Luke Hockaday

Luke Hockaday

Sales Associate

Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Inc.
122 W. Prairie Avenue, Suite 201
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: 217-423-8000
Mobile: 217-433-9214

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Here's what Luke's Clients Say

Luke Hockaday is my agent and that insurance firm will help you in every possible way to get the best price for you. And from year to year review your insurance. Give them a call you will feel the same way i do.

S.B., Customer

As you know, I have always worked with Larry, he always had time for my questions and most IMPORTANT I always felt he had my best interest at heart ... not his. I consider that a very valuable fact with anyone I have dealings with. I recommend you highly.

D.B., Customer

You are always available with answers for our questions and very knowledgeable plus pleasant and a very helpful office staff. It is appreciated..

C.V., Customer

you are easy to work with you & your people thank you.

H.K., Customer

Luke is very friendly, accommodating, and confident. He knows his stuff! Customers specifically ask for him and remember him from year to year after half hour meetings. His sincerety shows through!

D.R., Customer

You helped us decide which insurance was the right ones for us. Saved us money. We have told several people how great u oh are to work with.

J.H., Customer

Customer service--trust and making us feel so comfortable which is why we have invested our money with Sams/Hockaday.

M.A., Customer

I was impressed with the 20 o/o coverage priemium for Medicare and the drug coverage. With my original drug coverage plan going up you saved me quite a lot other wise I wouldn't have been able to afford it or the Medicare supplement. Thank you.

J.P., Customer

Staff is always friendly. Luke is very helpful in finding the best policy that works for us.

J.H., Customer

My experience with your staff (mainly, Taylor). She is always very helpful, responds back immediately, and is very thorough!

M.L., Customer

Luke always keeps my needs first and foremost, and I never feel like he's rushed. He takes as much time as needed. He's also friendly and fun.

N.W., Customer

I did not have to read and look through a bunch of different insurance policies to find a sup. policy. Luke took care of it for me.

G.B., Customer

You come to a place in life that you need professional help with such things as life and health insurance. We have had Luke Hockaday as our Agent since he first started with Sams/Hockaday, and we really like the way he can call these many Insurance Companies and get quick results. He is very professional, yet he has a neat sense of humor that goes a long way. If you need the same help that we depend on, just call Luke @ 217-433-9214 and tell him Janet Jackson sent you!

J.J., Customer

Sams/Hockaday employees have been very courteous and professional.

L.G., Customer

Luke always made sure he returned our calls. He is very good with the older generation and described and explained questions so we understood

T.T., Customer

Luke helped me find an affordable Medicare, part D plan. I appreciate his effort!

R.B., Customer

Thanks for all your help with my accounts!

S.F., Customer

Making one feel at home and assured that the best is being done for me and my future!!!

C.P., Customer

Have always provided a timely response to any and all of my questions. Keep up the good work.

J.C., Customer

You have a good variety of products to choose from, by having access to many companies. Your people seem to know their product or they call in someone who can answer questions.

M.F., Customer

Luke has been very good at taking care of my insurance needs. He is such a personable young man.

C.W., Customer

Very knowledgeable , friendly and efficient also very trustworthy.

E.V., Customer

Always in touch. No pressure, just advice!

M.K., Customer

Appreciate your expertise and attention.

M.L., Customer

Meeting with Luke was a little like talking with a family member, no push in the direction he thought best, but here is the problem what do You think and can I help you get there.

R.B., Customer

Great to work with. They really do look for the best product for you and not what will make them the most money. Honest, sincere people. Luke took really good care of my elderly parents and I use him as well.

D.O., Customer

Helpful information that was explained well. Great friendly staff.

R.D., Customer

Luke is always willing to help us find the right insurance for our needs, whether it is life, health or long term care.

T.P., Customer

Great follow-up and above and beyond service!

K.W., Customer

Very helpful in securing a new supplemental Medicare for me for less money premium. Always welling to answer my questions. Thanks

P.L., Customer

Can always call and get an answer or a call back the same day

G.T., Customer

Luke has been the answer man for us.

S.S., Customer

We have received great quality service from Luke and staff while checking into insurance as Seniors. We do feel you truly care about our needs and have made us feel very welcome.

C.V., Customer

Luke is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

D.R., Customer

Answered my questions quickly, made it convenient for me, & got me a plan that benefited me.

P.F., Customer

Your office staff is very competent, anytime I call for help with dealing with our "Supplemental Providers", I always get good results!

M.L., Customer

You set me up with good, economical health coverage as well as life insurance. I have been in the hospital for 4 surgeries since August, 2015. I have not paid anything.. the insurance covered everhing. It's been nice to not worry about that.

G.J., Customer

Always very helpful and I know that I can trust you are getting us the best rates possible

J.H., Customer

You have always been there to answer our questions that we find important to us as the older generation. Someone patient and understanding means a lot. Thank you so much.

