Michael Sams Earns 2018 Agent of the Year Award

Michael Sams Earns 2018 Agent of the Year Award

Michael Sams, a senior market insurance agent for Sams/Hockaday & Associates, has earned the 2018 Agent of the Year Award.

This is Sams’ 6th time receiving the award (Sams also was awarded in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017).

Since 2005, Sams has been helping seniors save money and time when it comes to their insurance needs. Medicare can be quite confusing, but Sams makes it easy for his clients by ditching the lingo and explaining the details simply.

Here are some reviews from his valued clients:

“Mr. Sams, You made a confusing time about insurance a not so bad experience, we liked that you gave us the best choice for us.” – S.M.

“Michael is very personable, knowledgeable, and makes confusing information understandable. [...]” – L.S.

“I've been working with Michael Sams for about 5 years since my mother went on Medicare. The world of Medicare (supplement policies, prescription policies, the donut hole, etc.) can be very confusing and overwhelming. Michael has always been exceptionally patient, kind and has walked me through the process of choosing the right policies for my mother.” – M.C.

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As a Medicare expert, Sams also offers assistance with retirement planning and an overall Medicare plan. He explains that many individuals aging into Medicare don’t have a broad picture of what’s going to be paid for and what they’ll be on the hook for.

“For example,” he explains, “Many don’t realize that there’s a huge coverage gap when it comes to cancer costs.”

If you were to be diagnosed with cancer, Medicare would only help pay for the medical expenses. However, the American Cancer Society tells us that two-thirds of cancer-related costs are non-medical. But, what does that mean?

Sams explains: “Those non-medical costs refer to things like loss of income, transportation, lodging, and experimental drugs. I’ll give you a short example: Marty was paying $4,700 per month out of his own pocket for an experimental drug. Experimental drugs aren’t covered by Medicare, but this drug had seen success with other cancer patients, and they expected it to increase his lifespan.”

It’s experiences like these that help Sams educate and prepare his clients for potential gaps in their coverage.

Something else that Sams often comes across is individuals who have a sum of money earning little to no interest in the bank.

“If you don’t need access to that money, and the stock market is not a risk you want to take at this stage in your life, I can help. We have a guaranteed contract that gives you 100% safety – zero risk – and you can earn right around 4% interest on your money right now,” he says.

Sams has helped hundreds of seniors earn safe interest on their money, which not only helps them beat the rising cost of inflation, but it offers a blanket of safety over their retirement.

One of the individuals Sams has helped in this way explains:

“The guaranteed annuity rates more than double bank CD rates. At this point in my life, I want secure returns which I feel I am getting here. I am pleased with the help in getting supplemental insurance as well. – D.K.”

After all these years of being in insurance, Sams says that he’s never loved his job more. “It’s the relationships I get to create with my clients that makes all of this so meaningful to me. I just love helping people, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

To his current clients, Michael wants to say thank you for making this award possible. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” he says.

If you’re interested in a free Medicare consultation with Michael, call our office at 217-423-8000 to schedule an appointment today!

Here's What Michael's Clients Say

Knowledgeable and friendly. Always making sure I understand everything.

L.H., Customer

The personal attention given to me and my wife. Taking time to make sure we understood what was available and showed us the different options and what were the best options.

R.M., Customer

I really appreciate the help you give me with Part D.

J.O., Customer

Michael was so easy to talk with and I have referred several people to him

B.S., Customer

We've been treated like we are family. Michael seems to care about our needs and has given us suggestions on older policies that we can change to benefit down the road.

R.B., Customer

Michael Sam's has always been very accommodating to my schedule. He explains things so I can understand. He answers all my questions whether in person or text. I have recommended Michael to several of my clients/friends. Very pleased with his services.

C.S., Customer

You've always given us great advice paying attention to the details of our lives as well as the regulations. We've recommended you to three friends.

M.C., Customer

One on one contact rather than talking to a robot on the phone. Knowledge of insurance plans and help when its needed.

L.H., Customer

You always watch for a better program to save me money and be sufficient for my needs. It has always turned out to be better then the previous one.. Thanks Michael Sams I can trust you.

R.R., Customer

You were very informative and answered our questions very precisely

T.Y., Customer

The company that I retired from uses a firm to provide health and drug insurance. The plans offered by this firm are limited and more expensive than those carried by Sams/Hockaday. Also Sams/Hockaday helps me to apply for my insurance reimbursement. Joyce is great!

J.F., Customer

excellent presentation and follow up. Felt that my questions were answered.

