What Insurance Does Walmart Vision Accept? (Decatur, IL)

What Insurance Does Walmart Vision Accept? (Decatur, IL)

If you have Medicare, you may wonder if your insurance plan is compatible with Walmart Vision Center.

In this article, we’ll look at Medicare and insurance coverage at Walmart Vision, specifically for those in Macon County, Illinois.

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Which Insurance Plans Are Accepted at Walmart Vision Center?

Walmart states on their website that they are a part of the VSP provider network, and many sources report that Walmart accepts Medicare. We also checked a few Medicare Advantage plans with vision benefits and Humana is an accepted provider at Walmart in Decatur.

We spot checked several plans, and Aetna, Wellcare, and Blue Cross do not list Walmart on their network of vision providers.

We always recommend calling providers to verify which plans they accept, especially if it’s a provider you see often and don’t want to leave.

Unable to Verify Coverage With Walmart Vision Center

We called Walmart Vision Center in Decatur to verify which insurance carriers they accept.

Our team tried multiple times to reach the Decatur Walmart Vision Center and were not successful. We were transferred several times, put on hold for over 15 minutes, and the phone call eventually ended.

Because Walmart's list of accepted providers can differ from location to location, we like to call and do some verifying. Since we could not get a hold of the Walmart in Decatur, it may be best to select a different vision provider in Macon County.

Choosing a Vision Provider in Decatur, IL

If you have Medicare and are looking for a vision provider in Decatur, IL, we have high recommendations for Mid-State Eye. Mid-State Eye has locations in Decatur, Clinton, and Shelbyville, IL.

We interviewed Dr. Bradley Grant in the past about Medicare coverage and eye exams, glasses, and contacts. He and his team are kind, caring, and knowledgeable.  

Source: Clinton Journal; Dr. Bradley Grant, O.D., in his Clinton office

Dr. Grant explained that those with Medicare have better vision coverage than they might realize.

“As long as there's a medical reason to be checking the eyes – which is anything other than near-sighted or far-sighted – it’s covered under Medicare,” he explained to us.

The only exception is materials, which include glasses and contacts (and the portion of the eye exam that checks your glasses).

Read More: Glasses, Contacts, and Eye Exams: Does Medicare Cover It?

Finding the Right Vision Insurance Plan

If you need vision coverage, you can choose a vision insurance plan (best for those with Medicare and a supplemental policy) or a Medicare Advantage plan that has vision benefits bundled into the plan (such as a Humana PPO).

Many vision plans utilize VSP, which is a nationwide network of vision providers. There are 10 locations in Decatur, IL that are in the VSP network, including Mid-State Eye, Gailey Eye Clinic, Prairie Eye Center, Family Eye Care, and Allied Vision Source.  

Our office offers a variety of vision plans, and we can find one that fits your budget and works with the vision providers you see.


Does Walmart Vision Center Accept Medicare Part A?

We couldn’t connect with the Walmart Vision Center in Decatur, IL to verify if they accept Medicare coverage or not. However, if they do accept Medicare, Medicare Part B would help cover vision services related to medical concerns, such as glaucoma or cataract removal.

Medicare Part A is your hospital coverage and would not help cover any vision services.

Does Walmart Accept Medicare for Eyeglasses?

For Walmart locations that do accept Medicare, eyeglasses would not be covered unless you were getting glasses immediately after cataract surgery (that’s the one exception).

Some Medicare Advantage plans have vision coverage bundled in, and there may be some credits or allowances available for eyeglasses. Please contact our office so we can take a look at the available plans in Macon County for you.

Does Walmart Accept Medicare for Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

As long as the Walmart you see accepts Medicare, glasses after cataract surgery would be covered under Medicare Part B.

How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost at Walmart with Medicare?

Your exact eye exam costs at Walmart will vary if you have Medicare. Medicare does not cover the portion of your eye exam that checks your glasses. Additionally, the billing department would have to ensure they are using the correct codes and separating out different parts of your eye exam.

In general, an eye exam at Walmart can cost somewhere between $75-$100, and if they accept Medicare, that cost may be reduced.


Finding the right vision coverage that works with your preferred vision provider can be a challenge, but our office is up for it!

Give us a call at 217-423-8000 and we can help you with your overall Medicare and retirement plan, including vision coverage.

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