T.T., Customer

Luke is a super young man and makes a trusting agent. Wonderful to watch his little family grow (via pics on line). Keep up the good work Luke.

J.J., Customer

I truly appreciate The time and effort you put into trying to fine the best possible insurance plans for my situation. My wife will shortly be turning 65 and I know she will have the same confidence in the way you conduct your business as I do. Thanks again and God Bless

L.P., Customer

You have been very knowledgeable . Tried to find the best company to meet our needs.

N.D., Customer

I like the way you took your time explaining everything to me so I understood exactly what I was getting.

D.W., Customer

Great service and attention. Very knowledgeable and had our best interest and future in mind.

M.P., Customer

Luke made it very easy to understand and took whatever time was needed to help us.

M.P., Customer

Helpful, friendly, informed staff. Luke calls me with news and changes that I need to know about!

M.K., Customer

Appreciate your comprehensive knowledge of a rapidly-changing field, attention to detail, and personal (as opposed to electronic) attention.

M.L., Customer

I retired June 30, 2016 and Jim and I each needed a supplemental medical policy and a prescription plan. Luke walked us through this process. His recommendations were "perfect" for us....he set the supplemental policy and gave us step by step instructions on getting set up with the prescription plan. We ran into some "glitches" with the prescription plan and he returned our calls immediately. He never made us feel he was "too busy." We could not have been more pleased with the ease of this transition and Luke's professionalism.

S.W., Customer

Our guy Luke, makes eye contact as he works with us, he displays interest in who we are, Family, our years together in marriage more like the neighbor next door, he answers our questions and puts nothing out of bounds for discussion, He offers options, while explaining for our consideration a change in insurance policies, all around good service was ours. Thank You

R.B., Customer

Luke was always very pleasant a and answered all questions when asked. He was not pushy just told us what he had to offer and let us decide what was best for us. He even showed us pictures of baby Hazel when asked I had to beg him of course lol!

P.V., Customer

Friendly and information was explained very well. We have already recommended you to some of our friends.

R.D., Customer

The attention to detail and the calm and precise manner of your Representative Mr. Luke Hockaday was a pleasure as my not being in the insurance business it is so important that the Representative is attentive and caring and meeting all the customers concerns and needs not to mention matching the right product to the right customer's needs and Luke, Joyce and all the staff were very helpful and kind. It was a pleasure.

J. S., Customer

You made me feel like an important person, and took your time when explaining the options I have in picking my secondary insurance. I felt like I wasn't being rushed either. Thank you for helping me find the right insurance company.

B. M., Customer

You have given us the help we wanted in selecting our part D and supplemental insurance coverage. we appreciate the fact that you are always there to answer any questions we have.

W. A., Customer

Your explanation of the services you offer that we are using.

N. J., Customer

Without asking you found me a more affordable insurance. You were helpful getting my refund from the insurance I was canceling. I feel like you were very sincere in saying if I need anything I can call. Really appreciate how kind you were. I would be happy to recommend you and your firm to anyone.

E. E., Customer

Very helpful, Extremely nice people to work with

G. H., Customer

When we received the letter telling us after over 40 years that we would no longer have insurance we were at a complete loss. Luke helped us every step of the way to find the right plan for us. We can not thank him enough.

J. H., Customer

Luke is very friendly, personable, and engaging. More than that, he knows his stuff and handles himself very professionally. I already have referred people to him and will continue to do so.

D. R., Customer

You were very helpful and very nice. Explained everything well.

S. F., Customer

You looked until you found the right plan for me and my wife. You explained everything very thoroughly to us. Thank You !

T. G., Customer

Luke was friendly and low key.(not the high pressure type which turns me off.) Was knowledgeable and provide timely service.

W. F., Customer

Luke is very personable and helpful.

W. P., Customer

you have been so nice to me and so helpful any time I call and need help with any thing you take time for me

D. W., Customer

I have the feeling and belief that Luke was doing all he could to find a better insurance plan for me. THANKS !

Robert B., customer since 2011

We are so pleased with everyone at Sam's Hockaday. We feel like we always get the best customer service and that you are always concerned about what is best for us as well as our investments. Thank you for everything.

M. A., Customer

I feel that you always take the time to do the best for us.. The agency is always courteous and friendly.

J. H., Customer

Have kept us informed of any changes that may change our polices. Have always answered any we questions we may have. Have respoonded via email on any questions we have emailed to you. Keep up the good work!

J. C., Customer

You do EVERYTHING right. Beginning with an agent with a great personality who makes me feel that my business and welfare is of utmost importance. You have always guided me to the coverage that is best for me at the lowest price. Thank you!

