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Janet Johnson

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523




Janet Johnson has been helping seniors choose their health insurance for 30 years with Sams/Hockaday & Associates.

Janet has been married to Dennis for 50 years in November 2019. They have two adult children and four grandsons.

Dennis and Janet love to travel and watch their grandsons play sports.

Janet will be happy to help you with all your insurance needs.

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NOTE: If Janet is your agent and you can't find a time on Janet's calendar, please do NOT choose a different agent to meet with, as this will complicate and slow down your enrollment.

Please call our office if you run into scheduling issues.

Here's what Janet's clients say!

You helped me find affordable supplement health insurance for myself and my husband
L.C., Customer
Friendly, Knowledgable. good location.very competitive prices. great to work with.
N.N., Customer
The service was friendly, expedient, and easy. All my questions were thoroughly answered, including what to expect when Medicare kicks in.
M.B., Customer
Great customer service
D.H., Customer
Janet was always helpful and knowledgeable. She gave us very pertinent information in a timely manner. We would recommend her to anyone.
R.E., Customer
Janet Johnson seems to me to be very service oriented. If my call goes to voice mail, she is prompt about calling back. She seems to be genuinely interested in getting the best deal for me and has repeatedly assured me that if I have issues with billing from the insurance company she will make sure the situation is set right. That is important service to me. She comes to my home to talk to me about my options and to get me signed up for the best option for me. That will become more important to me should I develop mobility/transportation restrictions as I age. She is prompt in coming when she says she will be here. She seems to me to be knowledgeable about Medicare and how it works/what is and is not covered and how I can be sure I don't fall into pitfalls. That, too, is really important
B.M., Customer
Good customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable.
E.R., Customer
Janet is great. She helped us get a great deal on medical insurance for my husband. She has gotten back with me to see if I needed to change my policy and see if we were still happy with our policies.
Lolita C., customer since 2014
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Available to answer questions promptly.
C.R., Customer
Even more right would be meeting Janette for coffee at Panera's in Champaign for an update! The personal professional relationship with agent Janet Johnson is the reason I am so inclined to recommend your agency!
K. F., Customer
My appointments with Janet Johnson were very affective for my health insurance and for my husband's too. I appreciate her good familiarity with us and improving our coverage.
D.H., Customer
I greatly appreciate the effort you put forth in finding me a new company with Plan G.
J.S., Customer
Janet, your service and you are both personal and personable! Thank you for taking time to meet with us at our house.
M.J., Customer
I always felt the agent was trying very hard to be aware of what worked best for me. never felt I was just a generic customer.
P.J., Customer
I like the personal touch. Janet is a knowledgeable agent who always steers me in the right direction with her advice about my insurance needs.
D.J., Customer
It was nice to be able to find that someone, we actually know and trust, could be of help to us when we found ourselves in a position of needing to find health insurance. Janet has taken the lead and also taken all of the worry out of setting us up with what we need and what is in our best interest.
K.S., Customer
Janet continues to assist my needs by finding the best insurance programs that best suit my situation.
E.R., Customer
Janet is very knowledgeable and has always been able to answer any questions I have.
M.W., Customer
Great agent, very professional, very knowledgeable of everything you wanted to know. Current and up to date on all the latest in the insurance market.
D.H., Customer
I feel that I can look to you and Sams Hickaday to look out for me.
S.S., Customer
I have received calls from my agent, Janet Johnson, advising me about my coverage. Recently, she called me just to advise me that I was ok for the coming year and didn't need to change anything in my coverage. This was a surprise call. I had no idea she was even looking at my policy. It is comforting to know that someone is watching out for me and my insurance coverage. As we age, it is easy to overlook changes, or not understand things we get in the mail. This is a great service and Janet is a superb representative of her company, Sams-Hockaday, and of my interests. Thank you.
C. C., Customer
Service was excellent, precise and to the point.
