Joyce Is Retiring After 20 Years with Sams/Hockaday

Joyce Is Retiring After 20 Years with Sams/Hockaday

After nearly 20 years as a Customer Service Rep with Sams/Hockaday & Associates, Joyce Pajak is retiring.  

“I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. I’m leaving with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I have peace, happiness, and joy in my heart that this job was a gift from the Lord, and now I can rest and make more time for family,” Joyce says.

Joyce has spent the last 19+ years serving clients here at Sams/Hockaday. She says she looked at many clients like they were her own parents who struggled to figure out Medicare and other retirement needs. She hopes that through the years, she’s offered clients peace and comfort knowing their business here is taken seriously.

Joyce says she always wanted to ensure clients knew they were her top priority and that their needs weren’t just sitting on a desk somewhere in a stack of papers nobody cared about.

“It has been my pleasure to serve proudly with the company that looks after and cares for the clients we serve. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life and what God has in store for me,” she says.

Praise From Sams/Hockaday

“Joyce will be so missed! She’s one of those people that has an attitude and effort that’s always there, every single day. Our customers absolutely love her. She’s been one of those humble blessings to everyone,” John Hockaday, Co-founder of Sams/Hockaday, says.  

“We’re so happy for her and Pat and hope they get to travel and do a lot of the things they haven’t been able to,” John continues.

Jeff, Co-founder, says, “I absolutely loved working with Joyce. I can’t express enough my appreciation for all she did for us. I wish her and Pat nothing but the best in retirement!”

Michael Sams, a friend and coworker to Joyce, says, “She never had a bad day in 20 years. No matter what life threw her way, she never brought it to work. You cannot replace the person Joyce Pajak is. She is a godly woman, no gossip, no bologna – she treated everyone like they were her own mother or grandmother.”

We Will Miss You!

In retirement, Joyce plans to see the grandkids more, go on more family vacations, and go to Cubs games. She also jokes she has a honey-do list for her husband that’s so long he may want her to come back to work!

Jokes aside, everyone at Sams/Hockaday, from coworkers to clients, will sincerely miss you, Joyce, and we wish you the best in your retirement. Safe travels, and thank you for your many years of service!

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