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Luke Hockaday

Insurance Agent

Sams/Hockaday & Associates

122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523





Luke Hockaday has been offering senior market insurance products at Sams/Hockaday & Associates since 2011. Luke offers a full suite of products, from annuities to Medicare Supplements to cancer plans.

Luke helps his clients enroll in Medicare and answers any questions that may come up about the process. He does a policy review with his valued clients every year to make sure they're in the best spot possible. He’s always available when questions or concerns arise.

Luke also helps with service issues, so if you have a claim or need forms, he takes care of that for you.

Luke has his Life and Health Insurance License (#15818451), is up-to-date on continuing education and ethics training, and graduated from Millikin University in 2011.

Luke is married to wife Tessa, and has three beautiful children – Hazel, Houston, and Hatcher.

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NOTE: If Luke is your agent and you can't find a time on Luke's calendar, please do NOT choose a different agent to meet with, as this will complicate and slow down your enrollment.

Please call our office if you run into scheduling issues.

Here's what Luke's clients say!

To begin with you had a seminar explaining my options for healthcare. Then after I enrolled in one of your options you have continued to follow up with what you can do to make it better.
Customer since 2014
Have always provided any answers or help that I needed.
D.B., Customer
Luke is always concerned about you and your well being, not just about selling you a product but helping to meet your needs.
D.O., Customer
You made me feel like an important person, and took your time when explaining the options I have in picking my secondary insurance. I felt like I wasn't being rushed either. Thank you for helping me find the right insurance company.
B. M., Customer
Hi Luke, You have been vey helpful in helping me with my insurance needs. I would recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for your help. Lois
L.B., Customer
Very customer focused and easy to talk to.
M.P., Customer
you always called me back. You looked for ways to save us money on my insurance.
G.B., Customer
I found Luke to be very personable and always more than willing to find the information that I requested of him. If he didn't know the answer at the time he would either find it himself or ask someone in the know. From our first meeting with Luke my wife and I felt extremely comfortable with him and the way he conducted himself. We feel like they offered a great product and we couldn't be more pleased at this time.
Michael S., customer since 2014
I like that you are easy to contact and knowledgeable .
R.H., Customer
You come to a place in life that you need professional help with such things as life and health insurance. We have had Luke Hockaday as our Agent since he first started with Sams/Hockaday, and we really like the way he can call these many Insurance Companies and get quick results. He is very professional, yet he has a neat sense of humor that goes a long way. If you need the same help that we depend on, just call Luke @ 217-433-9214 and tell him Janet Jackson sent you!
J.J., Customer
Appreciate your comprehensive knowledge of a rapidly-changing field, attention to detail, and personal (as opposed to electronic) attention.
M.L., Customer
You have a good variety of products to choose from, by having access to many companies. Your people seem to know their product or they call in someone who can answer questions.
M.F., Customer
Luke is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.
D.R., Customer
Can always call and get an answer or a call back the same day
G.T., Customer
Everything in the process was done correctly. The personal contact from John and Luke sets them apart from all of the recorded responses of the other insurance agencies. There is a prompt response for any question.
J.B., Customer
You helped us make the best choices when we retired and turned 65 years old. And have followed up with us in the years since then trying to help us make better choices.
L.L., Customer
Luke has been the answer man for us.
S.S., Customer
Your knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciated. The low cost for my final expense was great . Thank you.
L.S., Customer
You took the time to listen to our concerns without pushing your way to lead us into decisions that were not ours. Some of us older people just enjoy learning that their is still good ole trust in my handshake business people to deal with, and we thank You.
R.B., Customer
Your explanation of the services you offer that we are using.
N. J., Customer
Very helpful, Extremely nice people to work with
G. H., Customer
All questions were answered and completely explained about my existing policy. Any other options that were available to me were also presented as an alternative to what I have. Keep up the good work.
R.C., Customer
