Friends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends

Jeff Sams, Founder of Sams/Hockaday & Associates

By Jeff Sams

In my life, I’ve always depended upon other people – mostly family and friends – to help me out. Whether you’re experiencing something new or you’ve gone through a life change, the best way to handle a situation isn’t always clear.

Think back to all the different things you have been helped with over the years, from riding a bicycle to learning to swim, and yes – getting the correct insurance plan.

Medicare Is Confusing

Navigating through the confusion of Medicare and the many different options is hard to do on your own. Not to mention the decisions you have to make – should I get a Medicare Supplement, a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Medicare savings plan? Now, which company? And how are the 30 different companies in the marketplace different when they all sound alike?

I promise you this: we all need help, and help is what good friends do when they feel they’ve found something special.

The referral of your friends, family, or clients is the greatest compliment we could receive. For every referral you send us, we have a little something to send you! Refer a Friend

Friends Have Helped Me Throughout My Life

My friends will be the first to tell me which restaurant is the best. They’ll tell me who has a great sale or a good price on something they know I need to buy. Friends have helped recommend a college, a good church, and even the best truck on the marketplace.  

I personally think the most confusing issues facing anyone 65 and older are, “What do I do to protect myself on my Medicare and prescription drug plan, and where is a safe place to put my life savings?”

We have friends that will never ask for help, but deep down, they know they need it.

Michael Sams started his sales career and found a great friendship in a gentleman we will call Jim.  Jim went to the restaurant with his friends every morning in his rural, central Illinois town. Every morning, those same friends and acquaintances could be found at the coffee shop. Jim told Michael to come to breakfast, and he would introduce him to his friends. Michael will be the first to tell you it was one of the best cups of coffee his career has sipped. Those old friends of Jims are new friends of Michaels.

Many years ago, I met with Joe Denton out of Pana, Illinois. He had 6 brothers and sisters. Not long after he became a client, he asked me to go see his sister, Francis. I did, and I hit it off with her. We became very good friends, and about a year later, she had a stroke. It was very sad, and the other brothers and sisters saw how my insurance plan and services took care of Francis, and in a short time they all become clients.

Help Your Friends By Sharing Your Agent

We would like to encourage friends to help friends. We will be the first to admit some people don’t need it, but there are a whole bunch that do need some help and reassurance during these trying times in America.

Let’s think of a friend we can be a great friend to, and let them meet your agent. We will reward you with a small gift of appreciation for your thoughtful act.  

We all need a little help!

My promise is this: we will always respect and never push a person to do anything. We treat all our customers like they are our parents or best friends. 

Let’s enjoy helping our friends and family. I personally believe you will be rewarded with many thank you’s for being a guide during a very difficult and trying decision process.

Refer a Friend to Us

The referral of your friends, family, or clients is the greatest compliment we could receive. For every referral you send us, we have a little something to send you!

Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend to Us

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