R.W., Customer

Michael Sams is an excellent agent! He is very patient and knowledgeable in all aspects of senior age concerns. I recommend to everyone that he explains insurance in the easiest way possible!

B.S., Customer

I've been working with Michael Sams for about 5 years since my mother went on Medicare. The world of Medicare (supplement policies, prescription policies, the donut hole, etc.) can be very confusing and overwhelming. Michael has always been exceptionally patient, kind and has walked me through the process of choosing the right policies for my mother. My father retired this year, and now he's been added to the list of clients at SamsHockaday. Michael walked me through his process and everything was flawless. My family and I are so appreciative of the attention, expertise and services provided by Michael. Thank you so very much for making something that can be stressful and overwhelming go smoothly and seem so easy!

M.C., Customer

everyone was friendly and helpful

B.B., Customer

You've always found a company that fits my prescription needs and with great savings too. Our questions are answered without us having to wait for a callback. Thank you for being very knowledgeable in your field.

C.K., Customer

It gives Kris and I peace of mind knowing that you will keep us informed as to witch insurance is best for us. Thank You

D.B., Customer

You are very good at keeping us informed as to which plan is best for us and why. As far as I'm concerned, you are the go to guy when it comes to insurance. If I had cash to invest I would go to you with that also because of your honesty and not pressuring us. I definitely rate you a 10.

L.A., Customer

It's very comforting to me knowing that Michael will search out the best Medicare supplement for me, and I don't have to worry about it.

N.B., Customer

Sam's is very knowledgeable with insurance plans and extremely helpful in selecting the right plan for me.

W.H., Customer

I am always kept informed and feel that if I want to make changes Michael will have the knowledge and expertise to help me. When I signed up for Medicare, Michael made it so much easier than I thought it would be!

C.B., Customer

Totally satisfied. You were a big help to us.

M.R., Customer

Time well spent. No rush. Makes the best recommendations.

N.R., Customer

When rates were raised from one company, you took time to find a less expensive rate for us. Even after moving to Texas you took the time to find us a good rate down here. Thanks Michael!!

D.B., Customer

Your company returns calls promptly and offers so much help for the questions and situations that I have. You have been a great help to me.

J.H., Customer

Your agency has gone the extra mile in finding the best solutions that meet our need. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to know and work with.

H.F., Customer

Michael, when Sherry and I come in for an appointment we seldom have more than a 3 or 4 minute wait until we see you. You are always thorough on your answers and explain why. I had an issue with my Firestone insurance when I switched over to part d. You helped guide me thru until it was resolved. We appreciated that.

H.S., Customer

Good communication and follow through....Thank you very much..

T.J., Customer

Always returned my calls and walked me through the entire process. You made it very easy and answered all my questions.

J.J., Customer

Everyone is friendly & business like @ the same time. Two great attributes.

L.H., Customer

Michael, you make it personal. When I first visited with you, you told me you were going to get me the policy that you had for your mother. I also like the way that you check on the premiums and try to keep mine as low as possible since I'm on a very limited income. Just this evening I recommended you to my brother. He is retiring this week (at 62), but I told him when he was ready for Medicare to come see you!!!

R.R., Customer

it was great the way all my options were so readily available for me to see and compare. Your system is so easy to understand and you are so helpful. Insurance is a very complicated process for most of us under the best of circumstances. At retirement, it is even worse. You made it seem easy. Thank you.

C.C., Customer

What we like is you can always talk with real person! If you leave a message they always get back with you! There are lots of folks selling ins. but customer service is what keeps customers coming back ! Michael does an outstanding job on service!

D.W., Customer

Clearly explained the basics of Medicare supplement coverage in laymans terms so that we could easily understand the coverage and our options. Assistance with signing us up for coverage was invaluable. We also appreciate the staff's support in answering any questions we had regarding claims.

D.B., Customer

Michael does a thorough and efficient job explaining.

L.M., Customer

Medicare plans, supplemental insurance, & prescription plans can be overwhelming but Michael explained it all to us and made sure we understood our options. Michael is always available for any questions we may have and answers calls promptly. Also once a year he contacts us so we can review our prescription plan. It's a blessing to know you're in the best of hands with Michael (Sams/Hockaday Insurance). Thank You Michael!

C.D., Customer

Michael helped me a lot when I was getting ready to sign up for Social Security. He found the best plan for me.

B.C., Customer

Just personal attention to the smallest details.

R.B., Customer

Good personal service with health insurance needs. We like knowing you stay on top of current insurance coverage and pricing.

