Judy saved over $1140 on her Medicare Supplement Premiums

Judy saved over $1140 on her Medicare Supplement Premiums

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Luke Hockaday recently met with Judy to review her policies. The first thing that jumped out was the amount she was paying for her Medigap coverage. She was a 70 year old female paying $218 per month to Blue Cross / Blue Shield for a Plan F.

Luke explained to Judy that Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, so they all provide the same coverage, regardless of who the insurance company is. So Judy applied for coverage with Central States Indemnity, one of our more popular A+ rated carriers, and was accepted. Her new premium was only $123.17 per month for the exact same coverage, andsavings of about $95 per month, or $1140 per year!

Because of her high blood pressure, cholesterol, and osteoporosis prescriptions Judy thought she wouldn't be able to switch to a new insurance company, but that simply wasn't the case.

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