Look what we found in this old photo album!

Look what we found in this old photo album!

Remember the last time you stumbled upon a box of old photos, and how the minutes turned to hours as you went through them all? We were rummaging around in storage this week, and found two albums full of great people and memories.

It seemed like a prime opportunity to reflect on how far we've come as a company. But that's not what happened.

Instead, this album provided our team the chance to laugh at 90's fashion, and the questionable choices in hairdos, facial hair, clothing, and eyewear.

With that said, we are honored that several of the people who started with us way back then are still working here today. That makes this feel like a family, not just a business.

We're also quite proud of our building remodel. We purchased the building at 122 W. Prairie Avenue in 1992. In 2013 we completed a much-needed remodeling that included peeling off every single brick, and refacing it with new ones.

Now, on to the funny stuff.

Sams/Hockaday ribbon cutting, 1992
Sams/Hockaday ribbon-cutting, 1992
Left to right: Rick Lutovsky, John Hockaday, Cheryl Hockaday, Susan Sams, Eric Brechnitz, Jeff Sams.

John and Cheryl
Sometime between 1988-92
John Hockaday and wife Cheryl

Jeff and Sue
Sometime between 1988-92
Jeff Sams and wife Susan

Jack Moore
1993 Customer Appreciation Picnic
Jack Moore

Xmas 94, Lloyd Sams
1994 Christmas Party
John Hockaday, Lloyd Sams (Agent of the Year), Jeff Sams

Xmas 94, Dianne Renner
1994 Christmas Party
Dianne Renner and husband John

Xmas 94, Jack Moore
1994 Christmas Party
Jack Moore and wife Linda

Xmas 94, Janet Johnson
1994 Christmas Party
Janet Johnson and husband Denny

Xmas 94, Larry Gerhardt
1994 Christmas Party
Larry Gerhardt and wife Jane

John imitating Jeff
1999 Christmas Party
John Hockaday doing his best impression of Jeff Sams

Linda Augustine and Patty Gogerty

03 Picnic
Invitation to our 2003 Customer Appreciation Picnic

03 Picnic
Our Team at the 2003 Picnic
Left to right: Patty Gogerty, David Ball, Mike Hurm, Jeff Park, Jeremy Moore, Lynn Jefson, Lloyd Sams, Norma Richardson, Fred Tischner, Janet Johnson, Jack Moore, Jan Patrick, Jeff Sams, Dianne Renner

03 Picnic
2003 Picnic
Janet Johnson, Doris Stout, Dianne Renner, Patty Gogerty

Patty Gogerty and Lloyd Sams

Jeff, Kelly, John, 2004
Jeff Sams, Kelly Auvil, and John Hockaday in 2004

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