S.W., Customer

Michael, I like that you are always on top of the changes that will come my way. I like that you give me plenty of time to make changes. I like that you are approachable and concerned with my smallest questions. Thanks!

C.M., Customer

I appreciate the research you do for us each year on prescription plans available for our particular needs. This is an outstanding service. Thank you.

W.I., Customer

Knowledgeable and variety of plans to choose from.

D.T., Customer

I was looking for a local broker for Medicare Supplement coverage and information. The more I read, the more confusing the information became. Michael was very helpful and I was able to get coverage for less than the AARP recommended coverage. Very pleased with the initial appointment as well as the two follow-up conversations we have had. The needed coverage is in place with time to spare. Thanks Michael!

W.S., Customer

I feel that Michael Sams is the best professional and personable insurance agent we have ever had.

B.F., Customer

The guaranteed annuity rates more than double bank CD rates. At this point in my life, I want secure returns which I feel I am getting here. I am pleased with the help in getting supplemental insurance as well.

D.K., Customer

We have absolutely not worries when we have Sams/Hockaday taking care of our insurance needs. We are very busy and they always have our needs in their priority.

S.F., Customer

You saved us a substantial amount on our policies. We also know that you'll be there whenever we need you. Thank you Michael

R.G., Customer

You made my wife comfortable, and she's not a #'s person.

M.S., Customer

It was a relief not to worry if the paper work was done correctly or not. You answered and verified with me that which I was't sure of.

R.B., Customer

I feel the information I received was thorough and what I needed. Michael worked with me to find out what I wanted and did his best to accommodate me. I am very satisfied with the plans I have.

G.B., Customer

Made us feel very comfortable and after the meeting we felt very well informed. We had many questions answered. We left very satisfied when we left.

R.M., Customer

There was always someone there who could answer my questions. I like that kind of service.

S.O., Customer

We especially appreciate your help with finding the right drug plans for us. It seems somewhat complicated for us. Thank you.

J.O., Customer

I was shown abundant kindness. I received so much info in the mail about Medicare that I was overwhelmed. Michael made it seem simple and I left the office knowing everything would be alright.

B.S., Customer

Mr. Sams, You made a confusing time about insurance a not so bad experience, we liked that you gave us the best choice for us.

S.M., Customer

Quick access to info and great service!!!

R.M., Customer

You are there the moment I need your expertise. I refer you to everyone I know, who is nearing retirement age.

C.S., Customer

Using my med list in looking at insurance options has been very beneficial to us.

N.W., Customer

You make me feel as though you really care about getting me the best coverage at the best price. I appreciate the fact that you call me when a policy increases and you know of one with the same coverage or better at a lower price. Thanks Micheal

R.R., Customer

The Sams Hockaday folks are easy to work with and they save me money. They take care of all of the paperwork.

J.F., Customer

I am SO pleased with my insurance agent, Michael Sams! He is a kind and caring man, very professional and extremely helpful. He relieved all of my fears and made a very complicated process easy to understand! I highly recommend him to all my friends!

B.S., Customer

Being overwhelmed with so much to choose from, Mr. Sams did a remarkable job. And the best part is it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

B.S., Customer

Michael Sams is always proactive in getting the best plans for me for Medicare supplements and Medicare part D drug Thank you

J.B., Customer

I feel like you are looking out for my best interests, when it comes to which insurance co. I go with. I like the fact that you review our insurance with us each year.

D.B., Customer

Michael always comes to my home to help me with my insurance problems. This is very helpful to me as I need to use a walker to get around.

I.A., Customer

Michael explains the advantages of one policy over another and knows answers to any medicare questions I may have. Joyce is also very helpful when I call with questions.

L.A., Customer

Helping each year with Plan D recommendations and keeping us abreast of Retirement options

R.B., Customer

Your willingness to help when we get a bill from the doctor or medical field person or medicare worker.

A.W., Customer

My primary reason for asking Michael for help was the personal trust I had in him as an agent and person. He never talked down to me about about insurance matters. I left feeling that Michael had answered and would answer any questions that I had.

G.B., Customer

I got some valuable help from you when I did not know very much about what i was doing. You helped make my process so much easier and more understandable.

J.H., Customer

You and your team have helped us wade through all the Medicare/Medicaid paperwork with great ease and satisfaction and worked hard trying to find this best and most cost effective solutions. Always a pleasure working with you all. Thanks.

H.F., Customer

The best thing you do is the individual attention you give your clients. In today's world the human touch is almost gone. I really appreciate your contacting me with changes that will benefit my insurance program. Most folks do not have the knowledge needed to make intelligent decisions regarding medical insurance therefore the insurance rep is the most valuable contact a client can make. Thank you Michael Sams. I am proud of you and your accomplishments.

