8 Ways to Get the Most From Your Medicare Coverage

Once you enroll in Medicare, you should start utilizing the excellent benefits and perks that are available to you. From downloading the new Medicare app to utilizing your free preventative care options, here are eight ways you can get the absolute most from your Medicare coverage.

Celebrities Turning 65 in 2020

Familiar faces like Bill Gates, Kris Jenner, and Howie Mandel will be aging into Medicare this year. Yep – you’re not alone!

How Is Medicare Changing In 2020?

Medicare is constantly making changes, and 2020 is no exception. Here’s a quick look at 6 Medicare changes, including changes to Medicare Supplement Plan F, your 2020 Medicare deductibles and premiums, and more.

What Do I Need to Do After Open Enrollment Is Over?

While your Part D drug plan and Medicare Advantage plan (if applicable) is likely now taken care of, there are 4 things we recommend doing after open enrollment is over.

Acupuncture: What Is It and Does Medicare Cover It?

To learn more about acupuncture, why you might need it, what to expect during treatment, and perhaps most importantly, how much it will cost you if you’re over 65, we spoke to Dr. Chris Ntor-Ue, D.C., LAc, a Doctor and Acupuncturist Practitioner at The Back Institute in Forsyth, IL.


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