The Ultimate "I'm Turning 65" Checklist

The Ultimate "I'm Turning 65" Checklist

Finish your Medicare and retirement to-dos now with the free "I'm Turning 65" Checklist.

The Ultimate “I’m Turning 65” Checklist, free for download and printing, is ideal for those new to Medicare– especially if you’re going to turn 65 in the next year.

There are to-dos for those who plan to retire at age 65 as well as those who plan to continue working past 65. Your deadlines will be different based on whether you have health insurance through your employer, so we accounted for that in our checklist.

We also included some related to-do items, such as what to do with your retirement account and ensuring you attend a free, educational Medicare seminar.

There’s a lot to get in order when you’re aging into Medicare, but our hope is this checklist breaks it down into simple, actionable steps.

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