J.S., Customer

I have recommended my friends to your company. I am very pleased with the services I have received from Michael. He is very knowledgeable and very personable.

R.R., Customer

On time had info ready! You know we were looking for price value! By changing to plan G was able to take care of both! Was nice to meet Taylor face to face now we can put a face with voice ! Again thanks for your help!

D.W., Customer

Answered questions so we could understand. Made sure we understood the program thoroughly. Worked to make visits convienet for both .

J.F., Customer

Friendly and very knowledgeable. Extremely helpful in explaining options available.. Good follow through.

M.P., Customer

My situation in a bit different - I am taking care of my mom's affairs and had NO idea how to choose supplemental insurance for her; especially because of her needs. Michael laid out all of the options for me and talked to me with words I could actually understand (no insurance jargon) and answered all of my questions. He told me what to expect each step of the way. Michael took this daunting task off my shoulders and really helped me.

G.P., Customer

Michael is very personable, knowledgeable, and makes confusing information understandable. We highly recommend his assistance whenever you need help with your Medicare questions and options.

L.S., Customer

This company is reputable and has the best interest of their client in every decision.

B.F., Customer

I believe that Michael Sams has our best interest in his goal along with the best service. He is amazing and I will always recommend him and his office to our friends.

S. F., Customer

I felt that my best interests were the driving force in the information provided to me. The level of knowledge & caring shown by everyone in the firm made me feel very secure in my decisions.

J. I., Customer

Answered my questions before I knew what questions to ask, and answered any more that I had. No pressure presentation. Very personable. Even answered questions regarding a friend, so I could help her in decisions. Thank you Michael for your time, and your knowledge.

L. H., Customer

Always been pleased with resuts when dealing with Michael. He does his best.

M. S., Customer

You were very helpful in finding a much better rate on my prescription insurance.

S. P., Customer

Michael takes good care of us and keeps us up to date on any changes needed.

J. M., Customer

I did send my sister Connie Harrold to you and you helped her husband with a saving policy

M. C., Customer

Well prepared. Friendly. Saved us money in insurance. Easy location to get to. overall impressed. Looking forward to working with him in the future. Prompt in returning calls.

Norman R., customer since 2015

As iam a new customer, i don't have a lot to say. but i did appreciate that you did return my phone calls in a timely fashion. thank you fo all you have done.

Bonnie S., customer since 2015

You explained my choices regarding Medicare, as many times as I needed you to, until I understood my options. I like knowing that you are there, if I have any questions.

C. S., Customer

Friendly, specific and helpful.

L. S., Customer

very personable, very knowledgeable, explained things thoroughly, really helped us to get what was best for us.

Mary R., customer since 2015

A lot of complicated information was explained in a clear and concise manner. Michael was open to any questions I had and took time to answer them. Thank you.

Customer since 2015

you checking each year for best deal so I don't have to

Larry B., customer since 2011

Entering into the medicare system was overwhelming. Michael helped us navigate the labyrinth with good humor and generosity. He was always available to answer our many questions and he never made us feel like we were imposing on his time. He found us the perfect policies to meet our insurance needs. A great person to work with - knowledgable and a really nice guy.

M. C., Customer

Appointment times are always kept. Service is at the highest level possible. So delighted you are our agent.

N. W., Customer

We felt we could trust what you thought the best insurance for us would be. We feel we can contact you for any questions we might have.

Majorie S., customer since 2015

just very friendly and always answers all of our questions in a timely manner. Also looking out for the best deals for us.

Customer since 2015

I feel we got a good deal and you are easy and friendly to work with. i

Robert R., customer since 2015

Their selection of plans that meet my needs have saved me money. They handle paperwork for reimbursement from my former employer

J. F., Customer

Felt very comfortable with you and your team. You made us welcome, explored all the avenues and strived to make a complicated system (Medicare, supplemental, etc.) easy for us to navigate and understand while also finding the best and most cost effective solutions.

Helene F., customer since 2015

I have already recommended you, Michael, and your firm to two of my friends!

Rosemary R., customer since 2015

You make us smile!


I was signing up for Medicare first time, needed supplemental plan . Very helpful finding good plan with affordable premium. Follow up annually to see if still the best plan. Good service, friendly.

E. C., Customer

No pressure...you came to me

Willard G., customer since 2015

We don't know which insurance co. is the best for our situation, and you get our medical information and recomend the best co. at the best price for us. That has been very important to my wife and I, and we have been very happy with your service.

