Important Notice for Individuals With a Mutual of Omaha Part D Drug Plan

Important Notice for Individuals With a Mutual of Omaha Part D Drug Plan

Even if you love your drug plan, the unfortunate reality is that drug plans change every single year.

If you have the 2020 Mutual of Omaha Rx Value drug plan (about $23), you will automatically enrolled in the 2021 Mutual of Omaha Rx Plus plan (about $74). It's a $50.90 premium increase in 2021 unless you change plans between October 15-December 7.

Benefits and prices can and do change every year, not to mention that the prescriptions you take might have changed as well.

Drug plans have formularies, and you want to make sure that the drugs you take are in your plan’s formulary. If not, you’ll pay much more than you need to on prescription drug prices.

Please call us at 217-423-8000 for a free drug plan comparison with a licensed insurance agent. If you're an existing client, your agent is already running a drug comparison for you!

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