work hard with us to see that everything was completed to the insurance companies satisfaction
Edward D., customer since 2008
We feel very fortunate to have Sams/Hockaday taking care of our investments and we can' t say enough nice things about all of the wonderful people. We would highly recommend their investment firm to everyone.
Mona A., customer since 2014
Sams/Hockaday and staff are always very informative , friendly and professional.
L.G., Customer
I retired June 30, 2016 and Jim and I each needed a supplemental medical policy and a prescription plan. Luke walked us through this process. His recommendations were "perfect" for us....he set the supplemental policy and gave us step by step instructions on getting set up with the prescription plan. We ran into some "glitches" with the prescription plan and he returned our calls immediately. He never made us feel he was "too busy." We could not have been more pleased with the ease of this transition and Luke's professionalism.
S.W., Customer
Great service and attention. Very knowledgeable and had our best interest and future in mind.
M.P., Customer
You were very helpful and very nice. Explained everything well.
S. F., Customer
Luke made sure that we understood all of our options. He kept us informed throughout the process. Luke was very friendly and professional. A pleasure to work with.
M.B., Customer
I appreciate the fact that you are willing to come to my home and talk business, so I do not have to drive to an office.
David K., customer since 2013
Very helpful in securing a new supplemental Medicare for me for less money premium. Always welling to answer my questions. Thanks
P.L., Customer
you are easy to work with you & your people thank you.
H.K., Customer
Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.
T.P., Customer
I appreciate your support and effort to make sure that I have the best policies for me. Thank you.
P.D., Customer
Helped me to greatly reduce my health insurance. The plus also is a very personable agent
C.W., Customer
I was just glad to hear about the John Hancock long term care/life Insurance policy they offer. My husband had complained for years trying to get me to invest in stocks, but I refused. Boy was he shocked when I immediately decided to sock some away in this policy. Now he has nothing more to complain about!
Customer since 2011
You always answer all my questions.
Myrtle L., customer since 2006
We suggested your firm to our neighbor and he went right away to sigh up with Luke. We will always do that since he was so great in helping us. Also our brother is working with you.
J.H., Customer
Luke always made sure he returned our calls. He is very good with the older generation and described and explained questions so we understood
T.T., Customer
Luke is very personable and helpful.
W. P., Customer
We have confidence your group will keep us protected for our health insurance needs and provide the best coverage for a reasonable price.
F.K., Customer
You are always available with answers for our questions and very knowledgeable plus pleasant and a very helpful office staff. It is appreciated..
C.V., Customer
Like kept up with my prescription supplement ins and found a supplement ins where I receive my medication at no cost to me and monthly premiums much lower. He went the extra mile for me and I am so grateful. Thank you, Luke
J.B., Customer
You have always been there to answer our questions that we find important to us as the older generation. Someone patient and understanding means a lot. Thank you so much.
T.T., Customer
I feel like Luke is truly concerned about getting us the best rstes.
J.H., Customer
Staff is always friendly. Luke is very helpful in finding the best policy that works for us.
J.H., Customer
When I call my agent, Luke Hockaday, I always get a prompt response. There is no waiting a day or two to hear back. The office is always very helpful and courteous. In this day of poor customer service it is refreshing to have an agent and staff that care about my concerns.
D.C., Customer
Luke I very much appreciate your hands on approach in dealing with clients. It makes me feel that you have a real concern for those you serve. I look forward to the yearly visits for my medicare updates and renewals. I also feel confident that should some unforseen issue arise where I needed assistance I feel you would have a genuine concern in helping me getting it resolved. Also when my wife reaches 65 you will have another added customer.
L. P., Customer
We have been exceptionally pleased to work with Sams/Hockaday and with Luke Hockaday. Luke has always been professional but also very personable and you feel like he really cares! We've only had one little issue with a bill (which was not their fault) but we took it to the office and it was taken care of for us and they happily agreed to do so. We always recommend Luke and Hockaday Insurance to everyone we know.
Patricia B., customer since 2013
Luke always keeps my needs first and foremost, and I never feel like he's rushed. He takes as much time as needed. He's also friendly and fun.
N.W., Customer
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