June 1, 2021: Get Tickets to the Next Medicare and Retirement Planning Seminar

June 1, 2021: Get Tickets to the Next Medicare and Retirement Planning Seminar

In Decatur, IL or surrounding areas and have questions about Medicare and retirement planning? Join award-winning agent Michael Sams for a free, educational hour at an incredible venue – Sams Ranch. The next seminar is on Tuesday, June 1st at 6pm.

“While [Michael’s] giving the presentation, there’s giant windows, and the horses in the arena came out, and they wanted attention. We were getting to watch the presentation and enjoy the horses at the same time. Loved it,” says Sandee Moyer, past seminar attendee.

In addition to the horses, lush pastures, and beautiful meeting area, there are now Watusi cattle roaming the property. It’s truly a destination!

The seminar is 100% sales pitch free – no signup sheet, no free dinners which make you feel obligated, and no pressure at any point.

“There’s absolutely no pressure whatsoever,” Cathe Kellogg, past seminar attendee, says.

This 1-hour, interactive presentation focuses on:

  • The parts of Medicare
  • Medicare Supplements vs Medicare Advantage
  • Your costs in Medicare
  • Social Security
  • What you can do with your retirement accounts now that you’re done contributing

If you’re nearing retirement, are new to Medicare, or even have been on Medicare for years, this free seminar is for you. We encourage all attendees to bring their spouse or loved one.

Sams is a licensed insurance agent and 8-time Agent of the Year award-winner. He helps over 1,000 clients in the central Illinois community and is very passionate about Medicare and retirement planning education.

It’s time to make Medicare and retirement planning simple! Get your free tickets before they’re gone – each seminar has a maximum attendance of 20 individuals to allow for interaction, questions and answers, and social distancing.

Medicare & Retirement Planning Workshops

Learn how to plan for retirement while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Sams Ranch. Watch the horses, learn about Medicare, and enjoy a one-hour educational workshop!

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Medicare & Retirement Planning Workshops

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