How Is Medicare Changing In 2020?

How Is Medicare Changing In 2020?

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Medicare is constantly making changes, and 2020 is no exception. Here’s a quick look at 6 Medicare changes, including changes to Medicare Supplement Plan F, your 2020 Medicare deductibles and premiums, and more.

1. Plan F Is Phasing Out

Starting January 1st of 2020, Medigap Plan F can’t be sold to newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries. If you currently have a Plan F, you can keep it. If you became eligible for Medicare before January 1st, you can still buy a Plan F – you’ll just have to pass medical underwriting.

If you become eligible for Medicare on or after January 1st of 2020, you can no longer buy a Plan F. Typically, this means that you turn 65 on or after January 1st. Your new go-to option is going to be Plan G.

Don’t panic – if you’re a client here at Sams/Hockaday, your agent will monitor your rates and let you know of any recommended changes.

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2. 2020 Medicare Deductibles and Premiums Are Higher

2020 also brings new Medicare benefits. Medicare Part A is your hospital insurance. The Part A deductible is increasing from $1,364 to $1,408. Medicare Part B is your medical insurance. The Part B deductible is increasing from $185 to $198. Finally, the Part B premium is also increasing from $135.50 to $144.60.

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3. Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts Have Increased Slightly

If you have a high income, you pay a higher premium. In 2019, if your annual income was over $85,000 as an individual or over $170,000 as a couple, you’d pay more. As of 2020, those thresholds have gone up to $87,000 and $174,000. This is a slight adjustment to account for inflation.

4. The eMedicare Initiative Is Going Strong

You may have noticed during the Annual Enrollment Period that Medicare has revamped their website.

The Plan Finder tool is much easier to use, the Medicare homepage is a bit easier on the eyes, and there’s even a new smartphone app that explains what’s covered by Medicare. These upgrades are part of the Trump Administration’s eMedicare initiative, and we should expect to see more upgrades during 2020.

5. The Donut Hole Is Going Away

If you have very expensive prescriptions, you may have entered something called the “donut hole,” which is a coverage gap in your Part D drug coverage. The donut hole is closing in 2019 for brand-name drugs. Starting in 2020, the donut hole will also close for generic drugs. Moving forward, you’re responsible for 25% of the cost.

6. Medicare Advantage Continues to Increase In Popularity

Finally, as time goes on, Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more and more popular. Their premiums are going down, and the number of plan options is going up. The average monthly premium is the lowest it has been in the last 13 years, and over 24 million people with Medicare are expected to enroll in Medicare Advantage in 2020.

There you have it – there are a lot of Medicare changes happening in 2020! If you have any questions about how these changes will affect you or your coverage, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

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