Helen's premiums went up, so she took action

Helen's premiums went up, so she took action

Helen was 87 years old, and her Medicare Supplement premiums had gone up to $256 per month. She felt this was too high, and wanted a way to pay less. She and her son sat down with Tom Gallion to discuss her options.

Tom asked about her health, and it Helen shared that she only takes three medications and goes to the doctor once a year on average. Tom ran quotes from several carriers so they could compare them. They discussed whether Helen would be best served by sticking with a Plan F like she'd had, or by changing to a Plan G.

Here's what they found, using CSI Life, which had the best rates:

  • Old Plan F – $256.19/mo ($3,074.28/yr)
  • CSI Life Plan F – $202.79/mo ($2,433.51/yr)
  • CSI Life Plan G – $162.25/mo ($1,947.00/yr)

Since she didn't see doctors regularly, Helen decided to go with the Plan G for $162, which ended up saving her over $1,127 per year. Another satisfied customer!

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