D. B., Customer

Michael is very knowledgeable regarding advantages of one policy over another making it easy for me to know where my best buys are for insurance. Saves me time and money not having to try to figure out the differences from one policy to another.

L. A., Customer

Listens to my questions, and always takes the time to explore my best options.

J. H., Customer

You have provided me with good service and have recommended me to some good supplemental insurance programs at a reasonable price. The customer service at the office when I call in has been always been courteous and they can usually answer any questions I may have.

P. B., Customer

You did all the work to determine the best policy for us.If I attempted to do it myself,it would be a blind guess.I'm old and lazy,someone doing the work for me is appreciated.

R. B., Customer

Knowledgeable friendly service.

Customer since 2015

You saved me money and helped me to plan for my funeral .


good frienly service,on the ball,just good people,,

Blaine A., customer since 2011

You meet my wife and I in Effingham and explained all the options. Unlike other insurance companies that just flooded us with junk mail. We enjoyed listening to your presentation and explaining how supplement insurance works.

Ronald R., customer since 2015

you look for the best for us.

Pamela D., customer since 2014

When I have Questions the staff is very good about answering them for me.


Knowledge of services Relaxed, unhurried with no-pressure approach Business-like appearance

William N., customer since 2011

They navigate Medicare and supplemental insurance options to find you a custom fit. They made the entire process for us so simple and painless. We feel like we found friends at Sams/Hockaday.

Joan B., customer since 2015

Prompt attention and warm friendly service by each person I came in contact with, made my contact with Sams Hockaday especially meaningful!

Rita B., customer since 2015

We like the caring, individual help we get with you.

Customer since 2015

excellent explanation of benefits and options available

Customer since 2015

we like the idea of having someone to call locally that we have met if we have any questions or need assistance.


I have a genuine feeling that you are sincere in wanting to help others to get their needs met, not just wanting to sell insurance. I have had that experience, but feel like your agency is not one of them.

Loretta B., customer since 2015

Keep up the good work


Your service is great. Always available to answer questions or give advice.

Judith B., customer since 2014

Michael is very knowledgeable regarding advantages of one policy over another making it easy for me to know where my best buys are for insurance. Saves me time and money not having to try to figure out the differences from one policy to another.

Landell A., customer since 2014

Prompt and courteous service anytime I've had a question

Customer since 2012

I appreciate the fact that you continue to try to find more economical costs for my insurance needs. Thank you Michael for your continued interest.

Rebecca R., customer since 2006

Informing me, when yearly health and prescription renewals are forthcoming, of the various options that I might have in regards to choosing the companies with the lowest costs as well as best overall past performances.


Spending the time to get the best supplement to fit our needs. Always prompt with return calls and getting the answers and information to us.

Customer since 2014

Michael Sams understands our needs and financial abilities. He found plans that helped us. We trust his knowledge and trust his integrity.

Patricia A., customer since 2011

I appreciate the fact that you contacted me with the offer to improve the interest on our savings, otherwise we would still be collecting the miserably low rates we were receiving.

Customer since 2013

I am very happy with the personal service

James Q., customer since 2011

Michael always makes time to answer my questions (keeping in mind my lack of good understanding of insurance) and helps me make the best decisions of what works best for me. Very knowledgable and patient.

Joyce H., customer since 2011

Michael is very knowledgeable and explains things well. Keeps us on track!!!

Customer since 2013

I found you and your staff very easy to talk to and very informative, every one has been very comfortable to work with to take care of my needs. It's been a pleasure working with all of you and will continue to use your services.

Joseph M., customer since 2014

I feel like you got me the best medical insurance, based on my needs, and you will let me know if I need to change companies, so I don't worry whether I have the best or not.

David B., customer since 2011

We think Michael Sams is the best and most interested insurance agent we have ever had. He cares about his customers.

Donald B., customer since 2007

When I call with a question regarding my insurance there is always a cordial reply on your end. If the gals need to have Michael call me he does so in a timely manner. I would most certainly recommend this insurance agency. E Kay Thames

Customer since 2007

Very nice to have a "person" not a robot machine to talk to and is sincerely interested in selecting insurance to fit my needs, answer questions and get problems resolved.

Walter H., customer since 2011

The thing I like most about Michael is that you come out to my home to answer any of my questions. I'm a senior and its difficult for me to get around.

Customer since 2006

I wouldn't be able to determine the best policy to help with the prescription costs. Each year you do it for us which is a tremendous help for confused old people.

Robert B., customer since 2011
Posted on January 9, 2019

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