Client Testimonials

Here's what hundreds of our happy clients have to say…

I appreciate that you always do everything you can to get me the best policy for me.
G. W., Customer
Using my med list in looking at insurance options has been very beneficial to us.
N.W., Customer
Michael, I like that you are always on top of the changes that will come my way. I like that you give me plenty of time to make changes. I like that you are approachable and concerned with my smallest questions. Thanks!
C.M., Customer
Excellent information and friendly atmosphere.
D.B., Customer
I feel the information I received was thorough and what I needed. Michael worked with me to find out what I wanted and did his best to accommodate me. I am very satisfied with the plans I have.
G.B., Customer
Luke suggested a change to my drug supplement insurance which was not only a lower monthly premium, but resulted in getting my prescriptions free.
J.B., Customer
Always optimistic, friendly and helpful. They take time to answer questions and to find unknown answers. They make suggestions to aid in investing.
D.J., Customer
Enjoy working with Rachael. Very personal and knowledgeable about what she is selling.
E.V., Customer
DR Roberts showed my wife and me how we could save money by changing our medicare supplements to different insurance companies. Between the two of us we saved around $1500 a year, with the same benefits.
Customer since 2014
You helped us decide which insurance was the right ones for us. Saved us money. We have told several people how great u oh are to work with.
J.H., Customer
I really appreciated the help with figuring out which drug plan worked best for me. You took your time and checked on any questions I had. Thank you.
T.E., Customer
You always make me feel like you have my best interest at heart
D.V., Customer
Agent DR Roberts was knowledgeable, caring and efficient
Lee E., customer since 2015
Sams/Hockaday & Associates are always ready to care for their customers. If there are any questions or concerns that one might have then Sams/Hockaday and their agents are there with the answers to your questions and concerns and more than willing and able to serve their customers in a timely and effective manner.
K.H., Customer
Friendly and very knowledgeable. Extremely helpful in explaining options available.. Good follow through.
M.P., Customer
Always nice doing business with you. D.R. always goes the extra mile for us. A glitch in our Medicare caused us a bunch of hassle for us and he was right there with all the information we needed even though this was not his concern. It all worked out smoothly in the end. We highly recommend this insurance company.
L. S., Customer
Personalized, friendly and efficient service!
J.B., Customer
Always know we are in good hands with Laura looking after our needs.
G.C., Customer
Laura first got to know us personally and then stated looking for the best provider for each of our needs. With her warm smile and personality she was a great fit for us and has taken care of our needs for a few years
B.L., Customer
Laura, very pleasant and works very hard for you ,to get the best coverage a the lowest possible cost.
M.W., Customer
We like the caring, individual help we get with you.
Customer since 2015
You found cheaper insurance for me without me even asking!
Robert C., customer since 2011
I have been extremely pleased with my representative, Patty Gogerty. She takes good care of me and makes sure I make the right choice for my insurance plans.
M.D., Customer
Your staff makes one feel that you have there best interest at hand, yes I would recommend your services to all.
J.H., Customer
You are quick to respond and answer questions. You make me feel I am important to you and your business.
N.Q., Customer
DR Roberts always goes the extra mile to find just the right coverage for us.
P. T., Customer
I knew I could trust you!
S.R., Customer
We feel Patty takes the time and effort to assess our needs.
M.L., Customer
Patty was very knowledgeable about medicare supplement insurance and medicare part D insurance. She was friendly and efficient. I have recommended some of my friends to call Patty when they are ready to purchase medicare supplement insurance.
R.M., Customer
Janet, your service and you are both personal and personable! Thank you for taking time to meet with us at our house.
M.J., Customer
Very helpful when I first went on Medicare and was faced with purchasing supplemental insurance.. Since has been to a large extent know there was a local person I could contact with any questions I might have.
Customer since 2013
Patty was very patient and understood my needs for medical insurance. She was kind and took time to understand my situation, my budget, and gave me assorted policies to make a good decision for me. I appreciate her professionalism and kindness.
C. A., Customer
Luke is always concerned about you and your well being, not just about selling you a product but helping to meet your needs.
D.O., Customer
feel comfortable with D.R. and the knowledge he has shared. you can tell he knows what he is doing. We trust him
S.S., Customer
<p>Dianne's advice has always been good. She tries to get the best policy possible for you. She carries through one her promises and always comes to meetings prepared.</p>
Customer since 2009
First and foremost Chase was very knowledgeable and personable. He followed through with everything he promised and has provided great customer service! We have recommended him to some of our family members and will continue to drop his name whenever the occasion arrises. So far we are pleased but to date we haven't had any claims to rate the insurance for Chase, he's a keeper!
R.F., Customer
OUR agent was very informed. easy to talk to, also answered any questions.
J.R., Customer
I like the way you took your time explaining everything to me so I understood exactly what I was getting.
D.W., Customer
Made my choices so effortless for me and Patty's kindness thru the whole process. Made John and I Very comfortable.
L.D., Customer
Very low key. Provided good information.
Customer since 2015
Patty is the reason we are with the company. If she were to move to a different company, we would move with her.
J.A., Customer
Very knowledgeable and informative. Explains things so I could understand them. Very friendly
K. L., Customer
When I call with a question regarding my insurance there is always a cordial reply on your end. If the gals need to have Michael call me he does so in a timely manner. I would most certainly recommend this insurance agency. E Kay Thames
Customer since 2007
Rachel is extremely well-versed in the intricacies of the insurance world. She has provided me with good information and choices in selecting a policy. Rachel has made herself available via phone calls, emails, and text messages all of which she answered promptly.
R.B., Customer
The act of coming to our home and sitting down at the kitchen table to work through the important points, costs, and coverages made a BIG difference. It beats trying to work through all the if/then scenarios on-line or by telephone. Rachel was patient and understanding which was critically important to us.
J. L., Customer
My appointments with Janet Johnson were very affective for my health insurance and for my husband's too. I appreciate her good familiarity with us and improving our coverage.
D.H., Customer
Very knowledgeable and friendly and the answer to all questions thank you Laura
L.H., Customer
when I have question it always answered in a way I can understand and if there are any problems you all go the extra mile and make the call for me and get back with me instead of me trying to answer the questions I don't have answers for so thanks a lot
A. M., Customer
We have absolutely not worries when we have Sams/Hockaday taking care of our insurance needs. We are very busy and they always have our needs in their priority.
S.F., Customer
Very helpful in comparing the various products available on the market.
Customer since 2015