Patty Gogerty Saves Couple $1,600 on Medigap Plans

Patty Gogerty Saves Couple $1,600 on Medigap Plans

Saving clients money on their Medicare plans is what we do best. Medicare Supplement rates go up over time, and we can shop the market to find you a more competitive premium.

Patty Gogerty, a Sales Associate at Sams/Hockaday for over 30 years and Medicare beneficiary herself had a stand-out case study this week. She was able to save a couple nearly $1,600 per year on their Medicare Supplement plans.

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Finding Savings on Medicare Supplement Plans F and G

Patty explains her clients, Roe and Jan, have been on Medicare for about a decade. After several years of rate increases, it was time to look at what the market had to offer.

Jan was paying $209 per month for an Aetna Plan F. Jan’s husband, Roe, was paying $180 per month for a CSI Plan G.

Both Jan and Roe were healthy and were able to pass medical underwriting in order to switch companies.

Jan saved $83 per month by switching to a Capitol Life Plan F. “That’s huge,” Patty says.

Roe saved $53 per month by switching to Capitol Life as well. Capitol Life has a 7% Household Discount, so they were able to enjoy even more savings by having the same company for their Medicare Supplement plans.

Jan and Roe saved nearly $1,600 per year on their Medicare Supplements without any change at all in their plan benefits. Jan kept her Plan F, and Roe kept his Plan G. That’s the power of shopping around!

You Do Have to Qualify

Patty explains that you do have to qualify medically in order to switch companies. As long as you’re healthy, you have the opportunity to switch companies without changing your current coverage.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’d qualify based on your health, Patty says to give her a call at 217-423-8000. “It costs you nothing to give me a call. We can always look around, and if we don’t find a company that will accept you, there’s nothing lost.”

Patty Gogerty, senior market insurance agent, helping a client at the Sams/Hockaday office in Decatur, IL

Getting Through COVID-19

Since March, we’ve had to adjust the way we do business here at Sams/Hockaday. Most appointments are now over the phone unless the client prefers to come into the office.

Patty says if you prefer to come to the office, you can rest assured she’s taking every measure to keep things clean and safe. “I always wipe everything down. That’s something I’ve always done, but I want clients to know about that during this time,” she says.

About Patty Gogerty

Patty Gogerty has been helping our community with Medicare for over 30 years. She recently enrolled in Medicare herself, which gives her even more insight into what it’s like to choose your own plan. She’s also had to go through the Social Security benefits decision, which can be a tough one!

If you’re looking for an agent that has hands-on experience with Medicare and Social Security, Patty could be the perfect agent for you.

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