Diane H., customer since 2015
<p>Janet breaks down the confusion of insurance coverage and has the resources to give you what you need. We are very happy we were referred to her!</p>
Erin V., customer since 2015
All my insurance needs and questions have been taking care of promptly and expertly!!
L.C., Customer
I really appreciated Janet Johnson's help. She was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and went out of her way to find us the best possible solutions for our insurance needs.
R.D., Customer
Janet is very knowledge and was very helpful in explaining and assisting with Medicare options. Thanks Janet!
C.R., Customer
When in neeed you always come thru
Shirley E., customer since 2013
you were great help easing our minds on which company to get for our needs .
G. C., Customer
You found the best deals. You answered questions even when it required a great deal of research,
A.D., Customer
Janet is very knowledgeable & caring. We feel very blessed to have found her & the great staff at office. Thanks
P.D., Customer
Janet always provides us excellent and timely service. She presents options and thoroughly explains each one. Janet helps us make the bestc choices for our health insurance needs.
C.S., Customer
I found a drug supplement that has a low copay that will not bankrupt me.
Dane H., customer since 2015
Continue to provide me with the best insurance for me.
W. V., Customer
Friendly fast service. Answered questions open aboyt pros and cons of various services
R.E., Customer
Janet Johnson researched and presented good and much less costly insurance programs for us. Thank you.
D.H., Customer
Janet Johnson was so helpful walking us through the process of getting our health and drug insurance by making the calls in her office while we were there to help confirm our options. This year she was right on the ball to help us with our renewal process and we really appreciated it. We are always eager to hand out Janets cards and refer Sam Hockaday to our friends.
D.S., Customer
the service I received and the personal attention .
Customer since 2006
Made it very easy to understand and select the appropriate plan
D.E., Customer
u know your insurance business. gave me what I ask for. good price, good location. Friendly. Thanks you Janet Johnson At Sam's /Hockaday.
C.N., Customer
I have been provided with excellent, professional care from Sams Hockady through my representative Janet Johnson. She has always been there to promptly and effectively answer my questions and see to it that my insurance needs have been met. I place absolute confidence in Janet and Sams Hockaday.
S.S., Customer
Janet has always been available by phone to answer our questions or find the answers for us! She's working on a case that happened out of state over the Christmas holidays in Texas. We have recommended Janet to a friend,
Customer since 2013
when I have question it always answered in a way I can understand and if there are any problems you all go the extra mile and make the call for me and get back with me instead of me trying to answer the questions I don't have answers for so thanks a lot
A. M., Customer
Professional and friendly service found flaw in competitors website while I was trying to gather information from them.
E.R., Customer
I know you do your best to find the right and most affordable insurance for our needs.
L.C., Customer
I have always been greeted at the front desk with a smile, and It is the personal touch that Janet offers to her clients. It's like coming to visit a friend... and oh, also, discussing my insurance needs. Janet is so friendly, I never feel rushed out, how could anyone go anywhere else? My insurance needs are well handled. I never have to worry about my rates, coverage or claim forms. When I have concerns I can call Janet and she will fix it. It's great peace of mind. I have recommended Sams/Hockaday many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great service.
Cora C., customer since 2013
I feel as though Sams Hockaday always picks up their fair share amount of payment as a supplemental medical insurance toward my medical bills .
S.B., Customer
Janet was very helpful in researching and finding a reliable supplement to my Medicare. I have been very pleased with the coverage and promptness in payment of bills. Also Janet helped find a reliable Prescription Part D plan.
Customer since 2014
You took care of us when we needed healthcare. You made everything easy for us during the transition. We already have sent a few people your way and we have also passed out business cards.
D.S., Customer
You explained the issues in easy to understand terms and followed up with the commitments as promised.
M.L., Customer
I appreciate the personal service, I feel that Janet is working very hard to find just what I need.
M.J., Customer
Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 4 organizations which offer 41 products in your area. Please contact, 1‑800‑MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options.