What 806 of Our Clients Say

Knowledgeable and friendly. Always making sure I understand everything.

L.H., Customer

Good comparison of different insurance available saving us as much as possible and still providing good coverage.

J.M., Customer

The personal attention given to me and my wife. Taking time to make sure we understood what was available and showed us the different options and what were the best options.

R.M., Customer

I have had supplemental insurance over one year, and have had no problems with the coverage or Sams/Hockaday personnel. I highly recommend this organization.

J.K., Customer

The friendliness of the whole staff is first on my mind. Dianne has done such a good job always looking for the best insurance for the best price, and being there to help with filing other insurance forms if needed.

R.S., Customer

Luke Hockaday is my agent and that insurance firm will help you in every possible way to get the best price for you. And from year to year review your insurance. Give them a call you will feel the same way i do.

S.B., Customer

I appreciated being informed about various plans and providers and your very professional advice concerning which options would be best for me. I also appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I will highly recommend you to others!

M.K., Customer

As you know, I have always worked with Larry, he always had time for my questions and most IMPORTANT I always felt he had my best interest at heart ... not his. I consider that a very valuable fact with anyone I have dealings with. I recommend you highly.

D.B., Customer

Gave me all the information needed to make critical decisions about health insurance choices. Thank you for taking the time to help both of us!

P.W., Customer

I really appreciate the help you give me with Part D.

J.O., Customer

You are very professional and have a current knowledge of Medicare and insurances. Also, you listened to me and answered the questions I had regarding the ins and outs of Medicare. The whole subject of Medicare is intimidating, but I didn't feel uncomfortable asking questions. Thank you so much.

J.S., Customer

Take the time to come to our home and talk face-to-face about our healthcare insurance options. Rachel is very knowledgeable and can answer our questions. Additionally, if we have any encumbrances with a prescription or a pharmacy, Rachel quick to get involved and help us solve it. It is a good feeling knowing that we have knowledgeable support just a phone call away.

J.L., Customer

Did a very thorough job of education and service

S.S., Customer

The agent is very knowledgeable of the products offered and is always willing help and assist when needed.

S.K., Customer

Michael was so easy to talk with and I have referred several people to him

B.S., Customer

We kept communicating on an awkward agreement with Caterpillar and Oneexchange group. It was uncharted territory that required customers and agents to fight bureaucracy and federal restrictions for release of information. The System is definitely broken but my agent stayed with it until we achieved our goal

A.D., Customer

You are always available with answers for our questions and very knowledgeable plus pleasant and a very helpful office staff. It is appreciated..

C.V., Customer

You took care of us when we needed healthcare. You made everything easy for us during the transition. We already have sent a few people your way and we have also passed out business cards.

D.S., Customer

It was nice to be able to find that someone, we actually know and trust, could be of help to us when we found ourselves in a position of needing to find health insurance. Janet has taken the lead and also taken all of the worry out of setting us up with what we need and what is in our best interest.

K.S., Customer

It was nice to find someone with experience who knew the insurance information we needed to know to make decisions.

K.F., Customer

Every thing has been excellent!

L.C., Customer

We've been treated like we are family. Michael seems to care about our needs and has given us suggestions on older policies that we can change to benefit down the road.

R.B., Customer

direct and to the point. no checking this or that, knew and explained why recommendation was made

C.S., Customer

I think you have my best interest to help us

W.R., Customer

You always take care of us with getting the right health insurance. Thanks for all the help

R.W., Customer

We have always received excellent service--well presented and explained. gents care about their clients.

B.R., Customer

you are easy to work with you & your people thank you.

H.K., Customer

Michael Sam's has always been very accommodating to my schedule. He explains things so I can understand. He answers all my questions whether in person or text. I have recommended Michael to several of my clients/friends. Very pleased with his services.

C.S., Customer

Rachel is knowledgeable and personable, a rare combination in the business world. The information you send out is helpful.

C.L., Customer

Luke is very friendly, accommodating, and confident. He knows his stuff! Customers specifically ask for him and remember him from year to year after half hour meetings. His sincerety shows through!

D.R., Customer

Laura is very dedicated to her clients ! She is very good about following up on all the changes that take place every year and finding the best insurance to fit your needs !

J.F., Customer

You helped us decide which insurance was the right ones for us. Saved us money. We have told several people how great u oh are to work with.

J.H., Customer

Rachael came to our home at the right time. We had been researching so many options and getting confused. Rachael made the process so easy for us. Rachael represents Sam Hockaday at the highest level,

L.M., Customer

You have been there to answer all my questions or if answers were not known ,you have found out the answers and got back to me ASAP. I appreciated that.

R.W., Customer

Janet is a caring agent, and understands what I need. I have recommended Sams Hockaday to members of a Seniors Group at First Christian Church.

C.C., Customer

Everything was great. It's a nice feeling when you are taken of properly.

J.C., Customer

The upfront analysis by Rachel was complete and led to a great product backed by a top-tier company. I bought exactly what I wanted and needed. Rachel did a great job, no pressure tactics. I am happy to recommend Rachel and Sams/Hockaday.

J.B., Customer

Customer service is great! I like that we get a return phone call so quickly.

J.C., Customer

Rachel was a good listener. I appreciated that she found a policy that did not cost me much but was all that I needed in an efficient way.

L.D., Customer

You've always given us great advice paying attention to the details of our lives as well as the regulations. We've recommended you to three friends.

M.C., Customer

You were informative, professional, and led me with a gentle hand.. I would highly reccommend Sams Hockaday.

C.W., Customer

We appreciate Patty because she always takes into consideration each of our needs individually. I feel that it is important because each of our needs is different. Consequently, we each are assigned to a different carrier. Thank you Patty.

D.S., Customer

The service is outstanding!

K.F., Customer

Tom Gallion helped me to find the best insurance and price for my needs. He is a terrific agent to deal with. He is always willing to help me with any questions that I may have. I look forward to continuing to work with him at Sams/Hockaday.

M.N., Customer

I appreciate your staying in touch with me and making sure I have the best policies to handle what I need from them.

W.C., Customer

I always feel confident that you have recommended the best solutions for my needs. Thank you.

J.N., Customer

When I have had questions, Dianne has always responded and helped me work through them. When I asked about different options, she has always made my different choices available. She's always been very friendly while being professional.

R.H., Customer

One on one contact rather than talking to a robot on the phone. Knowledge of insurance plans and help when its needed.

L.H., Customer

I know you do your best to find the right and most affordable insurance for our needs.

L.C., Customer

I have been nothing but very satisfied with the service i have been given. First, special shoutout to Patty, who has treated me like family - answered all my questions as soon as possible and just been a good friend looking out for a "senior". Also, when I call the office whoever answers the phone have always been very polite and helpful. Actually have recommended you more than once.

M.D., Customer
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