way! They live on a horse farm where they raise and train horses as a hobby. He loves to trail ride at home and in the Shawnee National forest.

Michael became an agent with Sams/Hockaday in August of 2005 and has been helping seniors with health and life related products ever since.

Medicare & Retirement Planning Seminars at the Sams Ranch

Are you entering into the world of Medicare and retirement? Saddle up – this one’s for you!

Medicare is confusing for almost everyone Michael talks to. Some people educate themselves for years and still can’t wrap their head around Medicare Part D drug plans. There are 26+ choices and the ever-mysterious penalties that are based on the “national base beneficiary premium” which just so happens to change every year…

It’s confusing. That’s why for the first time, Michael is offering a free, 1-hour seminar at his brand new family ranch. He is very proud of what he's built there and can’t wait to share it with the community. Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, use this seminar as an excuse to visit the beautiful Sams Ranch!

On the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm starting in August 2020, you’re invited to come on out to shovel out the manure of Medicare! (Just kidding, no physical effort required!)

✓ Bring your spouse

✓ One hour long

✓ No sales pitch – this seminar is educational only!

✓ He'll be covering Medicare and retirement planning in plain language

Michael has been focused on serving our central IL community for over 15 years and would be honored if you’d attend this educational seminar.

There will be a hand sanitizer station at the entrance and face masks are optional.

There are a limited number of seats at each seminar, so please save your seat here:

4150 Sandcreek Road, Decatur, IL 62521

Here's what Michael's clients say!

