A Complete List of Board-Certified Family Doctors in Decatur, IL That Accept Medicare

A Complete List of Board-Certified Family Doctors in Decatur, IL That Accept Medicare

If you’re new to Medicare, you may want to check that your local family doctor accepts Medicare assignment. This just means that the doctor accepts Medicare-approved payment amounts.

For example, a doctor might charge $1,500 for a procedure, but Medicare only approves $1,200 for that procedure. If the doctor accepts assignment, they’ll lower their billing rate to the approved $1,200. If they don’t accept assignment, you would receive a bill in the form of an excess charge. (Note that Medicare Supplement Plans F and G cover excess charges.)

Using’s Physician Compare tool, we’ve found a variety of family doctors in Decatur, Forsyth, and Mt. Zion, IL that are board-certified and accept Medicare.

Keep in mind that some doctors might not stay updated with Medicare’s website, so if you don’t see your doctor on this list, call their office and ask if they accept Medicare assignment.

Also, let us all know in the comment section at the end of this article – which doctor do you use, and would you recommend them?

Decatur Memorial Hospital

Decatur Memorial Hospital (DMH) first opened on January 1, 1916, and since then, it has been transformed from a one-building facility to a multi-facility medical complex with 30 satellite offices offering the latest in healthcare diagnostic and treatment modalities.

DMH is a not-for-profit private hospital with over 2,100 employees. According to, there are 16 doctors that practice family medicine, are board certified, and accept Medicare assignment at DMH.

  1. Michael Murray Wall
  2. Maryam Qureshi
  3. Anthony T Mccormack
  4. Craig E Brown
  5. Arun Gunda
  6. Debra K Jackson
  7. Sudhakar R Konda
  8. Munjum R Ashu
  9. Jagan Mohan R Bokka
  10. David A Ibrahim
  11. Hasitha R Idangodage
  12. Asad Jamal
  13. Anthony C Jones
  14. Zachary J Shipp
  15. Sneha Kumar
  16. Roberto G Pabalate

HSHS Medical Group Inc (St. Mary’s Hospital)

HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital was founded in 1878 by three Hospital Sisters of St. Francis. The hospital has 244 beds and is situated on an attractive 21-acre campus overlooking Lake Decatur.

HSHS St. Mary's Hospital is an affiliate of the Hospital Sisters Health System, which is a multi-institutional health care system that cares for patients in 14 communities in Illinois and Wisconsin. HSHS states that its mission is “to reveal and embody Christ’s healing love for all people through our high-quality Franciscan health care ministry.”

St. Mary’s has 8 doctors that practice family medicine, are board certified, and accept Medicare assignment.

  1. Joan Covault
  2. Olufemi Akinyede
  3. Scott Bilyeu
  4. Swapna Reddy Allamreddy
  5. Brian Klostermann
  6. Mubashir S Saeed
  7. Brooke N Ballard
  8. Daniel B Smith

Crossing Healthcare (formerly Community Health Improvement Center)

Crossing Healthcare, formerly the Community Health Improvement Center, is a federally qualified health center that provides primary outpatient healthcare. Crossing Healthcare was founded in 1972 and serves Decatur as a non-profit organization.

Crossing Healthcare employs more than 100 people and treats over 17,000 individuals each year. They currently have 1 doctor that practices family medicine, is board certified, and accepts Medicare assignment.

  1. Dana M Ray

Springfield Clinic LLP

Springfield Clinic serves the health care needs of patients in central Illinois by providing a comprehensive network of medical offices throughout the region. They boast that they provide the service of a large, metropolitan health center without the traffic and parking difficulties.

They have more than 40 locations, and one of them is in Decatur, IL. They have 5 doctors that practice family medicine, are board certified, and accept Medicare assignment.

  1. John P Dimondo
  2. Dennis O Heim
  3. Steven J Lewis
  4. Cynthia D Marschner
  5. Dennis J Rademacher

Let us know in the comments below – which doctor do you have, and would you recommend him or her?

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