Top 2023 Medicare Drug Plans for Local Pharmacies In Decatur, IL

Top 2023 Medicare Drug Plans for Local Pharmacies In Decatur, IL

Do you prefer going to a local pharmacy in the Decatur, IL area like Colee’s, Dale’s, or Sav More?

Make sure your Medicare Part D drug plan is compatible so you can minimize your out-of-pocket prescription costs.

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Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.

What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is your prescription drug coverage. Part D plans are sold by private insurance companies and approved by Medicare.

Everyone with Medicare can enroll in a Part D plan, and if you don’t when you’re first eligible, you may start accruing late enrollment penalties.

Every Part D plan is different – drug plans have different premiums, copays at the pharmacy, formularies, and in-network pharmacies.

It’s important to shop Part D plans every year during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), which lasts from October 15-December 7.

Which Medicare Part D Plan Is the Best?

The beauty – and complexity – of Medicare Part D plans is that every plan is different. There are dozens of options, which offers a lot of freedom of choice, but it can be hard to determine which plan is best.

With Medicare Part D, there truly is no “best” plan for everyone. We can run a personalized plan comparison with your medication list and preferred pharmacy. Then, we can quickly see which plan is compatible with your drugs and will cost you the least amount of money.

You can compare plans side-by-side in Medicare's Plan Finder tool. You can even see a the bottom which of your pharmacies are in-network with the plan.

In addition, Part D plans can change every year. If you loved your plan this year, it doesn’t mean you’ll love it next year. Premiums, copays, and deductibles can change, and the list of covered drugs (your formulary) can also change. It’s critical to shop the available plans every single year.

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Which Part D Plans Work Well with Local Decatur Pharmacies?

For clients looking for that hometown service, a local pharmacy can be a fantastic option. Many of our clients here at Sams/Hockaday prefer to go to a local pharmacy instead of a national chain. They have a more hometown feel, and oftentimes, the service is better and more reliable.

If you want to go to Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy, Colee’s Corner Drugs, or Sav More Pharmacy, you need to ensure your Medicare Part D plan is compatible.

You should always choose a drug plan that fits your medication list. In addition, you want to ensure your favorite pharmacy is in-network.

If it's not in-network, just confirm that you're OK with the copays you'll have at the pharmacy. For example, copays might be $0 at an in-network pharmacy and $15 at a standard pharmacy.

You should always choose a drug plan that fits your medication list. In addition, you want to ensure your favorite pharmacy is in-network.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is compatible with the local pharmacies in the Decatur, IL area. Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, Colee's Corner Drugs, and Sav More Pharmacy are preferred, in-network pharmacies. This means you'll get the best prices when you get your prescriptions filled there.

Mutual of Omaha's plan premium is in the $18 dollar range. It also has $0 copays for preferred generics, meaning you would not pay anything at the pharmacy for preferred generics, such as simvastatin.


Cigna is another great choice for those who like to fill prescriptions at a local, hometown pharmacy like Dale's or Colee's. Cigna has a plan with a premium in the $12 range that is in-network with several local pharmacies. The plan does have a $505 drug deductible, so as always, we need to add your prescriptions when running our plan comparisons.

Cigna may be the most compatible plan for you depending on which medications you take. With Cigna's plan, generic drugs like simvastatin are showing a $6.85 pharmacy copay at pharmacies like Dale's or Colee's, which is the same exact copay you'd have if going to a chain like CVS.

In every case, the best way to find out which plan is best for you is to call us for help (217-423-8000). We need your medication list to run a drug comparison. We will determine which plan has the lowest annual cost for you.

Should I Switch Part D Plans?

To find out if you should switch Part D plans, just give us a call! We can run a drug plan comparison as long as we have your medication list and favorite pharmacy.  

We can quickly determine the lowest cost plan in Decatur, IL, and we can give you a full breakdown of your costs under that plan, including what your monthly copays at the pharmacy will be.


Don’t forget that the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is one of the only times of year you can switch Part D drug plans. Even if you love your plan now, you need to shop the market to ensure it’s still the best plan for you in 2023.

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Disclaimer: We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 4 organizations which offer 41 products in your area. Please contact, 1‑800‑MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all of your options. Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.