We feel that we get the best policy at the best price.
D.T., Customer
it was great the way all my options were so readily available for me to see and compare. Your system is so easy to understand and you are so helpful. Insurance is a very complicated process for most of us under the best of circumstances. At retirement, it is even worse. You made it seem easy. Thank you.
C.C., Customer
We felt we could trust what you thought the best insurance for us would be. We feel we can contact you for any questions we might have.
Majorie S., customer since 2015
Michael is very knowledgeable regarding advantages of one policy over another making it easy for me to know where my best buys are for insurance. Saves me time and money not having to try to figure out the differences from one policy to another.
L. A., Customer
Knowledgeable and variety of plans to choose from.
D.T., Customer
You did all the work to determine the best policy for us.If I attempted to do it myself,it would be a blind guess.I'm old and lazy,someone doing the work for me is appreciated.
R. B., Customer
Medicare plans, supplemental insurance, & prescription plans can be overwhelming but Michael explained it all to us and made sure we understood our options. Michael is always available for any questions we may have and answers calls promptly. Also once a year he contacts us so we can review our prescription plan. It's a blessing to know you're in the best of hands with Michael (Sams/Hockaday Insurance). Thank You Michael!
C.D., Customer
Michael is very knowledgeable and explains things well. Keeps us on track!!!
Customer since 2013
Seemed to care, didn't push something I didn't want, and gave me what I wanted. Plus a great assistant who knew what she was doing.
D.W., Customer
I've been the one to read on information as it pertain to us at our ages.So when Robert had to take social security early.We were at a lost as to what steps to take for medicare. Mike was a referral and I thank God for that.He put us on track.( I doubt I could of comprehended what to do within our time frame)
R.B., Customer
I felt that my best interests were the driving force in the information provided to me. The level of knowledge & caring shown by everyone in the firm made me feel very secure in my decisions.
J. I., Customer
Michael does a thorough and efficient job explaining.
L.M., Customer
Prompt attention and warm friendly service by each person I came in contact with, made my contact with Sams Hockaday especially meaningful!
Rita B., customer since 2015
The company that I retired from uses a firm to provide health and drug insurance. The plans offered by this firm are limited and more expensive than those carried by Sams/Hockaday. Also Sams/Hockaday helps me to apply for my insurance reimbursement. Joyce is great!
J.F., Customer
I know that anytime I have a question or concern, you are only a phone call or email away! You don't know what piece of mind this gives me. I appreciate you and your staff for taking such good care your customers!
N.H., Customer
Takes the time needed to make sure we understand. Letting us know that you are just a call away if we need assistance . That means everything to the seniors.
R.W., Customer
Knowledgeable and friendly. Always making sure I understand everything.
L.H., Customer
Michael takes good care of us and keeps us up to date on any changes needed.
J. M., Customer
Being overwhelmed with so much to choose from, Mr. Sams did a remarkable job. And the best part is it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
B.S., Customer
I feel like you got me the best medical insurance, based on my needs, and you will let me know if I need to change companies, so I don't worry whether I have the best or not.
David B., customer since 2011
Michael Sam's has always been very accommodating to my schedule. He explains things so I can understand. He answers all my questions whether in person or text. I have recommended Michael to several of my clients/friends. Very pleased with his services.
C.S., Customer
I was looking for a local broker for Medicare Supplement coverage and information. The more I read, the more confusing the information became. Michael was very helpful and I was able to get coverage for less than the AARP recommended coverage. Very pleased with the initial appointment as well as the two follow-up conversations we have had. The needed coverage is in place with time to spare. Thanks Michael!
W.S., Customer
Sure appreciate you being there when insurance matters get confusing and hard to understand. When I need direction I call Mike Sams.
W.H., Customer
The personal attention given to me and my wife. Taking time to make sure we understood what was available and showed us the different options and what were the best options.
R.M., Customer
Everyone talks about customer service, but Sams/Hockaday does it every day.
B.S., Customer
I need to know who my agent is since Dianne is retired.
B.T., Customer
Michael does out standing job helping us get through the land mine health care systems we have to deal with! When we have questions and call Michael ALWAYS gets back with you! Has helped save us money on our cost! You are in good hands when dealing with Michael Sams!
D.W., Customer
As iam a new customer, i don't have a lot to say. but i did appreciate that you did return my phone calls in a timely fashion. thank you fo all you have done.
Bonnie S., customer since 2015
We think Michael Sams is the best and most interested insurance agent we have ever had. He cares about his customers.
Donald B., customer since 2007
Always returned my calls and walked me through the entire process. You made it very easy and answered all my questions.
J.J., Customer
I was shown abundant kindness. I received so much info in the mail about Medicare that I was overwhelmed. Michael made it seem simple and I left the office knowing everything would be alright.
B.S., Customer
Felt very comfortable with you and your team. You made us welcome, explored all the avenues and strived to make a complicated system (Medicare, supplemental, etc.) easy for us to navigate and understand while also finding the best and most cost effective solutions.
Helene F., customer since 2015
Michael sorted through all the plans and found the best one for me. He answered all my questions, of which there were many!
T.D., Customer
It's very comforting to me knowing that Michael will search out the best Medicare supplement for me, and I don't have to worry about it.
N.B., Customer
I was signing up for Medicare first time, needed supplemental plan . Very helpful finding good plan with affordable premium. Follow up annually to see if still the best plan. Good service, friendly.
E. C., Customer
Takes the time we need to explain it in a way we understand. Always prompt on calls. And has always found the insurance company that meets our needs.
C.K., Customer
Your agency has gone the extra mile in finding the best solutions that meet our need. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to know and work with.
H.F., Customer
everyone was friendly and helpful
B.B., Customer
Michael was so easy to talk with and I have referred several people to him
B.S., Customer
You always give me great service and look for what is right for me (that I can afford) in regards to insurance.
C.A., Customer
Excellent information and friendly atmosphere.
D.B., Customer
I appreciate the fact that you contacted me with the offer to improve the interest on our savings, otherwise we would still be collecting the miserably low rates we were receiving.
Customer since 2013
Your are always there when we need your services and your products are second to none. Jerry R. Birkey
J.B., Customer
I got some valuable help from you when I did not know very much about what i was doing. You helped make my process so much easier and more understandable.
J.H., Customer
Answered my questions before I knew what questions to ask, and answered any more that I had. No pressure presentation. Very personable. Even answered questions regarding a friend, so I could help her in decisions. Thank you Michael for your time, and your knowledge.
L. H., Customer
Michael Sams went the "extra mile" to help with our decision. He went over all our options and made sure we understood everything. He made it easy to follow up with a call or text and we never once felt like we were bothering him with all the questions we had. It was hard decision that he made so easy. Would highly recommend Sams/Hockaday to anyone!
R.S., Customer
On time had info ready! You know we were looking for price value! By changing to plan G was able to take care of both! Was nice to meet Taylor face to face now we can put a face with voice ! Again thanks for your help!
D.W., Customer
Treated us with kindness and respect. Answered all are questions and go us a insurance at a much lower cost than what we were paying.
J.T., Customer
My situation in a bit different - I am taking care of my mom's affairs and had NO idea how to choose supplemental insurance for her; especially because of her needs. Michael laid out all of the options for me and talked to me with words I could actually understand (no insurance jargon) and answered all of my questions. He told me what to expect each step of the way. Michael took this daunting task off my shoulders and really helped me.
G.P., Customer
Worked with me to find the best insurance for my needs. Great customer service.
D.B., Customer
Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.