Elaine had cancer, but still saved over $500 on her Medicare Supplement

Elaine had cancer, but still saved over $500 on her Medicare Supplement

Patty Gogerty recently spoke with her client Elaine* about her Medicare Supplement insurance plan. She had purchased a Plan F policy from a popular carrier, and three years ago she got breast cancer. Her premium had risen to roughly $1824 per year.

She wanted to switch to a less expensive carrier, but underwriting departments look back three years from the date of last treatment to decide whether or not a person will qualify for coverage. This meant Elaine might have to wait another year if she wanted to change carriers.

At this point, Patty found a carrier who only looks back two years instead of three, and she was able to offer two different options, from that carrier. The first option was a Plan F, which would have saved her a little money compared to her old carrier. The second option was a Plan G. While Plan G doesn’t pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible of $147, it was $528 less expensive, which more than makes up for the deductible.

In the end, Elaine switched to a Plan G, saving her a total of $44 per month, and is fully recovered.

*not her real name

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