K. W., Customer

Luke has always been willing to go above and beyond to help solve any issues I have had to receive reimbursements from the insurance companies. He has a very positive attitude and is very knowledgeable about the insurance industry. I truly believe I would have made better financial decisions earlier if I had someone like Luke to guide my insurance needs.

K. T., Customer

Luke I very much appreciate your hands on approach in dealing with clients. It makes me feel that you have a real concern for those you serve. I look forward to the yearly visits for my medicare updates and renewals. I also feel confident that should some unforseen issue arise where I needed assistance I feel you would have a genuine concern in helping me getting it resolved. Also when my wife reaches 65 you will have another added customer.

L. P., Customer

Luke, you came along just at the right time when we had to choose our own insurance and you sold us on your easy going manner and the fact we had many choices in your company to choose from.

J. J., Customer

We find insurance agent Luke Hockaday very professional and knowledgeable . He has been in our house and is very respectful.

Lois G., customer since 2013

Everyone I recommended you to has been very satisfied and you have been really helpful to me. Thank you so much.

N. D., Customer

Luke was so personable. He made it very easy on me. Loved doing business with you all

Catherine W., customer since 2015

work hard with us to see that everything was completed to the insurance companies satisfaction

Edward D., customer since 2008

Explained thoroughly, answered questions, patience.

Customer since 2015

My agent Luke Hockaday is the best. He is always on top of everything you need to know. He is very nice and friendly. He takes care of me if I have any concerns at all. Very happy with him.

Phyllis J., customer since 2014

We feel very fortunate to have Sams/Hockaday taking care of our investments and we can' t say enough nice things about all of the wonderful people. We would highly recommend their investment firm to everyone.

Mona A., customer since 2014

To begin with you had a seminar explaining my options for healthcare. Then after I enrolled in one of your options you have continued to follow up with what you can do to make it better.

Customer since 2014

Always very helpful and friendly Has the customer's best interest.

Customer since 2014

I love Sams/Hockaday but I'm not one to offer investment advice to many people, even my family, Sorry . I didn't get question # 2 Dixie

Customer since 2013

You respond in a timely fashion. You also keep me nformed.r

Gloria J., customer since 2011

Luke Hockaday is always eager to help us find a new plan when premiums get to high for us to afford. He goes the extra mile.

Nancy W., customer since 2011

You always answer all my questions.

Myrtle L., customer since 2006

You don't just give us a policy and forget about us. You always follow up, and try to find the best rates on insurance. You are always very caring and friendly and make us feel like family!!! We trust you. Thank you!

Barbara N., customer since 2013

I appreciate the fact that you are willing to come to my home and talk business, so I do not have to drive to an office.

David K., customer since 2013

You answered all of my questions when transferring from the State to what you could offer. Thank you so much! I have recommended you to several friends.

Janet M., customer since 2015

Luke is so helpful and makes sure he gets me the information I need in order to make the best decision.

Customer since 2013

Luke, your personality, the way you treat people, by the way you find answers to their questions, and you return phone calls.

Gary B., customer since 2012

Agent not pushey, easy to talk to, explains insurance coverage well .

Lois G., customer since 2013

I was just glad to hear about the John Hancock long term care/life Insurance policy they offer. My husband had complained for years trying to get me to invest in stocks, but I refused. Boy was he shocked when I immediately decided to sock some away in this policy. Now he has nothing more to complain about!

Customer since 2011

Luke Hockaday provides great customer service. He is very knowledgeable about his insurance products. And he is explains everything to make it very understandable. I would definitely recommend him. Wish I would have had an insurance agent like Luke years ago.

Karen T., customer since 2014

I love the competitive prices you were able to secure for me on both the drugs and supplemental health policies. Also for the first time in about 3 years I am able to use some recommended medicine from my dermatologist that I was unable to recieve with the other policy . Thanks for the great effort. Larry

Laurence P., customer since 2014

We have been exceptionally pleased to work with Sams/Hockaday and with Luke Hockaday. Luke has always been professional but also very personable and you feel like he really cares! We've only had one little issue with a bill (which was not their fault) but we took it to the office and it was taken care of for us and they happily agreed to do so. We always recommend Luke and Hockaday Insurance to everyone we know.

Patricia B., customer since 2013

You found cheaper insurance for me without me even asking!

Robert C., customer since 2011

I found Luke to be very personable and always more than willing to find the information that I requested of him. If he didn't know the answer at the time he would either find it himself or ask someone in the know. From our first meeting with Luke my wife and I felt extremely comfortable with him and the way he conducted himself. We feel like they offered a great product and we couldn't be more pleased at this time.

Michael S., customer since 2014

Very responsive and knowledgable. I feel comfortable that with the coverage and confident that Luke will make sure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.

Rich H., customer since 2015

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