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Laura has been very good and attended to our needs and always checking back to see if she can do more
A.M., Customer
<p>My husband was retiring and would soon lose his company health insurance. We were also reaching the age for Medicare benefits. Little did we know about all the different plans, application deadlines, and need for a supplement insurance as well. It was pretty confusing to say the least when you reach that age and have not given much thought to all this. An insurance agent showed up at our door one day at just the right time it turned out. He helped us get through all this. He had all the answers to many questions we had and made sure we got it even though it took awhile for us to absorb it all. We don't do this everyday, but he does and we really appreciated the time he took with us plus the follow up calls and visits.</p> <div>A big thank you to D.R. Roberts for helping us understand all these things. He is very knowledgeable with your individual insurance needs.&nbsp;</div>
Customer since 2014
I always feel confident that you have recommended the best solutions for my needs. Thank you.
J.N., Customer
That D R Roberts. Is a great guy and he's is very helpful I would recommend him for all your insurance needs
C.F., Customer
I feel like the Medicare supplements that were recommended were specifically tailored to my needs and I have fantastic coverages for Medicare Part B and D at an extremely reasonable cost to me. Thanks John!!
M. F., Customer
We appreciate Patty because she always takes into consideration each of our needs individually. I feel that it is important because each of our needs is different. Consequently, we each are assigned to a different carrier. Thank you Patty.
D.S., Customer
Even though I live out of state now, I still receive your personal, yet professional, expertise. It's great to have a trusted agent who is just an email or a phone call away. I always feel a little more confident once I talk to Patty.
D.F., Customer
You are there to help with any questions or concerns we have.
B.C., Customer
Laura was efficient and thorough. She answered all of our questions. We had a clear understanding of what we were getting.
M.M., Customer
you were great help easing our minds on which company to get for our needs .
G. C., Customer
Knowledgeable and variety of plans to choose from.
D.T., Customer
Thanks for the right policy for me & the right price.
R.K., Customer
It has been a long time since I had to look for insurance coverage as I was covered by my employer. Now that I am going on Medicare and will no longer have insurance coverage by my employer, I needed someone with knowledge in the field to help me. Pat was not only very knowledgeable, she took the time to research the different companies and found me the best coverage for the cost.
William C., customer since 2015
Michael has explained everything that we ask him about our supplemental insurance.
J.G., Customer
Michael Sam's has always been very accommodating to my schedule. He explains things so I can understand. He answers all my questions whether in person or text. I have recommended Michael to several of my clients/friends. Very pleased with his services.
C.S., Customer
Your agency has gone the extra mile in finding the best solutions that meet our need. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to know and work with.
H.F., Customer
My calls and concerns are always answered in a very timely fashion and with proper handling. My agent is always available and responsive to my needs. Sams/Hockaday and Associates, Inc. have been a great value to my needs of insurance for seniors.
K. H., Customer
I can count on Patty to look out for my best interests. I have referred her to several people
K.R., Customer
<p>Patty has taken care of being sure I have had the best coverage for the money for over 15 years. She always alerts me to any better coverage on her own. She takes the time to explain all the options to you and gives a clear picture. She is a dedicated and resourceful agent.</p>
Linda H., customer since 1996
Have always provided a timely response to any and all of my questions. Keep up the good work.
J.C., Customer
Ease of communication and results. Both great.
M.C., Customer
Appointment times are always kept. Service is at the highest level possible. So delighted you are our agent.
N. W., Customer
It's overwhelming when you have to change health ins when you've had the same company for years. But you had all the answers to switching to Medicare & made Roger & I both feel better about it.
K.R., Customer
Customer service--trust and making us feel so comfortable which is why we have invested our money with Sams/Hockaday.
M.A., Customer
Personalized, friendly and efficient service!
J.B., Customer
Friendly fast service. Answered questions open aboyt pros and cons of various services
R.E., Customer
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Available to answer questions promptly.
C.R., Customer
Don, You have always given us great information and also great advice. As our friends start their retirement journeys...we give them your name in order to keep their retirement savings secure. We will always be grateful.
S.A., Customer
Because you have an older representative, I feel much more trusting. This person has not only seen and learned about all customers, but she has experienced her own life and understands closer to home the needs of those getting older.
L.L., Customer
Patty is always friendly and ready to help us with any problems we have. Everyone in the office has always been friendly in greeting us when we come in. We will continue using your service.
M.S., Customer
You helped us when Intermet closed and have helped ever since. Thank you
M.S., Customer
Rachel contacts us when it's time to look at things and she performs her job with a cooperative personality. She answers questions and does research for our needs. Her service is excellent!
N.H., Customer
You are always available with answers for our questions and very knowledgeable plus pleasant and a very helpful office staff. It is appreciated..
C.V., Customer
<p>You answered our questions in words we could understand. Explanations that made sense of what Social Security sent us. I consider myself to be able to comprehend anything that was supposedly a do-it-yourself task. Signing up for Social Security Medicare Part B was a nightmare. I have to doubt anyone who tells me it was a snap! Thank you for your help in getting this done!</p>
Customer since 2015
Rachel, You always get back when I have a question, and always give me an answer. Also, I always enjoy working with you.
K.V., Customer
Janet is very knowledgeable and has always been able to answer any questions I have.
M.W., Customer
Very helpful in comparing the various products available on the market.
Customer since 2015
We always appreciate all the answers you provide. Always a pleasure discussing all of the issues we have. Thanks.
C.D., Customer
Michael takes good care of us and keeps us up to date on any changes needed.
J. M., Customer
Rachel always consults with us and works to find us the best insurance plans for our needs. This is no "cookie cutter" operation. Thanks, Rachel!
J.R., Customer
Staff is always friendly. Luke is very helpful in finding the best policy that works for us.
J.H., Customer
Great personal and professional people. Always leave feeling great about everything we were following up on.
M.L., Customer
I have had nothing but great service and ease of knowing that the right decisions are being made for my best interests. All i have to do is ask a question and i get a really quick response or solution. Patty is very professional but also very personable which makes me feel secure when dealing with her.
M.D., Customer
Communication was good. Informative and helpful
D.S., Customer
Made the transition easy and explained everything well
L.H., Customer
Taylor and staff are always helpful to answer any questions for me. And they have saved me money by getting me the best deal possible.
L.D., Customer
You are always very courteous and friendly and consider what is best for your customer. In the past, if a new product becomes available that is better than the one that I have; you have always informed me of this.
T. W., Customer
Hi Luke, You have been vey helpful in helping me with my insurance needs. I would recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for your help. Lois
L.B., Customer
You did a great job explaining every thing to us. And answering any questions we had.
Larry B., customer since 2015
Everything was ready when we got there and she always takes time to answer any questions.
P.T., Customer