Jim and Becky are getting 5 times the interest

Jim and Becky are getting 5 times the interest

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Becky and Jim had a $40,000 CD at a bank that was making a measly 0.6%. Dianne Renner was delivering their new Medicare Supplement policy to them, and mentioned a 3% annuity we offer, from a company that has been around since 1894, surviving two world wars and the Great Depression.

Instead of making only $240.00 in the first year, and getting a IRS 1099 for the growth from the bank, they could make $1200.00 and the earnings would be tax-deferred.

At the end of the 5 year annuity they would make over $5100.00 more in the annuity than they would with the CD, and it would all be tax-deferred. Jim felt that having the ability to take 15% in penalty free withdrawals was appealing to him, even though he would probably not take it out.

In the end they chose to go with the annuity, since it offered 5 times the interest that the CD was earning, and just as much safety.

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