Laura Pecina

Laura Pecina

Sales Associate

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.
122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: 217-423-8000

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Laura Pecina grew up in central Indiana and was a student in the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. During her time there, she participated in multiple organizations, became a sister of Delta Zeta Xi Omega Chapter as well as an honors fraternity, and interned with another insurance company. Through her internship, she passed state examinations and earned her license in Life, Health, and Accidental Insurance in 2013. In the spring of 2014, she graduated form Purdue with a Major in Management with Concentrations in Finance and Marketing, and a Minor in Communications. She then moved to Illinois and joined the Sams/Hockaday team in the fall of 2014.

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Here's what Laura's Clients Say

I think you have my best interest to help us

W.R., Customer

Laura is very dedicated to her clients ! She is very good about following up on all the changes that take place every year and finding the best insurance to fit your needs !

J.F., Customer

You were informative, professional, and led me with a gentle hand.. I would highly reccommend Sams Hockaday.

C.W., Customer

The service is outstanding!

K.F., Customer

Always friendly and professional!

D.B., Customer

Prompt and Great Service

R.W., Customer

Keep me informed and handle my reimbursement forms. This means a lot to me.

D.P., Customer

Excellent service. We always leave feeling that all our questions have been answered. Very confident in knowing that if changes need to be made Laura is aware of them and has our best interests at heart.

G.C., Customer

Laura Pecina has been very helpful at looking after our personal interest and we always find her enjoyable to talk to and knowledgeable. We believe she is a great asset to Sams/Hockaday & Associates.

J.H., Customer

You are quick to respond and answer questions. You make me feel I am important to you and your business.

N.Q., Customer

Love the low copays on our meds

T.S., Customer

Came to our home and explained everything to our satisfaction.

D.T., Customer

You in particular have always respond to our needs and kept us informed of pending important dates pertaining to our sign times.

B.L., Customer

Laura, very pleasant and works very hard for you ,to get the best coverage a the lowest possible cost.

M.W., Customer

Medicare supplemental is confusing and leaves you with unanswered questions. Laura Pecina explains everything and answers all of your questions. As everyone in the United States knows now days ,medical insurance is Complicated! Getting answers to all of your questions gives you assurance and peace of mind!

K.C., Customer

Personal attention. Staying on top of the ever changing health care industry, which can be time consuming.

D.S., Customer

Policy choices were easy to understand.

J.U., Customer

They help me a lot to choose the right plan for my age.

G.J., Customer

You were very friendly and easy to talk to. I feel you are very knowledgeable about your policies. I like the idea of being able to talk to someone face to face. Also you didn't hound me. You gave me time to make my decision & call you back. Thank you.

J.M., Customer

I had ALL my questions answered in a way that I understood. Since going through this new phase of my life, trying to understand Medicare and how it works!

K.S., Customer

Knowing that we have someone to help us with our medical to choose the right Health and Life Insurance that I don't have to deal with Thank.You very much.

C.R., Customer

You were kind and considerate and wanted to help me find the right Insurance.

J.J., Customer

Laura calls me before I need to call her. She takes care of my account as if she's family! I wouldn't go anywhere else. If I have a question, she gets the answer quickly and makes certain this answered my question. The best part is I feel she's always looking out for me.

J.M., Customer

We both felt that our agent (Laura) explained things very well andwas trying to helpus.

M.P., Customer

We are totally pleased with the service we have received from Sams Hockaday. Laura Pecina has reviewed our policies every year to determine if we are getting the best rates.

K.F., Customer

I already have recommended Laura Pecina and Sams/Hockaday. Although extremely busy, and I can easily see why, I feel Laura tries to do the best job for us. She takes time to answer all our questions, does not push anything on us or sell us something we don't need.

C.C., Customer

You made it easy by coming to my home to discuss options for a Medicare Supplement, explained the choices and providers clearly so I could make the best choice for my needs, went above and beyond to help me select the best drug plan for my needs, provided phone numbers and web sites so I could finalize my choices, and followed up afterwards to make sure there were no problems. And when I thanked Laura Pecina for her efforts, she said she was just doing her job. I greatly appreciate both Laura Pecina and Sams/Hockaday, and will be proud to recommend them to others.

B.N., Customer

Your knowledge of all insurance was mind easing after. Trying to go through all the searching on our own. Would much rather visit with you and get all the answers needed.

G.C., Customer

You were very professional. It was obvious you put your client's interests first. You were not the least bit pushy. I have already made recommendations for your office to acquaintances. My doctor wanted to know if anyone in Decatur specializes in insurance and benefits and I told her about your group.

N.Q., Customer

Laura designed my wife's and my needs to fit our lifestyle and budget. She takes time to understand the needs you have and what fits us both with great coverage for a balanced financial expectation.

B.L., Customer

So happy with your knowledge and advice it saved me so much worry and confusion! I deeply appreciate the help. Social Security pretty much leaves you hanging with help or explanation!

K.C., Customer

Laura is a great person and was able to answer my questions and help me understand the process of what I needed.

J.L., Customer

Laura did a fantastic job taking care of me (even though I bugged her a lot). Always very friendly and so helpful. Thank you Laura for your help.

V.W., Customer

Laura Pecina served us very well. She was all of the following - friendly, professional, approachable, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable asking any questions, her answers were thorough, and well explained. I'm so glad she came to us, I was putting off shopping for insurance. She came to our house without an appointment, and I'm very glad she did.

J.D., Customer

NO MUSS, NO FUSS!! That's exactly the way I was treated, professionally/accurately! Laura answered all my questions regarding medical coverage that I was looking for and suggested and provided me with medical plans that satisfied my needs, taking care of all the paperwork required, leaving me with a smile on my face and saving money!! Thanks so very much for your professional, expert, courteous advice and service!!

D. G., Customer

Our forms were ready, they were expecting us and when we gave our name they seemed as if they had known us for a very long time. The transaction was quick and well explained. The staff was very professional yet very friendly. Thank you so much!

J. M., Customer

Laura explained the different plans and options in great detail, made choosing one a lot easier. The same goes for choosing a drug plan, Laura's expertise made it a lot simpler. The paper work was submitted in a timely manner, and I received all the paperwork and insurance cards long before I was expecting them. Thanks again Laura.

D. E., Customer

Worked hard to help me and I appreciated do your patience in explaining and answering all my questions. Very professional. Thanks

M. W., Customer

I really appreciated the various options you gave me. I felt you were truly interested in helping me make the right decisions.

C. W., Customer

I like the fact that you are local and I feel I can contact you with any questions or problems and I will get a quick response.

Cynthia S., customer since 2015

Laura made it easy for me to understand and decide which insurance I needed. She explained and answered all my questions . If I have any questions I feel comfortable calling and talking to her. I really was dreading having to make a decision but like I said Laura was a great help. Thank you Jackie Larimore

Jacqueline L., customer since 2015

You have been a tremendous help. I was worried I wouldn't get everything done re: insurance coverage etc..then you came by. Thank you. We will likely get funeral expense coverage from you as well for my husband.

Customer since 2015

You're friendly, knowledgable, trustworthy and personable and if you don't know an answer to a question you get the answers quickly. I would recommend you to everyone I know!

Karen R., customer since 2015

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