Say Goodbye to the Donut Hole! 2025 Medicare Part D Changes

Say Goodbye to the Donut Hole! 2025 Medicare Part D Changes

Starting in 2025, there are some big changes coming to Medicare Part D. These changes aim to make your drug costs more predictable and affordable. 

Here’s what you need to know.

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Three Coverage Phases

Part D prescription drug plans in 2025 will have three coverage phases that you will progress through as your spending increases throughout the year.

  1. Annual Deductible: You’ll pay 100% of your prescription costs until you hit the deductible amount, which will be $590 in 2025.
  2. Initial Coverage: After you’ve met the deductible, you’ll pay 25% of your prescription costs. This phase lasts until your out-of-pocket costs reach $2,000.
  3. Catastrophic Coverage: Once you hit that $2,000 mark, you won’t have to pay anything more for your covered drugs for the rest of the year.

No More Coverage Gap (Donut Hole)

That confusing coverage gap where you paid more out-of-pocket? It’s going away. 

Instead, a new Manufacturer Discount Program will help lower your costs.

Out-of-Pocket Limit

The most you’ll spend out-of-pocket for your covered drugs in a year will be capped at $2,000. After that, you’re covered 100%.

What Does This Mean for You?

Lower Costs Overall: Your annual out-of-pocket spending will be capped, so you won’t face unexpected high costs if you need expensive medications.

Simpler Coverage: No more donut hole to worry about. Once you hit your deductible, you move through the phases more smoothly.

Discounts on Drugs: Even before you hit your deductible, some drugs like insulin and vaccines will have lower costs.

Key Points to Remember

True Out-of-Pocket Costs (TrOOP): This is the total amount you pay for your prescriptions. In 2025, more types of payments will count towards this total, helping you reach that $2,000 limit faster.

Revised Drug Coverage: Certain drugs won’t require you to meet the deductible before you get help with costs. This includes some insulins and vaccines.

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How It Works

Here’s how your Part D prescription drug coverage will work in 2025:

  • Deductible Phase: You pay the full cost of your drugs until you’ve spent $590.
  • Initial Coverage Phase: You pay 25% of your drug costs until your out-of-pocket spending hits $2,000.
  • Catastrophic Coverage Phase: After spending $2,000, you won’t pay anything more for covered drugs for the rest of the year.

This redesign should make your drug costs more predictable and easier to manage. 

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Why Part D Is Changing

You might be wondering why all these changes to Medicare Part D are happening. It’s all thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law in 2022.

Here’s a quick rundown of why these changes are being made:

  1. Lowering Costs: One of the main aims is to reduce the amount you have to spend out-of-pocket on prescription drugs. By capping your annual costs at $2,000, the law helps protect you from high drug expenses.
  2. Simplifying Coverage: The law gets rid of the confusing donut hole (the coverage gap), making it easier for you to understand your drug costs throughout the year. This part of Part D has been notoriously hard for us to explain over the years, so we are grateful!
  3. Providing Discounts: It introduces the Manufacturer Discount Program, which helps lower the cost of your medications even before you reach your deductible.
  4. Improving Predictability: With clearer phases of coverage and specific spending caps, you’ll know what to expect and can better budget for your healthcare needs.

In short, these changes are designed to make your Medicare Part D coverage simpler, more predictable, and less expensive, helping you get the medications you need without breaking the bank.


Part D will continue to change through 2029, so stay posted for future updates. We're excited about how these new changes will hopefully lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for everyone.

If you have questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experienced, licensed insurance agents. We’re here to help!

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