70 People Ages 5-75 Answer One Question: What’s Your Goal In Life?

70 People Ages 5-75 Answer One Question: What’s Your Goal In Life?

These videos are taking over the internet, so we thought we would bring one of our favorites to you.

Glamour Magazine teamed up with 70 people, from age 5-75 and asked them one question: what’s your goal in life?

Their answers range from funny to captivating to inspiring, so we thought we’d bring them to you. Keep an eye out for some of the patterns. We had a fun time breaking this down, and you can see our little bit of commentary at the end. You can also see the full video at the end of this post.

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What’s your goal in life?

Age 5: “I play lacrosse and it has a goalie.”

Age 6: “No.”

Age 7: “I’m not really sure actually.”

Age 8: “No.”

Age 9: “Be very rich and very famous. I’d like to live in Connecticut.”

Age 10: “I have a lot.”

Age 11: “I wanna be famous.”

Age 12: “To just be happy.”

Age 13: “I’m deciding between an actor or musician.”

Age 14: “I wanna make a difference in life.”

Age 15: “To be like one of the first petite Victoria’s Secret angels.”

Age 16: “Probably to be a very famous actress.”

Age 17: “To be happy.”

Age 18: “To write and publish a novel.”

Age 19: “I wanna be a house husband.”

Age 20: “To find somebody to spend the rest of my life with. I would like to raise a family, and I would like to have a career that I’m passionate about.”

Age 21: “To be happy.”

Age 22: “I wanna wake up every day and love what I do.”

Age 23: “To be financially and economically independent.”

Age 24: “To be happy.”

Age 25: “To win an oscar.”

Age 26: “To travel the world.”

Age 27: “To travel more.”

Age 28: “To have creative control of what I do.”

Age 29: “I really want like a bungalow and a backyard, and I can just like run around.”

Age 30: “To be OK with where I’m at in my life.”

Age 31: “Freedom. I just wanna be able to travel when I wanna travel.”

Age 32: “I have a goal of buying a house.”

Age 33: “I would definitely like to travel more.”

Age 34: “I just wanna get paid for being myself.”

Age 35: “To always wake up with a passion for the day that’s gonna come.”

Age 36: “Retire early and travel.”

Age 37: “Be happy and to be successful.”

Age 38: “To raise my children to be respectful and successful.”

Age 39: “To be happy.”

Age 40: “Just to be a good person.”

Age 41: “Retire and make sure my ducks are in a row.”

Age 42: “I want to get to the point where the punches don’t even feel like punches.”

Age 43: “To win an Academy Award.”

Age 44: “To pass on the things that have worked out well in my life.”

Age 45: “Live life to the fullest. Don’t take anything for granted.”

Age 46: “To see the creative projects I’ve been working on succeed.”

Age 47: “To live an independent, happy life.”

Age 48: “To create and to continue my art business.”

Age 49: “Make sure that my children are independent.”

Age 50: “To be a really good mother to children and be a good role model for them.”

Age 51: “Just to be happy, man.”

Age 52: “To make a difference.”

Age 53: “Live a very long time, very healthy.”

Age 54: “World domination.”

Age 55: “To be content.”

Age 56: “To stay happy and be happy.”

Age 57: “To be happy.”

Age 58: “To learn as much as I can about myself. Be in control of myself.”

Age 59: “Continue to have my health.”

Age 60: “I believe I’ve already done that. Not totally completed it, but I’ve retired early. Bought a place in Manhattan, and I’m living here and enjoying.

Age 61: “To make a living singing and acting.”

Age 62: “My goals right now are mostly for my son.”

Age 63: “When I die, I don’t want to regret not having done things.”

Age 64: “Right now, it’s happiness.”

Age 65: “To help others to be happy.”

Age 66: “I want to try and make life better for someone else.”

Age 67: “I just look forward to actually most of my days. It’s a good time.”

Age 68: “To leave something behind that people will say, ‘oh yeah, she was here.’”

Age 69: “To stay calm and not panic.”

Age 70: “To make a difference.”

Age 71: “To win an Oscar.”

Age 72: “I aim to live each day with an appreciation.”

Age 73: “To be as much as myself as I can.”

Age 74: “I want to be happy. I want to make the people around me happy.”

Age 75: “I wanna go out with my boots on. I wanna keep moving.”

Some of these life goals are funny, some are sweet, some are creepy… and some show a pattern.

We couldn’t help but notice many of those patterns:

  • Many of the younger participants just weren’t sure (or didn’t know at all)
  • Many of the teenagers were focused on a career
  • The late 20s and 30s are all about independence and freedom (and travel!)
  • Many of the women were focused on family and their children

Finally, we noticed that the desire to reach full happiness defies age. In fact, we did a little math, and 20% of the participants have a goal that revolved around the word “happiness.”

That’s not to say that some of the other goals mentioned will inevitably lead to happiness.

So, what did we learn from this?

A lot of us want to be happy.

Oh, and we’ll never stop wanting to win an Oscar.

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