Glasses, Contacts, and Eye Exams: Does Medicare Cover It?

We turned to Dr. Bradley Grant, O.D. at Mid-State Eye in Central IL for some insight into how Medicare helps pay for things like glasses, contacts, eye exams, and common treatments.

How Counseling Can Help Illinois Seniors with Anxiety, Grief, & Marriage

Ed Bacon, LCPC, Founder of Decatur Christian Counseling and Executive Director of Northeast Community Fund is here to share more about what it means to get counseling, how therapy can help you, and how Medicare views this vital service.

Retired Teachers in Illinois: Is TRS Really the Best Option?

The Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Plan (TRIP) in Illinois was a fabulous program until February 1, 2014. Let's go over what changed, why, and what Medicare insurance choices you have as a retired teacher.

Podiatry: Does Medicare Cover Foot and Ankle Treatment?

If you ever find yourself affected by foot or ankle pain, you’ll be happy to know that there is help available, and Medicare will probably cover the treatments. We contacted Dr. Dennis Vaughn, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist and owner of Vaughn Foot and Ankle Clinic, in Mt. Zion, IL, for information about podiatry and seniors.

Does Medicare Cover Out of Country Healthcare?

It’s possible you’ve waited all your life to spend your golden years visiting quaint city cafes in Paris, exploring the glaciers of New Zealand, or crossing the Colosseum off your bucket list. If a medical emergency happened, would your Medicare plan cover you?


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