Our Integrity Partnership, Explained

Our Integrity Partnership, Explained

John Hockaday, Co-Founder of Sams/Hockaday & Associates in Decatur, IL talks about the recent partnership with Integrity Marketing Group. The bottom line is nothing has changed or will change for Sams/Hockaday customers – this partnership has simply given us a larger platform to better serve our customers.


Hi, I'm John Hockaday, and today, I want to address that Jeff Sams and I are not retiring! I think we've both heard in the last month or so from several people asking what we're going to do now that we've teamed up with Integrity Marketing Group.

We're going to do the same thing we've always done! We're at work every day, and absolutely nothing has changed on our end. It's the same people there every day that we're used to working with and that you're used to working with. So in that regard, nothing has changed at all. It's still business as usual.

What has changed is that we've partnered with Integrity to really give us a much bigger, stronger platform to serve our customers from. So, Integrity Marketing Group is a company out of Dallas that is partnering with agencies in the senior market like ourselves – like Sams/Hockaday – all across the country.

What it allows us to do is it gives us a lot more resources and a lot more tools that we're going to be able to better serve our customers here in central Illinois.

Hey – it's business as usual! Call us if you need us or have questions; don't hesitate to give us a ring. You know, as always, we'll help any way we can. Thank you.

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