2022 Medicare Advantage Plans In Decatur, IL

2022 Medicare Advantage Plans In Decatur, IL

From October 15-December 7, you have the opportunity to enroll in Medicare health and drug plans for 2022. If you enroll in a plan during this Annual Open Enrollment Period, that plan will begin on January 1, 2022.

Medicare Advantage is expanding rapidly across the country, and we’re also seeing it here in Decatur. Two years ago, there were only four Medicare Advantage plans available. Last year, there were 17 plans, and this year, there are a total of 21 Medicare Advantage plans in Macon County, Illinois.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Medicare Advantage plan options in Decatur, IL.

Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.

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Should I Switch to Medicare Advantage?

Before we get into the available Medicare Advantage options in Decatur, IL for 2022, you might be wondering if you should consider switching from your Medicare Supplement plan.

Consider Plan Choices

We have 21 Medicare Advantage plans in Decatur – the national average last year was 47 (CMS). For comparison, Chicago has 56 plan options for 2022!

So, while we do have more plans here than ever before, it’s still not much compared to the national average.

Smaller cities and rural areas have fewer plan choices, making it difficult to find a competitive plan. In other words, less competition means less attractive plans.

As an example, one of the most competitive plans in Chicago offers a $0 premium and a $2,600 out-of-pocket maximum (Humana Gold Plus HMO). One of the most competitive plans in Decatur offers a $0 premium and a $6,700 out-of-pocket maximum (Health Alliance Medicare HMO Basic). That's a pretty big difference!

While Medicare Advantage may still be the best option for you, our plans are simply not as competitive as they are in larger cities and metro areas.

Consider the Network

One of the most common concerns about Medicare Advantage plans are the network restrictions.

Medicare Advantage plans are network-based, meaning you need to see physicians that accept the plan. HMOs are the strictest, PPOs offer more flexibility, and the MSA technically does not have a network.

As with any medical insurance product you have, always make sure your provider accepts it!

You Still Pay the Part B Premium

If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, you should know you are still required to pay the Medicare Part B premium of $148.50 per month in 2021. The Part B premium for 2022 has not been announced yet.

Some clients see the $0 premium feature of many Medicare Advantage plans and get excited, and while the Medicare Advantage plan may be $0 premium, you still have to pay your Medicare Part B premium.

Even though you are forfeiting your Original Medicare benefits in favor of a private Medicare Advantage plan, you still must pay that premium.

Most Competitive 2022 Medicare Advantage Plans In Macon County, Illinois

There are 21 Medicare Advantage plans to analyze and consider for 2022. After running several comparisons, a few plans stick out as the most attractive. Keep in mind our agents can run a customized plan comparison for you based on your prescriptions, providers, preferred pharmacy, and current health.

Aetna Medicare Value (PPO)

Aetna’s Medicare Value PPO is $0 premium and has the benefit of a national provider network. This means you’d have more flexibility to travel or go to another state for part of the year.  

In addition to a $0 premium, this plan also has a $0 health and drug deductible and a $4,650 in-network out-of-pocket maximum. The in and out-of-network maximum is $7,000.

Some brief plan highlights:

  • $0 copay for in-network primary doctor visits
  • $40 copay for in-network specialist visits
  • $40 copay for urgent care
  • $90 copay for ER
  • Extra benefits included (plan limits apply): hearing, dental, vision, fitness benefits, over-the-counter drugs, telehealth, worldwide emergency coverage, and meals for a short duration.

One attractive part of this plan’s drug component is preferred generics and generics have a $0 copay. If you take a generic drug (and it’s in this plan’s formulary), you may pay nothing for your prescriptions.  

However, the best way to find out if your prescriptions are affordable under this plan is to have your agent run a plan comparison.

Lasso Healthcare Growth (MSA)

Lasso Healthcare is the only company offering MSA Medicare Advantage plans in Macon County for 2022. In fact, this is the first company to sell an MSA in Decatur, IL – ever!

The MSA is the only Medicare Advantage plan that actually gives money to the member to use for qualified medical expenses. It’s an exciting option gaining a lot of traction as it goes into its fourth year here.

There are two MSA plan options from Lasso Healthcare, Growth and Growth Plus.

With both plans, you receive your annual deposit at the beginning of the year that you can use to pay for qualified medical expenses. If you don’t use all of that money, it rolls over to the following year.

This plan doesn’t include drug coverage, but you are allowed to purchase a separate Medicare Part D drug plan. This plan also does not include many “extra” benefits.

Unlike other Medicare Advantage plans, the MSA has no provider network and is currently accepted by thousands of providers across the U.S. However, physicians can choose to reject the plan if they wish, so as always, be sure to check with your providers before you enroll in the plan.

Other 2022 Medicare Advantage Plan Options In Macon County

There are several other plan options available in Macon County for 2022, including HMOs and PPOs. However, HMOs can be difficult to recommend because of the strict provider networks.

If you are interested in an HMO plan, please double check that your doctors, specialists, hospital of choice, and pharmacy are accepted by the plan.

Also, there are several more PPOs available besides the Aetna Medicare Value, but they don’t look quite as competitive as Aetna’s plan.  

As always, our licensed agents can run a comparison for you that takes into account your prescriptions and providers. We will ensure your plan is compatible with your needs.


The most competitive Medicare Advantage plans in Macon County for 2022, in our opinion, are the Aetna Medicare Value PPO and the Lasso Healthcare MSA (either of the two MSA plan options).

These plans are $0 premium and have flexible networks. Aetna has the benefit of having a national network, so you have more flexibility to travel or go to another state for part of the year. Lasso Healthcare has the benefit of having no provider network.

In both cases, we still recommended checking with your preferred providers to make sure they accept the plan. We recommend this before enrolling in any Medicare Advantage plan.

In addition, the Lasso Healthcare MSA is very unique and arguably offers the most attractive “extra” – money! Each year, the member is given a deposit to use towards qualified medical expenses. That money rolls over to the next year if you don’t use it.

While we highly recommend a Medicare Supplement to many of our clients, these the two options are worth considering on the Medicare Advantage side for 2022 (in our opinion).

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Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.