Why Decatur, IL Retirees Must Go to a Sams Ranch Medicare Seminar

Why Decatur, IL Retirees Must Go to a Sams Ranch Medicare Seminar

Soon-to-be retiree Sandee Moyer shares why she believes everyone in the Decatur, IL area should go to a Sams Ranch Medicare and retirement planning seminar.


It was awesome – it was like a destination. I think everybody should go just to see what [Michael Sams] has. I really enjoyed it.

It was like the old TV show Dallas ­– I loved it! It was laid back; he was very personable. It was just gorgeous. And while he’s giving the presentation, there’s giant windows, and the horses in the arena came out, and they wanted attention.

We were getting to watch the presentation and enjoy the horses at the same time. Loved it.

The thing I thought was interesting is Michael did a spreadsheet, and it had to do with all the Medicare Supplement Plan G companies.The cost ranged from $3,500 per year to $1,000 per year.

What I found interesting – and I didn’t know this – is every insurance company pays exactly the same. It doesn’t matter. They’re going to give you the same exact benefit. So, why go for the higher insurance? 

I learned that Medicare isn’t as overwhelming as everybody thinks that it is. And it isn’t because you’re taking me step-by-step through Medicare.

It’s a no-brainer; you have to go! There’s absolutely no charge, he walks you through step-by-step, and he made Medicare simple and easy. Everybody has to go! I’m going to tell everyone!

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